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The Creature's Revenge (1) Recap

In an apartment complex, Eldred and Rothwyn are woken up by the sound of their baby crying on the monitor. Rothwyn goes to check on it, telling a sleepy Eldred that she'll deal with their child. As she goes into the hallway, Rothwyn makes a log entry about the experimental project and notes that it's January 1980 by the old calendar. She enters the nursery and comforts the baby.

The elevator in the lobby moves up on its own.

Rothwyn turns on the mobile and makes a log entry about how it's winter and their family is adjusting to the temperature. She wonders how they would survive outside, and goes to the living room.

The elevator arrives at the top floor and the doors open. Sapphire walks out and joins Steel as he comes in via the stairs, and they figure that the couple is there. They ring the bell.

Rothwyn reports a transference failure, noting that she's responsible for the domestic side of the experiment. They stopped receive nutrition supplies two days ago.

Sapphire and Steel open the doorway and find an abandoned apartment.

Rothwyn says that they should have enough supplies for a few days but just because they're studying 20th century food doesn't mean that they have to eat it.

Sapphire and Steel search the empty apartment and figure that it hasn't been lived in for months. The female agent figures that it's been empty for 86 days, but whatever happened didn't happen then because they would have been told. She figures that the entire world would have known if what they had feared happened had happened. Steel wonders where the occupants are, and Sapphire insists that they're someone there.

Rothwyn goes to the kitchen and reports on day 27 of the experiment.

Sapphire insists that they are there.

Rothwyn picks out two eggs and says that she's making breakfast, 20th century-style. She comments on how there would be natural ingredients.

Sapphire senses Rothwyn somewhere there, along with Eldred and the baby. She tells Steel and figures that the atmosphere is normal, and insists that they're there... above them.

Rothwyn prepares breakfast and reports what she's doing.

Sapphire explains that the family isn't hiding.

Rothwyn describes the main task in preparing the food. She takes out a leg of lamb and has a vision of a slaughter house, and winces in shock as she hears the screams of the dying animals. Rothwyn drops the leg and screams.

Sapphire and Steel walk out of the apartment as Sapphire hears Rothwyn's screams. She says that the attack has started.

Rothwyn recovers and hesitantly picks up the leg of lamb, and then puts it back in the refrigerator.

Sapphire and Steel go up the stairs to the roof, hoping that there's another level. There's nothing there but the empty roof.

Eldred is still sleeping when Rothwyn comes in with breakfast. He's snoring and she starts to smother him with a pillow as a voice shrieks in her head. Sapphire hears it, and Rothwyn stares at the pillow in shock and surprise. Eldred wakes up and asks Rothwyn what's wrong, and she puts the pillow under his head. Rothwyn says that it's almost the last of the consignment, and Eldred insists that they won't leave them stranded in time.

Sapphire tells Steel that she heard people talking and points to a spot on the roof, saying that it came from there.

Rothwyn goes to the living room and a box turns on the table. She ignores it and makes a report. She asks for a signal back to make sure that they can still hear her. There's no response, and as Rothwyn goes she sees a cushion on the sofa.

Sapphire can't make out what Rothwyn says, and Steel walks forward and comes to an invisible wall.

Rothwyn walks through the apartment and sees a coat move in an unseen breeze. She goes to the nursery and checks on the baby, and sees a pillow on the floor. She hesitantly picks it up and puts it in the cupboard. In the hallway, the coat falls on the floor and then moves on its own. Rothwyn comes out of the nursery and sees the coat.

In the nursery, the cupboard opens and the pillow drifts to the floor.

Rothwyn picks up the coat and hangs it back up.

The pillow moves across the floor to the crib.

Sapphire and Steel feel their way along the invisible wall.

Rothwyn tells Eldred that it won't signal back.

Sapphire realizes that the wall feels like brick but is synthetic.

Rothwyn tells Eldred that she tried the master panel because they usually get an instant signal. Meanwhile, objects move through the apartment. The couple report to the panel about the experiment.

As night falls, Steel reviews that they were told that people are experimenting with time. Since no one should do that except them, they--and time itself--is in danger. Sapphire figures that the wall is a capsule, and estimates that it's from 1500 years in the future.

Eldred asks for a signal back and reports that they're not getting any supplies. Rothwyn says that she's frightened, and tells Eldred that something else is happening.

Steel moves along the barrier to the edge of the roof.

Rothwyn explains about her "hallucinations", and Eldred tells her that she was trained to sense things as part of her studies. She figures that there's more and says that she's frightened, and Eldred says that they'll talk to other later. Rothwyn notes that it's a brutal time in history, and her husband insists that they're safe and nothing can get in there.

The pillow rises off the floor and drops into the crib.

Sapphire tells Steel that there's something in there with them.

The pillow covers over the baby. It then floats out.

Sapphire yells to Steel that the entity has seen him and is coming for him.

The pillow floats out the window and attacks Steel.

Written by Gadfly on Feb 4, 2019

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