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The Book of Secrets: Chapter Two: Just and Unjust Recap

Anissa and Lynn leave a grocery store and they discuss whether they should be there for Jennifer or give her some time alone. Lynn figures that Jennifer needs her family, and Anissa says that once in a while their daughters might know what's best for them. Someone shoots down Anissa and masked men from a van grab Lynn. Agent Odell is in a nearby car and shoots and kills them, and his men toss the two masked men in the trunk and drive off while the van driver makes his escape.

Lynn goes back to Anissa, who says that she's fine. Jeff is working with a bag at home when Lynn calls and says that they've been attacked. He tells them to use the tunnels and stay off the streets, and leaves.

At Nichelle's apartment, Jennifer sits with Nichelle. Nichelle says that Khalil really loved her, and Jennifer tells her that she loved him. She looks at photo of her and Khalil and her eyes flash with energy. As Jennifer leaves, Nichelle tells her that she can't afford to bury Khalil.

At the sanctum, Lynn removes the bullet from Anissa's back and speculates that Anissa instinctively went dense, protecting herself from the gunshot. Peter figures that Odell has Lynn under surveillance and determines that the house is clean of bugs. They wonder who might have wanted Lynn--one of the pod kid parents, Tobias, or Odell. Peter suggests that Lynn talk to Odell, and Lynn agrees. The tailor tapes into the parking lot video feed and gets an image of the van driver and tells Jeff that he'll let him know when he finds him.

Later at the ASA HQ, Odell is having his man drive him through the complex. Lynn confronts Odell and asks why he's having her followed. She thanks him for saving her life and claims that Anissa fainted to make it look like they shot her. Odell figures that she's not being honest with him and he doesn't have time for it, and tells his man Kavanaugh to continue driving on.

Todd tells Tobias that the Masters are secured and the crew that moved them has been taken care of.

The next morning at the Pierce house, Anissa tells Jennifer that she got shot. She promises that she won't let them come after Lynn, and Jennifer blames herself for Tobias killing Khalil. Anissa asks how she's doing, and Jennifer admits that she's in pain. Her older sister tells her that pain makes them strong and loss makes them appreciate. She assures Jennifer that she'll see someday, and Jennifer tells her that Nichelle can't pay for Khalil's funeral.

Lynn tells Jeff that she's worried about Jennifer and craving vengeance. Jeff figures that she needs a distraction and Lynn suggests that they talk to Perenna about Jennifer going back to school and being normal. When he wonders what she means, Lynn mutters that she doesn't know about normal because she married him. Jennifer comes in and says that she's ready to take down Tobias. He warns that it's dangerous, but Jennifer intends to kill him. Jeff tells her that power comes with the responsibility to do the right thing, and warns that their powers supercharge their emotions. He points out that Khalil let his emotions get out of control and attacked Garfield, and says that Jennifer doesn't want to make that mistake and Khalil doesn't want her to do it.

Odell visits the imprisoned Jace and says that they have a problem. He explains that the Markovians tried to abduct Lynn for her expertise. They both figure that they want Jace as well, and Odell figures that if Jace can move the pod kids then she'll be protected and relocated. Jace tells him that he'll need her and Lynn to keep the pod kids alive.

Lynn is in the kitchen pouring herself some wine, and Jeff comes in and asks if she's upset with him about their daughters suiting up. His wife figures that there's nothing to be gained by talking about it, and Jeff starts to walk away. Lynn tells him that she's made some choices that she'd take back but he's not one of them, and she loves him. Jeff says that he loves her as well and goes up to their bedroom.

At the hospital, Nurse Patel tells Anissa that there's a new admin and walks off. Anissa goes in and checks on the patient, Monique. Monique refuses to give her last name, and Anissa notices that she has cuts on her face and bruises on her neck. Anissa asks how it happened, and Monique claims that she fell down some stairs. When Anissa says that Monique can tell her the truth, Monique claims that she blacked out or "or something". Monique insists that no one did anything to her, and Anissa says that the doctor will be right in.

Anissa gives the paperwork to Patel, who says that they're not going to log Monique in. She lives with Rayvon, who is a capo with The 100. They look the other way and they get to live.

The Markovians grab Perenna, and she uses her powers to make them think that they're freezing. She picks up her things and walks on.

The next day at Garfield, Jennifer comes in and her friends greet her. She can see the electricity in the metal detectors as she passes through them, and continues greeting her friends and teachers.

Anissa goes to Grace's apartment and finds her sleeping on the couch. She wakes her up with kisses and finds Black Lightning and Thunder comics that they're making. Grace goes to get ready and Anissa looks through the comics.

Jennifer finds a shrine for Khalil and looks at it wistfully, and then moves on.

That night, a masked Anissa attacks Rayvon and his gang in their apartment and knocks the gangers out. He refuses to let her take the money, but Anissa says that she didn't come there for the money, grabs him by the throat, and slams him up against the wall. Monique comes out and Anissa tells her to back off, and invites Rayvon to put his hands on her. She slams him unconscious, grabs the money, and leaves, fighting her way out past more of Rayvon's men. Rayvon comes out and sprays her in the face with mace, and the men grab her and start beating her. She claps her hands together, slamming them back, and staggers off.

The next day, Jennifer is going down the school hall and sees the janitors taking down the shrine. They tell her that the principal told them to take it down, and Jennifer's eyes flare with energy for a moment before she gets control.

Anissa wakes up in the sanctum and Peter gives her some coffee. She says that she's an idiot because she's doing all the things that Jeff said would get her killed. Peter tells her that it would hurt her family if they lost her.

Lowry finds Jennifer on the floor with the items for the shrine. As the other students gather around, Lowry says that it's inappropriate. Jennifer tells Lowry that he just doesn't like any of them. As students take video, Jennifer insists that black lives matter and Khalil's live mattered. The students agree, and Jennifer calls Lowry a racist. Lowry says that it's a monument to a gang member that attacked the school, and tells her to remove it or he'll have his people do it. Jennifer says that he can't remove Khalil from their lives, and asks the students if any of them would have taken the opportunity to receive treatment if they were crippled.

When Jennifer says that people like Lowry don't care about them, he has the security guards take her away. The students kneel and Lowry tells them to put the cell phones away. The students ignore him, and Jeff arrives. Lowry asks him to tell the students to go back to class, and the students put their fists up. Jeff says that it's the principal's job, puts his fist up, and walks away.

Odell brings Jace to the lab and tells Lynn that he'll make sure she behaves, and they need to move the pods. He confirms that they're moving the pods whether Lynn helps them or not, and she walks away.

At the mortuary, the masked Anissa tosses the money onto Khalil's coffin. She tells the undertaker that if he plays any games with the movie, she'll be back and walks away.

Peter summons Jeff and tells him that the driver is Yuri Bakonov, a member of Markovian Intelligence Services. He's at a storefront leased to the Markovian government, and satellites show that there are five guards lightly armed. Jeff goes to get his costume and then breaks into the storefront and takes out the guards. When they open fire on him, he shields himself with a bubble of lightning and then knocks them unconscious. Black Lightning then calls Bill and says that he has a kidnapper and attempted murderer for him.

At the hospital, a badly beaten Rayvon comes out of the first of his three surgeries. Patel tells Anissa that Monique has moved out and is getting counselling.

At Garfield, Jeff talks to Lowry about calling security on Jennifer rather than calling him. He warns that suspending Lowry won't make the point he wants to make. Lowry tells him that he's racist for figuring that he had a better life and his father was a heroin addict, and says that he doesn't feel sorry for the kids because he lived in the streets and ate dog food. Unimpressed, Jeff walks out.

Grace and Anissa walk home from a baby and see girls jump-roping. Anissa joins in as Grace applauds, and afterward Grace says that she admires Anissa's spontaneity and thirst for life. She tells Anissa that she always respects her privacy, and Anissa says that she doesn't want to fight with her. Grace's eyes change color and Anissa notices, and Grace turns away for a moment, faking a coughing spell. When she turns back, her eyes are back to normal. Anissa says that she wants Grace to meet her family and invites her to dinner. The tattoos on Grace' arms move, and Grace abruptly says that she can't ever go to dinner and walks off, leaving Anissa to wonder what she did.

Todd shows Tobias that the Masters of Disaster were blacked-out Leavenworth prisoners who were former agents who committed war crimes. Tobias congratulates him on his work and leaves.

The Pierces go to Khalil's funeral and sit in the car, and Bill texts Jeff that Yuri had diplomatic immunity and has returned to Markovia. Anissa texts Grace and says that she'll come by to talk later. Jennifer says that she can't see Khalil lowered into the ground, and figures that if she stays in the car then it won't be real. Jeff tells her that she's still a Pierce and they say yes because they're loyal to the memories of the people they love. Jennifer agrees and they go to the grave. Nichelle is crying over her son's coffin and Jennifer comforts her.

Later, Anissa enters Grace's apartment and discovers that she's moved out, taking her things with her.

Tobias tells Todd to release the Masters. Todd warns that they were homicidal killers and admits that he doesn't know how long it will take to activate them. Tobias knows who does and says that they'll have to make Jace a permanent guest.

Jennifer stands at Khalil's coffin as they lower it into the ground, and promises that she's going to put Tobias in the ground just like Khalil. As she walks away, Odell watches from the trees.

Written by Gadfly on Feb 5, 2019

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