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Sundae, Bloody Sundae Recap

Carlos wakes up and finds the Evo neutralizer on him. Dearing is driving the car, Dearing welcomes him back and tells Carlos to calm down, and points out that the cuffs on Carlos aren't locked.

In her motel room, Taylor looks at the copy of Mohinder's book, Evaluating Evolution.

Luke drives down the highway with Malina, who sets the GPS to Carbondale, IL>

In Meridian, Ren discovers that the Evernow game site is down.

Noah drives down the highway and Quentin nervously eyes him.

Tommy walks Emily to work at the ice cream store and then says that he has to check on his mother Anne at the hospital. Before Emily goes in, Tommy gives her a bracelet he bought in Paris to remind her of their trip to the Eiffel Tower. He's sure that he's ready to face whatever is waiting for him, and Emily says that she believes in him no matter what. As Tommy teleports away, Caspar watches from down the street. He makes a call and says that he has a few loose ends to tie up, and Tommy is on his way.

Taylor dies her head red as a disguise and then checks her laptop. Hero Truther contacts her and says that she has their attention, and gives her an address to meet them at.

At Erica's office, Richard warns Erica that they've lost contact with their Gateway team, and lost Hiro as well. Erica assures him that everything is under control and that they'll soon have Tommy and his absorption of Hiro's teleport powers. She spots a deer in her backyard and takes a rifle out, and Richard follows her out. Erica draws a bead on the deer and says that her grandfather told her that the secret to a good kill is the element of surprise... and pulls the trigger.

At the hospital, the news is running stories about planes forced to make emergency landings because of a shift in Earth's magnetic poles. Anne assures Tommy that she's fine, and that she understands why he's upset to learn that he's adopted. She explains that she wanted Tommy to have a normal life, and figures that now he's ready for the truth. Anne tells her son that he has the same powers as his favorite character Hiro from the 9th Wonders comic book. Noah comes in and tells Tommy that he can time travel. He explains that he has to get Tommy and Malina to Odessa to prevent global extinction. Anne asks Tommy to go out in the hallway and take it all in, while she and Noah talk privately.

Luke and Malina stop at a diner, and Malina insists that they were destined to meet so that Luke could help her find Tommy. A girl is sitting nearby with her mother, and Luke stares at them. Malina asks what he meant when he said that he lost his purpose, and Luke makes it clear that he doesn't want to talk about it. He then uses his solar powers to toast his sandwich.

Dearing drives up to the gates of Sunstone Manor and the guards let him through. After Dearing parks, he takes Carlos to the trunk and tells him to stay away from the Director. The cop warns Carlos that the Director is a telepath. Inside, the receptionist--Bonnie--tells Dearing that there's a bonus fee for time travelers. He hands over Carlos' suit while the guards swab Carlos. He passes the DNA test thanks to Dearing's liquid, and the guards take him away. Dearing sits down to wait for his money.

In Los Angeles, Taylor goes to the rendezvous and finds a man wearing a stocking mask. When she tries to run, a van pulls up and another masked man gets out. They throw a bag over Taylor's head, toss her in the van, and drive away.

Luke continues driving to Carbondale and Malina turns on the mix. She admits that when she grew up in the convent, she didn't have music or candy. Malina talks about how she felt connected to her grandmother during movie night, and Luke describes how he and Joanne took their son Dennis to the movies so he would feel like a regular kid.

At Sunstone, the guard takes Carlos across the guards where prisoners are dressed in white and walking casually around. Meanwhile, Dearing keeps in contact with Carlos via earbud and warns that they're picking out the Evos they need. The guard tells Carlos that the Director will explain everything when he arrives, and Carlos knocks him out and hides him in a storage room.

Taylor's captors take her to an abandoned factory and Erica finally removes the bag. She says that she loved Taylor when she was born and has tried to protect her, and asks Taylor to trust her to know what's best. Taylor reminds her that she took Francis and killed Evos, and refuses to fall for her mother's emotional manipulation. Erica demands to know who Taylor sent the files to, and Taylor says that she'd rather die than talk. "Erica" shapeshifts back into a man, and Rene comes over and apologizes for the deception. Taylor wants their help finding Francis, and Rene says that Renautas is holding the founder of the Hero Truther movement. As two women come in, Rene says that he hopes they can get both of them back.

Erica pours herself a glass of wine as her cook cuts up the deer. She talks about growing up on a farm and only eating what they grew. Harris comes in and reports that they lost spotted Taylor in LA, and Erica complains that the chef is messing up and takes over cutting up the deer. As she works, Erica tells Harris that he has to outsmart Taylor, and warns that Hero Truther is trying to find their leader, Micah Sanders. She orders Harris to do whatever he has to, to recover Taylor and stop Hero Truther.

Caspar goes into the ice cream store and Emily serves him as he contemplates a penny. He looks at her bracelet and Emily says that her boyfriend gave it to her. Caspar spins the penny on the counter and tells Emily to treasure her memories, and then stops the penny himself before she can pick it up. A customer sits down and Emily goes to get her a menu... and Joanne draws her gun and tells her to be quiet. She tells Emily to sit down with her. Caspar asks how much he owes, and Joanne whispers to Emily to get rid of him. He spills some pennies on the floor and one rolls over to Joanne. She starts to pick it up, but Joanne sees him signal to Emily and orders him to take a seat, leaving the penny on the floor. Once Caspar does, Joanne puts up the Closed sign.

Carlos takes the guard's uniform and contacts Dearing in the lobby. The Director comes on the loudspeaker, telling everyone to effectuate their personal growth. The prisoners on the yard all join in, while Carlos goes past a room with a screaming Evo. Carlos runs outside past the prisoners and spots another building in the back, and tells Dearing that he's going there to look for Jose.

Dearing asks Bonnie why the paperwork is taking so long, and she tells him that new protocol requires that they do a DNA swab on anyone collecting a reward. A guard comes in and Dearing throws him across the room. Bonnie injects Dearing in the neck with a sedative and he passes out.

At the hospital, Tommy is buying a candy bar out of the machine and it jams on him. Quentin comes over and helps him, and comments that it's ironic Tommy is destined to save the world but can't a candy bar. He unjams the bar, just as Joanne calls Tommy on Emily's phone. Tommy goes into the restroom to take the call, and Joanne tells him to join her. He teleports out just as Quentin draws a gun and comes in. Quentin realizes that Tommy has escaped and leaves.

Caspar tells Joanne that she's in pain and he's been through the same thing,, and he can give her relief if she picks up the penny. Joanne stares at it but before she can pick it up, Tommy teleports in. He tells Joanne to let them go, and Caspar says that he's handling it.

Malina and Luke pull up outside.

Caspar throws his briefcase of pennies over Joanne's head. She shoots it, breaking it open, and then shoots Caspar in the head. Luke hears the shots and goes in. Meanwhile, Joanne figures that she can hurt Tommy more by killing Emily first. As she prepares to shoot, Luke comes in and Joanne, shocked, wishes that he had died when their house burned down. Luke's hands glow and he tells Joanne to put the gun down. He sets a table on fire and says that killing more people won't bring back Dennis. Malina sneaks in the back against Luke's orders, while Luke says that killing Evos didn't make him feel better about their son's death. Joanne figures that if Luke kills her, then she'll be with Dennis. She shoots at Emily, Luke fires a flame blast... and Tommy freezes time.

Once he realizes what he's done, Tommy moves Luke's hand to fire elsewhere, and then moves the bullet so it won't hit Emily. He notices Emily coming out of the back but has no idea who she is, and teleports away with Emily. Time moves again and Luke's flame blast hits the ice cream containers. Joanne realizes that Luke was ready to kill her and runs out, and Luke goes after her. She ducks into an alley and police sirens sounds in the distance. As he runs after Joanne, Harris cuts her off in his car and tells her to get in.

At the warehouse, the Hero Truther Deirdre shows Taylor a projection of the missing Micah. The others explain who Micah was and that he can manipulate anything digital or electronic. Rene warns that Erica has Micah and they have to stop her, and Deirdre brings up an image of Sunstone. Taylor recognizes it as the home where Erica made her first million.

Carlos goes to the back building. Jose is there and talking to his father, who talks about how he fought crime. Carlos comes over and finds Jose talking to empty air. Jose doesn't recognize him and warns the image of his father that their enemy has found their secret location. Two guards run over and Carlos takes them out. Father Mauricio comes over and say that he's seen the other side, and none of them want to leave because what they want is at Sunstone. More guards come out and Carlos is forced to run. Other guards cut him off and taser him unconscious.

In the Director's office, the Director--Matt Parkman--destroys Dearing's earbud and wonders how he could turn on his own kind. He tells Dearing to determine his own punishment, and telepathically pushes Dearing into going to the next room and imagines shooting himself in the head.

Later, Carlos wakes up in the kitchen and sees the guards sealing over the room where Dearing died. They close the door, and Parkman comes in. He admits that he can read Carlos' mind and knows that he's not an Evo, and makes himself a sandwich. Parkman then probes Carlos's mind to find the one thing that defines him. Carlos yells at him to get out of his head, and Parkman realizes that he's living a lie. He continues probing and Carlos walks into the room where an assault rifle is waiting. Carlos relives his time in Afghanistan freezing under fire as the enemy shoot down his men. Farah finds him and tells him to get into the fight and use his weapon. Matt, telepathically monitoring Carlos' memories, realizes that Carlos is connected to Farah and could be more useful than he first thought.

Tommy teleports to the hospital and tells Noah that Caspar is dead. He says that they have to go but discovers that his teleport power is gone. Tommy asks Emily to stay with Anne while he goes with Noah. As they walk down the hall, the lights flicker and then explode. Noah draws his gun and tells Tommy to run, as Phoebe comes down the hallway controlling the darkness. However, Quentin comes up behind them and holds Tommy at gunpoint, and explains to Noah that he's always been working for Renautas. Noah realizes that when he tried to kill Erica in 2014, he changed the timeline and made Quentin a traitor. When Noah prepares to shoot Phoebe, Quentin grabs Tommy and promises to kill him if Noah kills Phoebe. After a moment, Noah lowers his gun. Phoebe takes it and Noah promises Tommy that he'll find him no matter what. Quentin and Phoebe leave with Tommy as Emily arrives.

In Carbondale, the police secure the area and take Caspar's body away. Noah arrives and says that he's the one who called. He sees Malina talking to the police and recognizes her, and tells the detective that he's her grandfather. Malina runs over to hug Noah, who says that she's safe now.

Quentin and Phoebe take Tommy to Erica's home. She introduces herself and takes him over to the dinner table. They sit down and Erica says that she'll tellTommy how he's going to save the world.

7957 Years in the Future

Miko sits in the middle of the desert, meditating. A butterfly lands on her hand and she gets up and starts walking. Soon she comes to the city of Gateway.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 13, 2015

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