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A Quiet Night in Town: Part I Recap

At the Carlton, Paladin looks out the window of his suite as it storms outside. She refuses to give him name and draws a gun on him. Paladin says that he took the bullets out of his gun, and directs her to look in her purse. She does so and finds a necklace, and Paladin says that the thought of her in prison was distasteful. The woman thanks him for the lovely evening, and Paladin sees her out. Hey Girl comes in and says that he was done in by his incurable generosity, and reads him a newspaper article from Bennett, Wyoming, about a murder warrant being taken out against Joselito Kincaid for killing a cow puncher and setting a fire that killed two other men. Paladin gives Hey Girl his card to send.

Later, Paladin tracks down Kincaid and gets the drop on him. When Kincaid tries to go for his gun anyway, Paladin shoots him in the shoulder and rides off. They come to the near-deserted Jody Town to catch a train, and Kincaid says that he never liked the smell of towns like Jody Town. They see a woman, Dot, trying to keep her dress down in the hot wind blowing off the desert. Paladin takes Kincaid into the general store and the store owner, Ray Remy, directs him to the restaurant across the street. Remy says that Paladin will have to wire ahead for the train, and explains that he's the deputy sheriff. When Paladin says that there's a warrant for Kincaid's arrest, Remy tells Paladin that he can chain up Kincaid to a post.

That night, Paladin goes to the telegraph office and sends two wires, one to flag down the train and another to the sheriff that he's coming. He then goes back to the general store and dozes off standing guard on Kincaid. Kincaid chokes on a cracker he eats out of a barrel, and Paladin gets him a ladle of water. The killer asks Paladin how much he's getting for him, and asks to stretch his legs a little bit. Paladin reluctantly unchains Kincaid and takes him to the bar to get a drink. One man, Ben, complains about the lack of girls. He complains that nothing ever happens in Jody Town.

One card player and cattleman, Joe Culp, comes over and asks Paladin why he's bothering to keep Kincaid when he gets paid whether Kincaid is dead or alive. When Culp complains about Kincaid's stench, Paladin starts to punch him but Ben draws a gun on Paladin and orders him to stop. Kincaid wonders if Culp needs to find someone like him to hate and chuckles. Culp grabs Paladin and slaps him to the floor while Ben keeps his gun trained on Paladin. The townsmen consider hanging Kincaid because they have nothing to do, and Remy says that it's gone far enough, draws a gun, and tells Ben to put the gun down. Paladin reveals that he has his derringer ready and informs Ben that Remy just saved his life, and then punches Culp. Paladin helps Kincaid up and takes him back, and Ben and the other man, Jory, help Culp up.

Later at 3 am the store, Paladin watches as Xxx watches the store from the restaurant across the street. Kincaid figures that they'll come after him and says that he killed because of hate and it made him as good as the men who hated him. Remy comes in and asks if Kincaid killed the three men, and Kincaid says that they burned three hundred head of sheep.

Dot arrives and tells Paladin that Culp sent her to tell Paladin that they're going to hang Kincaid and kill Paladin if he tries to stop them. Paladin tells her to tell Culp that he won't give Kincaid up because he promised him a trial. Remy tells Dot to stay out of the way, and Dot tells him that Roy Smith is with them. She goes back to the restaurant, and Paladin asks Remy if any of the men are any good. Remy warns that Culp and Jory are dangerous.

A torch slams into the window, and Paladin and Remy put out the flame. Culp and Jory come in, guns drawn, and tell them to throw their guns away. They order Paladin out and club him down from behind, and then Culp smashes his right hand with his rifle butt. He takes Paladin's derringer and gun belt and leaves with the others.

Later, Paladin wakes up and checks his broken hand. The townspeople watch as Culp, Ben, and Jory string Kincaid up. Paladin calls to Culp, saying that he's never seen Kincaid before. Kincaid figures that they know him and can't forgive him for spitting on them, and Culp guns him down as Kincaid spits on him. When Paladin tries to get up, Jory knocks him down.

Once Culp and the others leave, Paladin goes over to Kincaid's corpse. Remy comes out of his store and tells Paladin that he couldn't do anything. He warns Paladin that they won't pay him to take back five bodies, and that Paladin couldn't handle Culp with two good hands. Paladin says that Culp should have killed him and staggers off.

Written by Gadfly on Feb 3, 2019

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