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The Railway Station (8) Recap

The ghosts are surprised that Sapphire and Steel want to talk to them. Pearce says that they don't, and the ghosts step aside.

Sapphire tells Steel that the Darkness is in its own time and it's on the footbridge: the hallway point. She reports that it's moving again and that it has crossed over into their time.

A breeze blows through the station and the doors open, and the Darkness approaches the buffet where Tully is sitting. Tully goes to the inside door, hearing something outside, but then turns away. The Darkness comes in and Tully screams in fear and pain. It moves past him into the station, and Steel tells it that he wants to talk to it. He offers it a transaction and demands that it show itself. When nothing appears, Steel says that they have seen it before. When it doesn't appear, Steel tells Sapphire that they should and not waste their time. Sapphire remains in her trance, and the Darkness speaks from inside of her mind. She says that it's watching Steel through her eyes and it could snuff out her mind if Steel tries to trick it.

Steel says that he understands what Sapphire has said, and tells the Darkness that he has a proposal. He confirms that the Darkness thrives on resentment, and offers it an original source of resentment. Steel holds up Tully's cross and says that it can't be bought cheaply. He refuses to describe the offer, and it says that it's not interested. Steel holds up the cross and says that all it has is the ghosts of young men who barely have any resentment. The Darkness insists that it has others, and Steel figures that they're third-rate as well. Sapphire speaks up, asking Steel to come to her and take her hands. He puts the cross around his neck and takes her hands, and the Darkness clenches it. Steel winces in pain and drops to his knees, and tells her to tell the Darkness to take all three back. The Darkness finally agrees and says that it will meet them where they were.

The Darkness releases Sapphire, who hugs Steel in relief. The door opens and Steel goes into the office. Tully is there and says that Steel said it was gone. Steel orders him to his feet and says that they don't have much time, and takes him to the footbridge. Sapphire goes with them and asks why the footbridge, and Steel tells her that it's a crossing point and they're crossing time. He walks Tully to the footbridge, and Sapphire disappears and reappears in front of them as they go inside. Steel says that he wants to be responsible for his own actions, and insists that there is one amended clause to the deal.

Steel goes upstairs and looks out on the platform. There's nothing there, and Steel goes downstairs and tells Tully that they're going back eleven days. Tully will lose one day of his life, and figures that Sapphire can hold time for one deal. While they're being taken back, they'll jump off at eleven to surprise the Darkness. The lights flicker and Steel promises that he won't try to trick the Darkness again. Sapphire agrees and tells Tully that he'll be okay. Steel takes Tully's other hand and they lead him upstairs. The Darkness takes them back and Sapphire holds back the final day. The trio reappear 22 hours early and Steel shows Tully the ghosts outside on the platform.

The Darkness smashes through the station. Outside, Pearce looks around.

The trio come down the stairs and Steel tells Tully to wait on the footbridge and keep watch. When Tully wonders if they don't need him, Steel assures him that they do. Once Tully goes, Pearce appears and says that they thought they had gone. Steel says that they will eventually go but the ghosts never will. Pearce insists that they will leave, living again, based on what the Darkness has told them. Steel figures that the Darkness has promised them new lives, and Sapphire says that it can't be done because the Darkness thrives on the resentment of the dead. Once the others arrive, the Darkness will start the loop again beginning with Pearce's arrival. Pearce doesn't believe it, and says that they would rather go back then relive their purgatory over and over. Steel tells him that he can make sure that they all go back and offers Pearce his hand.

Pearce takes Steel's hand, and the invisible Darkness enters the station. The soldier's ghost disappears, and Sapphire clutches at her eyes. Her face melts, and Steel insists that they will carry out the transaction and give it someone whose death is recorded and will die in five years. When the Darkness takes Tully, it will have damaged time and cause havoc in high places. Steel asks if they have a deal, and Sapphire reverts to normally. She says that she promised Tully that he would be unharmed, but Steel tells her that it has to be.

Steel goes out on the platform and confirms that the ghosts are gone. Tully comes down and Sapphire walks away, unable to sacrifice him. Steel tells Tully that they're doing fine and he should wait at the footbridge, and they'll be leaving soon. Tully asks if he needs to collect his things, and Steel says that he'll let him know. The man asks if he's winning and Steel tells him that they are, and Tully waves goodbye to him and walks off. Tully screams, and Steel joins Sapphire on the platform. Sapphire confirms that they're all gone, and the only thing left is a flower. She plucks and smells it, and they leave.

Written by Gadfly on Feb 4, 2019

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