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Lost Boys Recap

I think I had a mother once.

After he sells his home, Nick has the movers take things out. He goes upstairs and tells Adalind that it’s time. As Nick puts Kelly in the car seat, he says that he’s been there almost seven years . He tells Adalind that she was the first woge that he ever saw, and she admits that he was first Grimm she saw. Adalind takes Kelly to the car, and Nick goes down a minute later. He takes one last look around and then leaves.

At the spice shop, Monroe is running the receipts. Rosalee goes to get a jar and spots a bullet hole in the wall, and remembers when Juliette almost forced Nick to shoot Monroe. Monroe comes in and his wife says that she missed the old Juliette before she turned.

A woman runs through the woods with someone chasing her. She falls down a slope and hits her head on an abutment. The children following her come over and confirm that she’s dead, and the oldest boy says that their mother has left them. The other two boys argue over who loved her more, and the one girl hugs the woman’s corpse, crying and coughing. The leader, Lily, hears a car and tells the other three that they have to go. Before he goes, one of the boys, Big John, takes a hank of the woman’s hair. A truck pulls up and the driver sees the corpse. The children watch from the woods as the driver checks the corpse, and Lily’s eyes glow as he says that they’ll find another mother.

Nick drives Adalind and Kelly to an old paint factory and assures her that it looks better on the inside. They drive in and Nick shuts down the security system. They take the cargo elevator up to the loft and Nick explains that all of his old furniture is in storage because he didn’t want anyone to know where they are, including the movers. He shows Adalind the secured exits, including an emergency tunnel to the sewers, and the metal window shutters. Adalind says that she’ll have to get some food, and Nick gives her a credit card, the key, and the access key. Hank calls to tell Nick that they’ve got a case, and Adalind assures him that she’s not going to ask when he’ll be home.

Lily and the others return to the makeshift shelter that they’ve made their home. Big John blames himself for letting their mother gets away and apologizes to Lily. He puts the hank of hair in a memento box and Lily assures him that real mothers wouldn’t abandon their children no matter what they are. He insists that the woman got what she deserved. The girl, Ggg, keeps coughing and Lily brings her some tea to drink, and she says that it’s hard for her to breath. The other boy, Miguel, says that Ggg says that they have to take her to a doctor. Lily says that he and Big John will get Ggg some medicine. When Big John reminds Lily that the last time he almost got caught, Lily says that they have no choice.

Nick and Hank arrive at the crime scene and Wu shows them the body. She has no shoes and marks on her wrist indicating that she’s been tied up. Wu runs her fingerprints and confirms that her name is Wendy Henley, and was reported as a missing person two years ago.

At the station, Renard finds Meisner waiting in his office. He tells Renard that the King had an “accident” and fell out of his helicopter over the ocean. Meisner assures Renard that Diana is safe with “friends,” and Viktor is dealing with the Resistance now that he’s on the throne. Renard wants to see his daughter, but Meisner explains that he doesn’t know where she is because of security reasons. He tells the captain that he’ll contact him and leaves.

Lily and Big John go to a pharmacy and shoplift some medicine. A mother yells at his son, and Big John starts to woge. Lily warns him to control himself or he’ll go back to foster care, and the larger boy controls himself. A police officer walks by and Lily tells his friend that they’ll go somewhere else.

At the station, Nick and Hank show Renard CCTV footage of Wendy in a parking lot, two years ago. The trail went cold because there was no body and no witnesses. On the video, a girl approaches Wendy. Renard confirms that they never ID’d the girl and there was no report of a missing child. Wendy goes off with the girl, and Hank reports that the husband was the prime suspect but they never connected him to his wife’s disappearance.

Lily and Big John enter the spice shop and ask for treatment for a cough. Big John knocks over a jar and when Rosalee goes to check it out, Lily steals the medicine. She sees him and grabs him as he tries to leave. He woges into his Apgadnieks form and attacks her, Rosalee easily pins him to the floor. Lily says that he needs the medicine for his little sister, and Rosalee lets him go and asks where his parents are. He admits that he has no parents and lives on the street, and Rosalee gives him the medicine. When he wonders why she isn’t scared of him, Rosalee says that she’s seen worse. Monroe comes in and Lily takes advantage of the distraction to run out. She admits that she let Lily keep the medicine because he didn’t have money, and Monroe figures that kids typically lie. He hastily assures Rosalee that he’s talking about kids in general, not their future kids.

Nick and Hank take Mr. Henley to the morgue and show him the corpse. He seems genuinely grief-stricken and has no idea where she’d be in the area where she was found. Mr. Henley complains that the police questioned him before and insists that he didn’t kill Wendy, and wonders where she’s been.

Lily and Big John go back to their shelter, and Lily admits that Rosalee wasn’t cared of him when she saw what he really was. Big John almost steps in one of their snares, and peter warns him that he can’t keep forgetting.

As Adalind gets coffee, she runs into Lane, an old colleague from her former law firm. Lane admires Kelly and ass7umes that she’s married. He says that she looks great and says that there’s an opening at the law firm and they want her back.

Rosalee calls Monroe at his shop and he says that he’ll be done in 20 minutes. A customer enters the spice shop and Rosalee puts Monroe on hold. It’s Lily, and she explains that Peter told her about Rosalee. Monroe listens as Lily asks Rosalee if she cares about them. Rosalee says that she does and asks where Peter is, and Peter and Big John chloroform her. Monroe hears the struggle and goes to the shop, but the only thing left is Rosalee’s phone.

Nick and Hank tell Renard that Mr. Henley appears innocent. They figure someone was feeding her, and she didn’t get far because she was on foot. When Nick goes back to his desk, Monroe reaches him on the phone and says that someone abducted Rosalee.

Big John drives the stolen truck back to their lair. Rosalee wakes up and finds Peter holding her by a rope. He assures her that no one will hurt her, and says that they need her. Peter tells her not to be afraid and says that they’re taking her home.

Nick and Hank arrive at the spice shop and Monroe describes what happened. He describes Peter as best he can and how Rosalee said the boy was a Wesen, and the officers go to check the nearby CCTV.

The children arrive at their home and lead Rosalee inside. Rosalee says that they need to take her home, but Peter says that if she tries anything then Big John will try to hurt her. She warns that they don’t want the people with her looking for her, but Lily and Peter take her inside while Big John and Miguel camouflage the truck.

At the station, Nick and Hank check the CCTV. As Monroe paces nervously, Nick spots the same truck that they saw in the Henley abduction. The officers figure that Lily was the girl who helped abducted Wendy two years ago, and finally admit that Wendy turned up dead. Monroe wants to go to the crime scene and follow the trail, and asks to smell the dead woman so he can get the scent. They go to the morgue and Monroe woges, and then smells the corpse.

Peter brings Rosalee a blanket, and she finds the parenting magazines that they’ve pinned to the walls. He explains that other mothers have abandoned them before, and says that she’ll get used to being loved. When she says that people don’t abduct their loved ones, Peter warns her that if she runs then he’ll find her and kill her himself, and woges to make his point.

Nick and the others drive to the crime scene and Monroe follows the back trail. There’s no trail and the officers figure that Wendy fell and hit her head.

The children bring Rosalee some food and the two boys argue about the food. Peter tells them not to fight at dinner and they ask her Rosalee to eat. After a moment, she takes some food.

Monroe confirms that Rosalee wasn’t alone and follows the scent through the forest.

Peter says that it’s time to bed and Lily insists that Rosalee sleep next to her. They ask for a long story before bedtime, and Rosalee tells them the story of The Grimm and The Wolf. She explains that Grimm hunt Wesen but they don’t know which are good and bad, so they hunt them all. Rosalee confirms that they’ve never heard of the Wesen, and talks about a young boy who was a Blutbad didn’t listen to his mother and woged in front of a stranger. The children doze off except for Peter, who complains about the story when Rosalee says that a Grimm cut off the boy’s head. She says that the boy’s parents set a trap for the Grimm.

Monroe sets off a deadfall and Hank yells a warning. The Blutbad ducks just in time and they continue on.

Peter finally dozes off and Rosalee woges and starts chewing through her bonds.

Monroe and the others find the camouflaged truck and the Blutbad picks up his wife’s scent.

Once she’s free, Rosalee slips out and heads off into the woods. Lily wakes up, coughing, and realizes that Rosalee has fled. She wakes the others and they run after Rosalee.

Rosalee falls into a covered pit and the children look down at her. Peter says that she’s a bad mother and Big John pulls her up. The children woe and advance on her, and Rosalee woges as well. Emily realizes that Rosalee is a Fuchsbau like her and runs to hug Rosalee, figuring that she’s her real mother. Peter hears the others and Rosalee says that it’s her husband. The children woge and Peter attacks Monroe, who woges and fights back.Big John woges and realizes that Nick is the Grimm that Rosalee described, and Hank grabs him. Rosalee stops Monroe and Lily hugs her, and Monroe calms down.

At the station, Rosalee reluctantly signs a statement and Nick says that Child Services takes over. She goes over to the children says that she’s sorry that she couldn’t be their mother. They don’t respond, and Rosalee offers to write to Lily. The girls’ eyes glow and she says that she never wants to see Rosalee again.

In her new bed, Adalind tries to sleep. She finally goes to Nick and admits that she couldn’t sleep in the new place. She reluctantly says that she doesn’t want to be alone and invites him to sleep in their room. Adalind immediately apologizes and says that it’s weird, and Nick says that they’re beyond that. He gets his gun and goes into the room, and lies on the bed next to Adalind. She thanks him for coming in.

At home, Monroe tells Rosalee that she can only do so much. She explains that the children don’t know that they’re Wesen, and hopes that they find out what they need.

At juvenile hall, the boys are taken to Warden Hook. He tells them that Emily is well, and says that he knows what they are. He woges and tells them to show him what they are, and the boys woge. Satisfied, Hook gives them a chance to join others like themselves and has them recite the oath: “Occulatum Libera.”They do so and ask what it means, and Hook says that they have a new family.

Meisner opens Trubel's cell door and says that it’s time for her to go. After a moment, Trubel gets up and goes with her.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 14, 2015

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