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The Abyss Recap

The police take the injured Frank to the hospital, handcuffed to a gurney. Frank lies barely conscious and remembers the three dead women at the warehouse. The paramedic tells Mahoney that Frank has lost a lot of blood, and Mahoney says that Frank killed a lot of people.

At the ER, the doctors work on Frank as Mahoney looks on.

At the trailer, Curtis arrives at the trailer and finds Amy training a shotgun on him. He comes in anyway and she asks if Frank is okay, and Curtis tells him that he doesn't know what happened and the police got Frank. Amy tries to get information but Curtis says that all he knows is that he killed a man and shot others, and he's never killed a man before. While Curtis sits and holds his head, Amy tunes in the radio to a news report about Frank's capture and his treatment for injury at the hospital. She tells Curtis that they have to get Frank out, warning that every hit man in town will go after Frank. Curtis says that he's done and goes to take a shower.

Pilgrim lies on his motel bed, passed out from drinking. His answering machine rings and he wakes up to check it, taking a swig of whiskey from the bottle and remembering Rebecca telling him to finish it. Eliza answers the phone and says that Rebecca is unconscious and she is the one who has been trying to call Pilgrim. Pilgrim says that he's all right and assures Eliza that he isn't going anywhere, and tells her that he just needs to hear Rebecca's voice. Once Pilgrim hangs up, Eliza looks out the window at men loading up an SUV and walks out past the stripped-down bed.

Karen Page goes to Frank's room and flashes her lawyer's card, saying that she works with Nelson & Murdoch and they're Frank's lawyers. When the officer on guard refuses to let her through, Karen cites the Constitution and warns Smith that if he keeps Karen from her client than Frank will get a mistrial. Smith lets her in and she sees that he's handcuffed and strapped down. Karen sits down and waits for Frank to wake up.

After his shower, Curtis discovers that Amy is gone.

Frank wakes up and stares into space, and Karen tells him that she figures it has something to do with Billy. He advises Karen to walk away, and Karen refuses and figures that Frank doesn't want her to go. Frank says that he killed three women and Karen isn't going to fix it. Karen tells him that it doesn't change how she feels about him, even though Frank disagrees.

Mahoney and his men go over the warehouse. Dinah arrives and Mahoney explains what Frank apparently did. She figures that Frank came after Billy, and Mahoney says that the beat Frank and shot him with rubber bullets but didn't kill him. He takes Dinah to the upstairs officer where the three women were dead, and says that Frank shot the place up. Mahoney figures that Billy was using them as cover and Frank shot through them. Dinah doesn't believe it but Mahoney says that Frank killed them and isn't saying anything. She admits that she feels awful and says that she wants to talk to Frank. Dinah suggests that if she talks to Frank then he might give them Billy and they can finish it, and Mahoney agrees.

Frank dreams of his family when they were alive. He jerks awake and Karen tells him that it's okay. She takes his hand, and Frank says that in the dream he can't tell his family that the monster is coming to kill them. He talks about how his family died and his children didn't understand why they were dying. Frank wonders what women were thinking about when his bullets killed them, and admits that he didn't care because he would have killed anyone who got between him and Billy.

Amy sneaks into the hospital posing as a nurse after stealing a coat and badge. She tells Smith that she was sent to perform a neurological exam on Frank. They talk for a bit and Smith lets her through, and she tells Karen that she has to leave. Frank sees her and swears, and Karen picks up on it. Frank tells Karen that Amy is no one, and Amy ignores him and tries to free him. Amy warns Karen and Frank that the hit men are coming, just as Dinah comes in. Dinah tells Karen who Amy is, and Frank tells Amy to get out. Billy calls Dinah and says that he sees her and Frank. Dinah puts Billy on loudspeaker and invites him to come there. Billy ignores her and asks Frank how it feels to be locked up and trapped in a waking death. He says that Frank is done and he wins, looks at Krista, and hangs up.

Billy sits down and Krista tells him that he has Frank exactly where they planned. He admits that it's not enough and he feels hollow. Krista says that she wanted to make him happy so they could move forward. Billy counts out spent bullets, says that it was a dark thing that they did, and asks Krista how she feels about the woman being dead because of her. He tells her that the women died hard and worries that one day Krista will blame him. Krista says that she'd do anything for the two of them to be happy, and says that they need to leave before the police find Billy. He asks her if she's sure she wants to give up everything she's built for him, and tells her that it's not too late. Krista says that she would know, and she no longer feels alone. Billy agrees and they kiss, and he assures her that she makes him happy.

Amy tells Smith that she's finished and goes into a nearby room. Meanwhile, Dinah talks to Karen privately and says that she's the one who brought Frank back to NYC. She explains that there are things at the crime scene that don't add up, and figures that Mahoney won't let her see the bodies. Karen insists that they need to be sure that Frank killed the women, and offers to get Dinah in the morgue.

There's a knock at Pilgrim's door. He grabs his gun and answers the door, and finds Eliza there. She tells him that Rebecca died the night before, and Pilgrim says that Rebecca brought him back and collapses to the floor, gasping.

Karen and Dinah go to the morgue and Dinah tells Creepy Ed that she needs a favor. The lawyer asks if they could see the three bodies, and he asks how big she would owe him. Karen finally agrees to what Ed is implying, and he shows them the bodies. She has Ed describe how the women died by gunshot wounds, and explains that they were all shot at close range. That and the exit wounds indicate that someone shot them at close range. Dinah is satisfied that she's seen enough.

After shooting the three women dead, Billy picks up the bullet casings to cover up the evidence that he shot them.

Dinah tells Karen that the evidence means that Frank didn't kill the women. Ed tells Dinah that people call him "Creepy Ed", and she slips by him.

After sex, Billy figures that Krista likes him causing her pain. He asks her about her past, pointing out that he doesn't know anything. Billy wonders what her scars mean to her, and points out that they killed people together. Krista says that she did it to save Billy, and he wonders why that's so important to her. Billy figures that she loves him because he needs saving, and asks who KM is in her files. Krista explains that KM was her father and after serving in Vietnam, he struggled and tried but there was no one there to help him. When she was a child, she heard that her mother wanted a divorce from her husband and Krista tried to comfort him. KM hugged her, said that he loved her more than anything, swore that if he couldn't have Krista than neither could his wife, and jumped out a window to his death holding Krista. He died and she lived, and now Krista has her scars and her memories.

Eliza tells Pilgrim that he's like a son to her and she feels the same pain that he does. Pilgrim insists that he should have been there, and Rebecca wanted him to be the last thing that she saw. Eliza tells him that Frank is the reason that he wasn't there, and Pilgrim says that Frank never did anything to him. She insists that his fight is for their way of life, and says that his sons need him certain. Eliza insists that she'll protect them but all of their hopes depend on Pilgrim finishing his job. He tells her that he understands, and Eliza says that it's a final test from God of Pilgrim's faith. She assures Pilgrim that his family will prosper long after he's gone. Once Eliza leaves, Pilgrim smashes apart the room and finds his wedding ring among the debris.

Smith's replacement O'Rourke arrives and tells the man that he caught the express and got there early. Smith leaves, and Amy watches from the room as O'Rourke goes into Frank's room and takes his photo. He talks about collecting the bounty and how Frank killed his cousin. As O'Rourke prepares a syringe, Frank holds out his arm. Amy comes in and grabs him, and the two fight as Frank yells at O'Rourke to let her go. Dinah and Karen arrive and Dinah knocks O'Rourke out. Amy kicks the unconscious O'Rourke, and Karen and Frank tell Frank that Billy set him up and he didn't kill the women. Frank says that he's going to take care of Billy, and Karen yells at him to listen to them.

Frank tells Dinah and Amy to leave him alone with Karen, and then confirms that Matt doesn't know that she's there. She unlocks the handcuffs, and Frank tells her to walk away so she doesn't throw everything away for him. Karen suggests that they figure out a way together, but Frank says that there's no cozy ending for him. He doesn't want a happy ending, and says that he's going to kill the people after Amy because that's his life now. Karen turns away and Frank thanks her for sitting with him. She tells him to make it mean something, and he tells her that she can't go with him. Amy comes in and sees them together, and sarcastically says that they make a cute couple.

Karen walks out alone, goes to a fire alarm, and sets it off. Meanwhile, Pilgrim takes the elevator up to Frank's floor. Mahoney hears the alarms and calls the officers, while Amy and the nurses wheel Frank out on a Gurney. Smith tells Mahoney what's happening. Mahoney comes up to Frank's room.

Dinah helps Frank--wearing O'Rourke's uniform--down the fire stairs.

Pilgrim discovers that Frank is gone.

Mahoney discovers that the man on the gurney is O'Rourke. Amy walks out past Mahoney as he notifies his men to cover all of the exits.

Ed goes out past Frank and Dinah, wearing Karen's shoes.

Mahoney sees a barefooted Karen and asks what happened to her shoes. She says that she gave them to a worthy cause and Mahoney continues on.

Dinah gets Frank out, and Mahoney arrives and orders them at gunpoint to drop their guns. They do so and Mahoney gives Frank a pair of handcuffs to put on. He then leads him to the ambulance and handcuffs him to a bar, slams the door shut, and tells Dinah that she's not the only one who gets to be crazy. As Dinah looks on, Mahoney starts up the engine.

Written by Gadfly on Feb 2, 2019

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