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Collision Course Recap

Mahoney drives the ambulance to the precinct house with Frank in the back, and calls ahead to let them know that he's going. Frank sarcastically assures Mahoney that he's doing great, and says that mostly he'd just like to get some sleep. Dinah calls Mahoney and tells him to stop and listen to her. He isn't interested in talking, says that he's going to arrest her later, and hangs up.

Pilgrim pulls up in a stolen police car and fires at the ambulance. Frank yells at Mahoney to let him loose, but Mahoney refuses and tries to get away from Pilgrim. They go off an overpass and slam into the street below. Pilgrim brakes to a halt, gets out, and threatens to shoot the pedestrians. They run off, and Dinah arrives and slams into Pilgrim's car, gets out, and advances on him. By the time she gets to where he fell behind the car, she discovers that he's gone. Dinah follows Pilgrim's blood trail behind a car, and he drives off in her car before she can stop him.

In the ambulance, Frank realizes that Mahoney is unconscious. As Mahoney wakes up, Frank grabs his coat, gets the handcuff keys from Mahoney's jacket, and frees himself. He tells Mahoney that help is on the way and staggers out, and slams his dislocated shoulder into place against the side of the ambulance. Frank sees gas leaking out and goes back in to get Mahoney to safety. The ambulance explodes and Frank takes Mahoney to below the underpass. Mahoney tells Frank that he can't leave and draws his gun on him. Frank tells him to do what he has to do and keeps walking, and Mahoney lowers the gun.

Pilgrim parks the car and destroys the tracking device, and then tends to the wound in his side. Three teenagers come up, see Pilgrim's gun, and quickly go back the way they came. Pilgrim checks Dinah's GPS and gets her address from recent locations.

Krista watches a broadcast about Frank's escape. She turns it off and finds Billy in the doorway. He asks if she was going to tell him, and she says that it doesn't matter. Krista insists that it doesn't change anything and Frank just keeps on coming, and it scares her. She tells Billy that Frank has nothing to live for and Billy puts on his coat and prepares to leave. When Krista wonders where he's going, Billy says that he's going to get their paperwork like they planned, and talks about how he's been happy with her since he got Frank out of his life. He tells Krista that he won't be long and leaves. Krista goes to the window and watches Billy go, and is forced to turn away when vertigo threatens her.

Mahoney returns to the crash site and tells Dinah what happened. He wonders why Dinah helped Frank, and Dinah tells him that Frank isn't a criminal or a hero. Dinah tells Mahoney to get some rest and takes Krista call. Krista asks if Frank hurt her, and Dinah says that she's not on his list. The doctor asks where Frank might have gone, and claims that she's worried that Frank will come after her. Dinah tells her that she can't discuss the case but promises to tell her anything she learns about Frank or Billy.

Frank calls in posing as O'Rourke and gets an address. He goes to the expensive apartment building where David lives and knocks at the door. When David checks it, Frank keeps his face down and when David opens the door, barges in and punches him. He closes the door and David insists that he doesn't know him. Frank figures that David knows about Amy's dead friends in Chicago and the Russians at the station, and tells David that he's going to help him find Pilgrim.

Pilgrim drives the car to the junkyard, enters the trailer, and aims his gun on Curtis. He has Curtis sit down, pulls up a chair, and asks Curtis how he knows Dinah. Curtis says that she comes there from time to time, claiming she makes booty calls, but Pilgrim doesn't believe him and says that he wants Frank and Amy. He advises Curtis not to protect them, and Curtis feigns ignorance. Pilgrim talks about he would have seen Curtis as inhuman before but he's put that aside.

Amy comes in and goes for the shotgun, and Curtis jumps Pilgrim and knocks the gun out of his hand. Pilgrim knocks Curtis down and ducks behind a partition as she shoot and hits him in the sides, and then goes for Amy. Curtis grabs his foot and pulls him back. They fight, and Amy gets outside. Pilgrim finally gets the upper hand and knocks Curtis out, and then walks out, blood pouring down his side.

Billy finds the remaining five Boys with the money. Jose says that they should have just killed Frank, and Billy says that they were always on borrowed time. He figures that they should hunt down Frank and kill him for what he did, and Billy tells them that killing Frank won't bring the others back. When Jose says that letting Frank slide is bullshit, Billy glares at him and says that the people that died are on him but he won't let any of them die or end up in prison. He advises them to take the money and find something that's worth more. Billy has fake IDs for all of them, and they take them. Jose asks where Billy is going, and Billy says that it's who he's going with that matters.

Frank drives back to the junkyard and finds Curtis unconscious. He wakes him up and asks where Amy is, and says that Amy ran. Frank uses Curtis' phone to call Amy and hears it ring outside. The two men go out and follow the noise, and find the phone laying in the dirt. Frank drags David out of the car, takes him into the trailer, and says that he needs to get Amy back and Pilgrim has her. David insists that he doesn't know Pilgrim, and Frank shows him the photos and says that he knows all about David's sexuality. He promises that if anything happens to Amy then he'll kill him.

Pilgrim drives to the hotel parking garage and takes the elevator up. Amy peers out from the trunk, makes sure that Pilgrim is gone, and gets out after finding Dinah's shotgun inside.

David tells Frank and Curtis that he has no idea what's going on. Frank explains that the Russians paid for the photos, and figures that David knows who is responsible. David says that they wouldn't and swears that he's not part of it. Frank takes his phone and says that it's time to call David's parents.

Pilgrim removes the shotgun pellets from his side, praying as he works. Amy comes up holding the shotgun, searching for Pilgrim's wound.

Dinah visits Krista at her apartment and claims that she came there to see how she's doing. Krista says that she was having a panic attack and invites Dinah in. When Dinah sees that she's packing, Krista says that she's going to go somewhere and wait it out. As Krista makes tea, Dinah says that Billy said the same thing to her over the phone that Krista said to her the other night.

Billy stops at a flower kiosk and gets blue flowers for Krista. Smiling, Billy walks away.

Dinah tells Krista that a woman like her lets Frank and Billy into her life. She says that she brought Frank back to NYC to find and kill Billy, risking everything that she stands for. Dinah wonders if Krista has ever saved one of her patients, and reveals that she knows about Krista's father and how he died. Krista excuses herself to go to the bathroom, closes the door, and runs the water. Meanwhile, Dinah looks around the apartment and finds Billy's dream journal in a drawer. She draws her gun and goes to the bathroom, and sees the whole that Billy punched in the wall. Dinah enters the bathroom and Krista stabs her in the arm with a pair of scissors. They struggle and Dinah loses her gun, and she gets free and heads for the door. Krista grabs a knife and comes at Dinah, cutting her cheek. Dinah breaks free and pushes Dinah out the window where she falls to her death.

Shell-shocked, Dinah goes to the kitchen and turns off the burner where the tea kettle is whistling.

On the street, Krista lies dying and remembers her fall as a child, lying next to her father. Billy is in the crowd of onlookers and drops the flowers in shock. He looks up at the apartment and sees Dinah in the window, and goes inside.

Written by Gadfly on Feb 2, 2019

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