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Father + Bride + Betrayal Recap

Jack is at home watching a newscast about an explosion at the Budapest consulate when Mac arrives. When he asks why Jack called him, Jack says that Tiberius Kovacs is responsible for the explosion and everyone thinks that Tiberius is dead. Jack shows Mac the photo that he received by phone and explains that the U.S. government has actionable intel that Tiberius is in Europe and they want Jack to lead the hunt. Mac offers to go, but Jack says that they only want him and Phoenix needs Mac to be there. Mac reluctantly agrees and Jack says that he told him first so he could say goodbye to a good friend.

Somewhere in South America, a group drives a blindfolded Matty through the jungle. They take her to a house where Alonzo Olvera is waiting. Matty complains about the trip and the men, and asks why she's there. Alonzo says that he wants Matty to provide him with safe passage to the U.S. so he can attend his daughter's wedding. Matty points out that he's a wanted criminal, and Alonzo offers himself. He explains that he's tired of running and it's time, and Matty says that he would have to give up intel on his entire organization and his clients. After a moment, Alonzo says that he'll do it, and explains that he knows Matty will keep her word and he'll make the deal as long as he can walk his only daughter down the aisle.

Later back at Phoenix, the others wonder where Mac and Jack were. Jack makes a lame excuse, and Matty tells the team about Alonzo and his offer. Alonzo has transformed his inherited criminal organization into a worldwide terrorist organization. When Alonzo escaped the U.S., he left his daughter Camila behind. She has had zero involvement with the family business and Matty notes that Alvaro and Camila were close before Alvaro left. Camila is getting married the next night in Pebble Beach, and Alonzo is turning himself in so he can be there. Jack and Wilt figure that Alonzo is setting them up, and they realize that Matty has already accepted Alonzo's conditions. She's willing to take the risk to take down Alonzo's organization, and they need to make sure Alonzo holds up his end of the bargain.

At Pebble Beach, the team goes in and joins the guest. The wedding begins and riley secretly asks Jack what's going on. Before Jack can answer, Wilt starts crying and Matty tells him to suck it up. Mac offers to squeeze Mac's hand and squeeze it to distract his brain from crying. Alonzo walks Camila to the altar and sits with his wife, and Riley hacks into the wedding hall's surveillance cameras.

Afterward at the reception at a hotel, Camila dances with her new husband. Jack eats appetizers and the team covers the exits. A man hits on Riley and she brushes him off. Alonzo leaves his mother Abuela and heads to the balcony and Matty goes outside with him. He tells Matty that he'll keep his word and says that he's going to spend as much time as possible with his family before going into custody.

Alonzo dances with Camila and Mac has Jack turn off his earbud. He asks when he's going to tell everyone else, and Jack says that he'll do it after the current mission is over. Jack tells Mac that Matty let him pick his replacement and assures Mac that he'll either like her or want to kill her. Mac takes some appetizers over to Riley, who figures that they were talking about whatever's going on. She wonders if Alonzo is really there for Camila, and Mac says that he doesn't know. The cameras Riley is monitoring go down, and Jack spots Alonzo heading for the west exit. Mac goes after him and he heads for the indoor pool. Inside, two men have grabbed Alonzo and Mac calls for backup. He knocks out one man as Wilt arrives, and tells the other man to let Alonzo go. The man shoves Alonzo at Mac and runs, and Wilt goes after him as the man makes a phone call. Wilt knocks the man down and he drops his phone. He runs off and when Jack gets there, he discovers that the abductor was calling someone.

Jack and Wilt go back to the pool and discover that the abductors were trying to kidnap Alonzo. As Riley goes out, armed men break in and lock up the hotel from the inside. The men break into the ballroom and order everyone to line up against the wall. The leader says that they're there for Alonzo, and his men search the crowd for Alonzo. In the pool, Alonzo doesn't recognize the man Mac knocked out. Riley identifies him as a member of a terrorist group, Chronos. They purchased hardware from Alvaro a few months ago and the shipment was seized by customs. They blamed Alonzo and wanted their money back.

Matty is still in the ballroom, and the leader realizes that Alonzo isn't there. He asks Camila where her father is, and when she says that she doesn't know, The leader threatens her family. However, he then sends his men out in two-man teams to search the hotel floor by floor. The hostiles lock the guests in the ballroom, and Matty tells the others to get Alonzo's evidence and then get him out. He tells them where the tablet is and explains that he brought the safe and they'll need him to open it and get the tablet with the evidence. If anyone other than him tries to move it, it will self-destruct with thermite. Mac realizes that they have no choice but to take out the intruders.

Jack gets putters from the pro shop and goes with Wilt to attack two of the terrorists, while Mac and Riley take Alonzo to his room. Alonzo has misplaced the door key, and Mac uses a hangar from a supply closet to reach under the door, snag the handle, and open it. They get inside as two terrorists arrive, and Alonzo gets the tablet while Mac and Riley barricade the door.

Jack and Wilt knock out six of the terrorists, and they take guns and go after the remaining four.

Alonzo opens the safe while the two terrorists try to break in. They're eight floors up, and Mac gets toothpaste, a remote, and chewing gum. He breaks a mirror and uses the thermite powder from the safe along with the mirror as a frame and the toothpaste to stick it to the wall, and improvises a breaching frame. They then go through the frame to the hallway and down the stairs just as the terrorists break in.

The trio get to the kitchen and four terrorists arrive. Mac has Riley throw a package of sugar at them and then lights a can of cooking spray, making an improvised blowtorch. He forces the terrorists into a walk-in freezer and locks it, and they realize that Alonzo bolted.

Mac tells Matty about losing Matty, and he and Riley split up to search the hotel for Alonzo. Jack and Wilt head toward Mac, and Mac finds Alonzo dead in a stairwell. The tablet is gone, and Jack notes that they've knocked out the ten intruding terrorists. Riley arrives and discovers that Alonzo was poisoned via a puncture. Matty tells the team to find Alonzo's killer and get the tablet back. Mac uses laundry detergent, vinegar, baking soda, and a fluorescent light to identify the poison as cyanide. Alonzo was dosed 80 minutes ago at the reception before Chronos arrived. The building is still locked up, and the guests are getting restless.

Camila and her husband mobilize an escape by having the male guests break through the chained door. Jack says that he and Wilt will handle the guests, and Mac and Riley search for the tablet. When the guests break out, a masked Jack and Wilt order them back posing as terrorists.

Mac and Riley search the hotel and Riley finds the tablet in the game room sitting on a table. Riley's earbud goes dead and Mac warns Matty and goes there. Riley is unconscious on the floor and there's a fresh puncture mark on her arm. Mac takes Riley to the kitchen and makes a cyanide antidote out of tile cleaner and sulfur in match heads. He cuts himself to provide blood, and administers it as a nasal spray. Riley jerks awake and Mac tells the others that she's okay. She didn’t see her attacker, and Mac figures the killer still has the tablet. Riley realizes that she was hit by a stun gun, and Mac tells Jack and Wilt to separate the wedding party from the guests.

Mac arrives in the ballroom and tells the family that Alonzo has been murdered. Camila breaks into tears, and Mac explains that they caught all of the terrorists but Alonzo was poisoned and it was someone that he trusted. Matty figures that the murderer knew Alonzo had made a deal to turn himself in, and tells Camila that Alonzo wanted to be there for her and was tired of running. Mac explains that the killer used a device using the charge from the stun gun to jam the communications. He rigs a microphone and scans the group, and gets feedback from the medical alert bracelet on Abuela's wrist. Mac confirms that Abuela's ring has a poison needle, and Abuela explains that she and Alonzo started the business and promised her husband that she wouldn't let anyone destroy it. She tells Camila that it was her grandfather's legacy. Mac finds the tablet in Abuela's purse and tells her that she and everyone in the organization are going to prison.

Later back at Phoenix, Matty tells Riley and Wilt that Jack's assignment is open-ended and he'll be gone as long as it takes to find Tiberius. Mac admits that Jack told him a couple of days ago and swore him to secrecy. Jack comes in, ready to go, and says that the plane is leaving shortly. He says goodbye to everyone, and Wilt promises to keep an eye on Jack's Bruce Willis VHS tapes. Matty tells Jack to come back to them, and Jack tells Riley that he wants her to know that he loves her if anything happens to him. Riley makes him promise that they'll do pizza and Skee-Ball when he gets back, and they hug. Jack makes Mac promise to stay at Phoenix keeping the world safe, and tells him to keep thinking, and then leaves.

Written by Gadfly on Feb 2, 2019

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