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Cause and XS Recap

Cisco brings up Kamilla's web page and looks at the photos that she's taken, and wonders if she's too good. An alert comes up and Cisco confirms that he created the meta cure. Another alert goes off and Cisco stares at the screen in shock.

Later, Cisco tells the team that it will take a month to create the cure. Barry points out that they can't wait that along, but Caitlin and Cisco tell him that they have to wait. Sherloque suggests that they take the cure into the Speed Force and then come out the same day that he left, using superluminal particles. Caitlin determines that it would narrow it down to 60 minutes, and Sherloque suggests that they do it immediately since Cicada has been active. Barry takes the cure to the accelerator. Nora goes after him and points out that the city will be Flash-less. He assures her that she can handle it, and says that Iris is fine after her encounter with Orlin. Barry tells Nora to trust herself and speeds into the tube.

Ralph finds Nora and asks if Cisco has left for his date yet. She says that she hasn't, and they go into the cortex. Ralph says that Cisco has finished getting over Gypsy, and now it's time for his guidance. Caitlin, Sherloque, and Iris quickly leave, and Ralph begins advising Cisco on dating. Nora tries to say Cisco has something to do, but Ralph persists and reveals that he brought up Kamilla's web page. He warns that Cisco is nothing like the guys Kamilla is into and walks off, and Cisco refuses to let Ralph get into his head... and then reviews the information anyway. He tells Nora that she saw nothing and leaves with the info. Once she's alone Nora checks the clock and waits for Barry to return.

At her office, Iris works on a story and hears something outside. She looks out the window and sees Cicada in the window reflection, and he knocks her out

Cisco, wearing a suit, arrives late at Jitters to meet Kamilla, and says that he was held up at a meeting. She wonders why he's wearing a suit when he works in a lab, and Cisco claims that he's a science businessman. Cisco tries to joke about it without success, and makes up the name of the company: Ramone Industries. Kamilla says that it's not very humble and Cisco goes to get coffee.

Iris wakes up on a rooftop, tied to a chair, and Orlin tells her that he knows who she is and she works with the other heroes. He says that tonight he's going to beat her and the other heroes.

As they drink coffee, Cisco gets a distress call on his phone and asks Kamilla for a do-over. She walks off without a word.

Nora sits in the cortex reading her journal and looking at the clock. The Iris alert goes off, and Ralph and Caitlin run in.

On the rooftop, Cicada sees XS running toward the building and throws his dagger into the sky. XS speeds up with Killer Frost, and the dagger comes back and hits Killer Frost in the back, killing her. Cicada pulls the dagger to his hand and XS speeds away, traveling back in time. She arrives at STAR Labs and Ralph asks if Cisco has left for his date yet. Nora realizes that she's gone back into the past, and mutters that she has to fix it. Ralph starts talking to Cisco about his date, and Nora speeds off. She catches up to Iris and tells her that she shouldn't go to her office and work in the lab where it's "cozy". Iris agrees and Nora goes to make coffee, while Cisco sees a photo of Kamilla with a man in a gym t-shirt holding her and takes it with him.

Cicada goes to Iris' office and discovers that she isn't there. He activates his dagger.

In his detective office, Ralph is going through his files and his powers fails. He looks up and sees Cicada, who knocks him unconscious.

Cisco arrives at the bar dressed like the man in the photo, and says that he just came from a workout. He fakes being a gym rat, and Kamilla points out that he said she was a scientist and she thought she had met a guy who was more interested in flexing his brains than his muscles.

Ralph wakes up on the rooftop and Orlin tells him that he knows who he is. He says that tonight he's going to beat Team Flash.

As Cisco reaches for his coffee, he gets a vibe vision of the waitress complaining about him to a co-worker. Cisco gets a distress call on his phone and asks Kamilla for a do-over. She walks off without a word.

At the cortex, the alarm goes off warning that Ralph is in danger. XS and Killer Frost arrive there and Cicada throws his dagger. It boomerangs back and Ralph yells a warning to XS and Killer Frost. XS gets Killer Frost out of the way and the dagger hits Ralph, killing him.

XS speeds away, traveling back in time. She arrives at STAR Labs and Ralph asks if Cisco has left for his date yet. Nora realizes that she's gone back into the past again, and mutters that she has to fix it. She goes through her journal, trying to remember what happened the last two times. Ralph starts talking to Cisco about his date, and Nora suggests that Iris write the article there and make her coffee. Iris agrees, and Nora tells Cisco to read the information on Kamilla while she stays with Ralph and they have coffee. Cisco has a vibe vision of being with Kamilla at Jitters in the previous timelines. He tells Sherloque that he's having déjà vu, and Sherloque notes his comment. Cisco glances at the time and leaves.

Sherloque breaks into Iris' office and tries to figure out why Nora doesn't want Iris to come there. He realizes that she's time traveled and starts to call the lab, just as Cicada knocks him out.

Cisco arrives at Jitters claiming that he came from a photoshoot. He claims that he's a social media influencer, and has a vibe vision of their previous dates. Cisco repeats her next words about thinking he was a scientist, and tells her that he's having déjà vu. Kamilla goes to get them coffee.

At the lab, Nora gets Iris and Ralph coffee.

At the waitress brings coffee, Cisco says that his phone is going to ring with an alert. It goes off and he says that he'd ask Kamilla for a do-over but something tells him that he already has. Cisco walks off, leaving a puzzled Nora behind.

The Sherloque alert goes off, and Nora tells Iris and Ralph that she'll handle it without Killer Frost. Before XS can get there, Vibe breaches in and Cicada's boomeranging dagger kills him. XS arrives and wonders why she can't fix it. She speeds away, traveling back in time, and arrives at STAR Labs. She wonders why she can't go back any further, and her and Ralph go into the cortex. Nora responds to everyone's questions before they ask, and then speeds them all into the lounge and says that they all have to stay there for one hour. As they argue, Cisco has a vibe vision of the previous timelines and Nora insists that they stay there.

Cicada breaks into Iris' office and finds photos of Iris with her friends.

Cisco texts Kamilla that he can't make it.

As the team play cards, the Cecile alert goes off. Nora tells everyone to stay there and speeds to the rooftop where Cicada has tied up Cecile... and killed her with his dagger. XS speeds away, traveling back in time, and arrives at STAR Labs. Ralph comes up and Nora says that she was supposed to protect them but doesn't know how. She speeds into the accelerator and catches up to Barry, but is unable to enter the Speed Force with him.

Nora goes into the cortex and discovers that the team has already learned from Cisco that Nora keeps reversing time. She admits that she can't fix it, and says that at least one of them dies each time. Cisco figures that he's vibing the past hour over and over, and they figure that it's a fixed point in time. Nora explains that nothing she does works, and goes to the pipeline alone. Cisco joins her and says that he's died before in a past timeline. Nora wonders what happens if they can't fix it, and Cisco says that sometimes they fail because they worry about not failing. He explains that he doesn't feel free to be himself around Kamilla, and just needs to be himself. Nora realizes that she has to talk to the others so they can come up with an alternative.

When the team review what happened, Sherloque suggests that they use Cicada's dagger against him. They have to slow down Nora and take the fight to Cicada.

Cicada breaks into Iris' office and leaves when he sees that she's not there. He goes to the rooftop, and Iris steps out and figures that he knows who she is. She tells him that she's going to beat him, and XS speeds toward the building. Cicada throws his dagger into the sky, and Vibe, Killer Frost, and Elongated breach in and attack Cicada. The dagger flies at Elongated Man's head... and then reverses as XS arrives, reversing time. She speeds through a pair of breaches that Vibe has created, and shoves Cicada into the path of his own dagger as it boomerangs back.

Time flows normally again and Vibe, Killer Frost, and Elongated Man arrive. Cicada leaps away, and XS sighs in relief.

Back at STAR Labs, Iris confirms that there's no trace of Orlin's dark matter. Nora suggests that the next time she can slow down time on her own, and proposes that Cisco go on his date with Kamilla. Ralph and Caitlin tell him that he can handle it and Cisco leaves. Barry arrives with the serum and realizes that something happened while he was gone.

At Jitters, Cisco arrives and tells Kamilla that he had an emergency at work. He admits that he's a tech nerd and enthusiastically describes his work. Cisco called in their coffee orders ahead of his time using his knowledge of the past to get what she wants, and tells Kamilla that he screwed up showing up late and asks for a do-over. This time Kamilla agrees.

Nora tells Barry what happened. Barry warns that there are consequences to time travel and destroys a coffee cup to show that no matter how hard they try and fix it, it will never be exactly the same. He says that they never can know whose lives they will affect and no one can change time.

Sherloque starts translating the symbols in Nora's journal.

Nora travels to 2049 and asks if they're making things worse. He angrily says that Nora should stick with the plan, follow her instructions, defeat Cicada, and destroy his dagger. once she does that, they will save Barry.

Written by Gadfly on Feb 13, 2019

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