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The Book of Secrets: Chapter Three: Pillar of Fire Recap

In the sanctum, Jeff and Peter monitor Jennifer in an energy chamber as she generates energy while wearing a suit. When she tries to power down, she overloads the circuits. Peter says that the sanctum's power grid is protected against a nuclear bomb, and warns that Jennifer is extremely more powerful. Jeff wonders if she's stable enough to keep her powers in check. Jennifer points out that she knows how to read lips and sarcastically thanks him for his vote of confidence.

Lynn is working in the lab when Odell comes in unannounced. She asks where Jace is, and Odell says that he wants to offer her a million-dollar grant and a position at Bowman College if she'll help move the pod kids. Lynn insists that she's not for sale and demands the truth about what the ASA is doing. He finally says that the Markovians have been running an unsanctioned metahuman program for decades. They stockpiled dozens of viable metas and put them in safekeeping, and they came to Freeland because the Proctor Green Light situation made news and Lynn along with it. She's close to stabilizing the metas, and the Markovians want her research to stabilize their own metas. They plan to acquire every meta in Freeland or kill them. Lynn agrees to help move the pod kids as long as Duke keeps Jace away from her, and Odell leaves.

Anissa goes back to Grace's apartment and looks around, and finds a photo of Grace and her family. She also finds a pill on the phone.

Bill shows Peter a room where four heavy pod-shaped objects were moved. Peter can't confirm that they're pods or not, and warns that if they're pods then he hasn't seen them. He checks for radiation and figures that the objects that were moved are power sources.

Cutter tells Tobias that Jace gave them enough serum to bring one meta out of stasis. Jace also provided watches that let them control the brain implants in the MOD metas. Tobias picks one meta to be brought out of stasis: Marcus Bishop, who can control and emit vibrations. Cutter injects Marcus with the serum, and he wakes up and attacks Cutter. She throws a knife at him and he blocks it with a vibration shield. Cutter telekinetically tries to push the blade at Marcus, but he flips it around and pushes it toward her. Tobias uses the watch to shut Marcus down, and says that things just got a lot more interesting.

At the sanctum, Anissa tries to identify Grace's parents from the photo. Peter comes in and Anissa explains what she's doing. She says that she thought everything was going great between her and Grace, but then Grace disappeared and she hopes Grace's parents can tell her why their daughter left in a hurry. Anissa admits that what she and Grace had is deeper than dating, and asks Peter to help her analyze the pill that she found.

At Garfield, Jeff dismisses his class when the bill rings. One student, Tavon, tells Jeff that what Lowry is doing isn't right. He says that the students and teachers agree, and Jeff tells Tavon that he wasn't there for Garfield and Lowry is. Tavon reminds him that he's said that Garfield is a place for second chances and asks where his second chance is. Once Tavon leaves, Napier comes in and tells Jeff the video of the sit-in went viral and doesn't paint Garfield in the best light. The board is getting crucified in the court of social media, and Napier says that he might be able to get Jeff's old job back.

Odell tells Lynn that they're moving the pods, and she says that they can speed up their recovery and permanently revive them. The agent says that they don't have time and they're moving the pods the next day.

Cutter finds Tobias talking to the painting of his sister Tori. He says that they were "talking" about how far they came, and that Tori is happy that Cutter is back in her life. Cutter wonders why he called her for the job, and Tobias says that he trusts her and she's the best at what she does. Tori trusted Cutter, and Tobias asks Cutter why she took the job. She says that she was tired of being a solitary hunter, and they kiss. An alarm goes off announcing that the ASA is moving the pods, and potentially breaking the connection between the briefcase and the pods. Tobias tells Cutter that they're going in.

That night at home, Jeff is watching a newscast about human rights groups protesting the Markovian experiments. Lynn tells Jeff that she didn't have any choice but to help Odell move the pods, and he assures her that they'll survive it. His wife says that she's found a way to stabilize a way to pod kids using a derivative of Looker's silver element. Jeff tells her that Lowry's job is in jeopardy and there's an emergency closed-board meeting at Garfield the next day and he's going to testify to Lowry's character... and could get the job back.

Tobias wakes up a chained-up Marcus and explains who he is, and that Marcus has been frozen for 25 years. Marcus breaks free of the chains, but Tobias says that he can knock him out for good using the watch remote. He tells Marcus to sit down and Tobias does so. Tobias says that he's not with the ASA, and Marcus figures that he delivers nothing but pain. The crime lord promises that if Marcus completes the task he has for him, he'll play him well. He wants a partner and asks Marcus if he'll accept.

Jace asks Odell when Lynn will join them, and Odell says that she won't and she'll remain in ASA custody to keep her safe from the Markovians. He also wants Jace close in case the Markovians kill or abduct Lynn.

Jennifer thanks Anissa for letting her stay at her apartment for a couple of days. Anissa agrees with Jeff that Tobias is dangerous but figures that they need a plan. She assures her younger sister that she isn't going to let her go against Tobias alone, but they have to stay low because of the Markovians. Jennifer asks if Anissa has tracked Grace down yet, and Anissa says that she's worried about her girlfriend. After a moment, Jennifer tells her that Grace may not be in danger and left because she decided things between her and Anissa were too seriously. Peter texts Anissa and she leaves for the sanctum after telling Jennifer not to go anywhere.

Lynn tells an assistant to prep a pod kid for transfer, and the assistant says that she needs to get Odell's permission. Despite that, Lynn says that she has complete autonomy over the kids and the assistant goes to do what she said.

A masked Jennifer approaches two dealers at a club and demands to know where Tobias is. She tortures one of them with his powers, and he says that there's a man who knows.

The next day, Jeff and Lowry go to the board meeting. Out in the hallway, Lowry figures that Jeff will eventually lose his job again due to negligence. He says that Jeff isn't the right person for the job, and insists that he won't coddle the students. Jeff insists that Garfield was built to help the kids, but Lowry insists that the students need consistency and someone who won't disappear on them.

Anissa arrives at the sanctum and Peter tells her that technically Grace doesn't exist. Grace's real name is Shay Li Wylde, and the photo is from one of the foster homes she went to as a child. She went into a prostitute ring that was broken up by ICE, and she turned up in Freeland as Grace. Anissa figures that they've all kept secrets and still wants to find her.

The board asks Jeff for his opinion on Lowry. Jeff considers everything that has happened and his responsibilities to Garfield, and tells the board that people are reacting to the video, not Lowry. He says that Lowry isn't likable but he deserves the opportunity to implement his program before he's assessed. Napier asks if he wants his school back, and Jeff says that he does but the students need stability and he believes Lowry can give it to them.

Jennifer goes to the abandoned Seahorse Motel and the man she's looking for is waiting for her with more gangers.

At the sanctum, Peter tells Anissa that the pill is a mega dose of a medication used to treat schizophrenia. They hear a police report about a young masked girl at the Seahorse, and Jennifer realizes that it's Jennifer.

Jennifer uses her powers on the gangers and demands to know where Tobias is. The man she's questioning says that he wouldn't tell her even if he knew, because Tobias would kill him like he did Khalil. Jennifer's powers overload and she passes out, and Thunder arrives and takes the man out, then carries Jennifer away.

A masked Cutter and Marcus go into the ASA and take out the guards, Marcus stunning them and Cutter shooting them. Jace spots them on the surveillance cameras.

Lynn is in the medbay working with one of the unconscious pod kids, Wendy.

Jace engages the emergency lockdown and smiles. Lynn is trapped in the medbay and sees Cutter and Marcus coming on the monitors. She calls Jeff and manages to send out a warning before the line goes dead.

Marcus and Cutter find Jace and Marcus recognizes her. Cutter uses the remote device to immobilize Marcus before he can kill Jace, and removes the tracking bracelet from Jace's ankle. Jace tells them that they have pods to collect.

Napier talks to Jeff afterward, furious that he sided with Lowry. Jeff says that there's too much in his life and the students deserve more than he can give them. Napier tells Jeff not to expect any more favors and walks off. Jeff plays back Lynn's message.

Jennifer wakes up in the sanctum and Anissa tells her what happened. She's happy that Jennifer is okay and hugs her. Jeff calls Anissa and says that the ASA warehouse is under attack. Peter tells her to go while she stays with Jeff.

Lynn wakes up Wendy and says that they have to get out. She asks the girl to blast through the doors. B lack Lightning and Thunder arrive, and Black Lighting deflects the door as Wendy blasts it out. Thunder tells Lynn that the intruders got away with the pods. They go back to the sanctum and Peter says that Perenna took Jennifer home to get some rest.

In Perenna's mental safe space, Perenna tells Jennifer that if her rage goes unchecked then she will literally explode.

Peter has found a reference to in his old metahuman files to Marcus, who was code-named "Shakedown". The ASA tried to turn violent criminals into metas, and Marcus and his three teammates were part of the Masters of Disaster. Jeff wonders where Marcus and the other Masters are.

Jace tells Tobias that it will take her a few weeks to revive the Masters, and some may die. She expects to be compensated as well, noting that Tobias will be the most powerful meta arms dealer in the world.

Later, Tobias finds Cutter in his office drinking his scotch. She says that she got Jace and Todd got a new car. Tobias congratulates her and takes her to his bedroom.

As Todd drives his car through the streets, his car explodes.

Written by Gadfly on Feb 12, 2019

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