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The Whirlwind Recap

Dinah gets her gun from under the couch and aims it at the door, expecting Billy to come in. He shoots through the door and Dinah shoots back, and then Billy comes in shooting via another door and the agent takes cover. When Billy runs out of bullets, Dinah jumps him and they fight, Billy screaming that Dinah had to make it about Krista. Dinah shoots him Billy in the shoulder, and then he knocks the gun out of her hand. They choke each other and Billy finally chokes Dinah unconscious. Shocked from lack of blood, Billy passes out as well.

Anderson and Eliza look on as Michael and Lemuel are measured for suits for their mother's funeral. Eliza figures that she can do something with Lemuel, and Anderson says that they'll make sure the boys are cared for because of the promises they made to Rebecca and Pilgrim. They figure that Pilgrim is damaged goods and he can never come back, and Anderson tells Eliza that she's always been better at making the hard choices for the boys... and for David.

Once Eliza leaves, Anderson gets a call from David's phone. It's Frank calling via Facetime, and he shows Anderson his son. Eliza comes over and Frank says that if he doesn't get Amy back then he'll kill David. Frank says that he knows about the trail of bodies that the Schultzes have left, and Anderson promises that if Frank doesn't let David go then he'll kill anyone he ever knows. Unimpressed, Frank punches David and makes sure that the Schultzes can see him. Eliza takes the phone and tells Frank that he's out of his depth, and Frank repeats that he needs Amy back. He warns that if they trace David's phone and comes after him, David will die. Frank hangs up and David wonders if Frank is stating a threat or a fact.

At Pilgrim's hotel room, there's a knock at the door, and he grabs his gun and goes to check it. He opens the door but there's no one there. Stepping out, Pilgrim looks up and down the hall but sees no one. His phone rings and he goes back to answer it. Down the hallway, Amy hides around the corner, holding the shotgun. Lemuel is on the phone and asks Pilgrim when he's coming home, and Pilgrim promises that they'll be home soon. He asks Lemuel to look after Michael, and Lemuel gives the phone to Eliza as Anderson leads the boys away. Eliza says that Frank kidnapped David and asks if Amy is still alive. Pilgrim claims that he has Amy, and Eliza tells him to do whatever it takes to make David safe. She gives Pilgrim Frank's number so he can contact him.

Dinah wakes up gasping as the paramedics tend to her. Mahoney is there with the paramedics but there's no sign of Billy. He makes her promise to go to the hospital once they're done talking, and explains that Billy was there with the doctor the whole time. Dinah wonders how she's alive, and Mahoney explains that they found her there and there was blood everywhere. He figures that Dinah killed Billy but he doesn't know it yet, and jokingly wonders if she's trying to get into his good graces by taking down the men he's after. Mahoney promises to tell her when they find Billy, and gives Dinah her gun and badge that he found. She says that she's done with them.

Amy calls Frank to the hotel, and tells him where Pilgrim is staying. Frank tells her to stay out of the way, draws h is gun, and kicks the door in. Pilgrim is sitting on the bed in the adjoining door, and shoots through the door. Frank takes cover and fires back, and in the hallway guests run. He runs out and Pilgrim comes into the adjoining room. Pilgrim goes into the first room, gets a semi-automatic, and fires through the wall. The two men exchange shots and when Pilgrim's gun jams, Frank jumps through the bullet-ridden wall. Pilgrim fires from the bathroom, while Amy comes down the hallway.

The killer runs out, knocks away Amy's shotgun, and grabs her as a hostage. He backs away to the elevator and goes down, telling Frank to await his call, and takes the elevator down to the garage. Three police officers arrive in another elevator and Frank attacks them. He manages to knock them out and gets down to the garage in time to see Pilgrim drive off with Amy. Frank leaps on the hood but Pilgrim speeds through the garage and manages to knock Frank off.

Billy goes to a physician, Dr. Charles, and orders him at gunpoint to tend his injuries. Charles takes a drink to steady his hands and then checks Billy's gunshot wounds in his stomach. He warns that Billy should go to a hospital, but Billy tells him to take out the bullets and close him up. Billy refuses to go under despite Charles' warning, and Charles takes another drink and goes to work. When Billy finally passes out from the pain and drops the gun, Charles eyes the phone in Billy's bag.

David tells Curtis that he doesn't want any of it, and points out that Anderson didn't deny any of Frank's accusations. Curtis explains that David's parents wanted to keep him clean, and tells David that he's got shitty parents. David wonders if his parents had everyone murdered because they were ashamed of him and didn't want him hurting their legacy. He wonders why Curtis is holding him hostage, and Curtis tells him that he just wants to go home.

Billy wakes up in a dumpster and realizes that Charles pulled out the bullets and stitched up his wounds. He crawls out, puts on his coat, and staggers away.

Pilgrim pulls the car over and parks.

Frank returns to the trailer and discovers that Curtis and David aren't there. Pilgrim calls and asks how they do it, and Frank tells him to come to the trailer if he wants David. Once Frank hangs up, he wonders what he's going to do next.

Amy tells Pilgrim that going after Frank in his state will get him killed. Pilgrim says that God will decide which of them is righteous, and Amy asks what is righteous about everything that happened. She tells Pilgrim that the Schultzes are using him, and insists that people never change and just let others down again and again. Amy says that Pilgrim could still change it, and Pilgrim tells her that it's gone too far and he wishes he could let her walk away but he can't.

Mahoney goes to a football field and Curtis steps out to greet him. He says that he doesn't know where Frank is but it has to end. David walks out and Curtis explains that Frank kidnapped David. He doesn't know why and he's just giving David back, and David tells Mahoney that he doesn't want to press charges and Curtis is trying to do the right thing. Mahoney agrees to give Curtis a pass as long as he doesn't point a gun at anyone again, says that he's taking David home, and advises Curtis to do the same.

Pilgrim pulls up to the junkyard and finds Frank sitting on the trailer steps. When Frank comes over and Pilgrim orders Amy down on her knees. Frank claims that David is in the trailer with C4 strapped to his chest, and he has it hooked up to his phone. He asks Pilgrim if he's some kind of maniac and says that things have gone too far, and warns that Pilgrim can't trust the Schultzes. Pilgrim says that they have his sons, and asks Frank what he would have done if he could save his kids. Frank admits that he would have done anything, and tells Pilgrim that he'd do anything for Amy. He invites Pilgrim to aim at the gun at him and let Amy go, and asks if he's going to kill another kid.

After a moment, Pilgrim pulls Amy up and sends her to Frank. Frank tells her to drive away and not look back, and after a moment Amy does so. He then tosses the phone to Pilgrim and says that David isn't in the trailer and doesn't know where he is. Pilgrim comes at him and Frank knocks him to the ground and punches him until Pilgrim hits him with a hubcap. Frank gets Pilgrim's gun but discovers that it's empty, and Pilgrim hits him with a muffler. He beats Frank, demanding to know where David is, and strangles him with a chain while continuing to beat him. Frank manages to yank him down, and he grabs a piece of piece of rebar. Pilgrim wraps the chain around his arm and they go at each other. Frank beats Pilgrim with an acetylene tank, and Pilgrim asks him not to hurt his boys after he kills him. He looks up at Frank and says that he's the whirlwind.

Curtis lies down on his bed, and his phone rings. It's Billy, who says that he's hurt really bad and is in the basement. He tells Curtis that he's dying and asks him to come. When Curtis doesn't say anything, Billy makes him promise not to call the cops and Curtis agrees. Billy asks Curtis to be a brother one last time and make sure that he doesn't die alone.

The next morning, Dinah visits Krista in the hospital. The agent says that she's sorry that Billy dragged Krista into the situation, and Krista insists that Billy didn't drag her into anything and she loves him. Krista asks if Billy is alive, and Krista tells her that he is as far as she knows. She figures that Billy knew that she wanted him to be free, and Dinah tells her that when she shot Billy it helped her state of mind. Dinah points out that the blood on her blouse is Billy's, and tells Krista that Billy is out on the streets bleeding and they don't know if they'll find him alive or dead. Krista says that Billy is too strong to die and he will come for her when the time is right. She says that Billy will kill Dinah for what she did to her, and Dinah tells her that she did it to herself and leaves.

Frank enters the basement room and Billy laughs when he sees him. Billy is happy that if he's going, it's with Frank. As he starts to apologize, Frank shoots him dead and walks out.

Later, Curtis, Dinah, and Mahoney arrive and Mahoney asks Curtis how it went. Curtis claims that he called Mahoney right after Billy called him. Mahoney wonders if Dinah finished the job, and Dinah tells him that the case is closed. When the officer wonders about Castle, Curtis asks who he's talking about and a disgusted Mahoney walks out.

At their home, Anderson worries that David is going to do something stupid. Eliza says that she's heading to NYC to talk to David, and Anderson needs to deal with Pilgrim. Amy comes in and threatens to shoot them if they move, and says that she gave the guards the night off. She aims the gun at Eliza, and Eliza contemplates a nearby dinner knife. Amy tells her that she killed all of her friends, and when Anderson yells at Amy to move the gun away, Eliza goes for the knife. Frank shoots her dead and tells Anderson that it's his turn, and plays a recording of Anderson saying earlier that he'll kill everyone Frank knows. Frank tells Anderson that David knows right from wrong, and Amy tells him to let David make things right or she'll hand the recording over to the press. As Anderson sobs, Frank gives him the gun and one bullet and tells him that it's time to make a choice: kill himself or live with the truth. Frank and Amy walk out to where Pilgrim is waiting with his sons. A gunshot echoes in the house, and Pilgrim gets his sons into a SUV.

Later, Frank takes Amy to a bus station. She says that they're good together, but Frank tells her that he can't have her on his conscience. Amy tells him that she owes him pretty much everything and wonders why he came after her in the bar. Frank reminds her that she called him "Rough Road" and he thought it was funny, and the tougher she looked, the more scared she was. He makes her promise to live an honest life without the grifting, and gives her a wad of money. Frank tells her to go down to Florida and call a guy that he and Curtis know that runs a dive school. The bus pulls up and Frank tells Amy that sometimes they find things and they change their lives. Amy hugs him and gets on the bus, crying. When she looks back, Frank is gone.

Three Months Later

Frank sits in a truck and watches as two cars pull up down the street. His phone rings but the caller ID is blocked. Gangers get out of the car and go inside, and Frank takes the call. It's Dinah, who is in an overseas war zone. She tells him that she's in the CIA now and needs a good man to eliminate a bad man. Dinah explains that she needs someone there to get things done and Frank is the best. Frank tells her that he already has a job, says to take care, and hangs up. He then gets out of the truck and gets something.

Inside, the two gangs are negotiating. Frank comes in wearing his Punisher gear and yells to both sides, draws his guns, and opens fire yelling.

Written by Gadfly on Feb 3, 2019

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