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13 Stitches Recap

Jim runs through the alleyways, and Edward shoots at him. As Jim takes cover, Edward tells him that trying to run is ill-advised. Jim keeps running and when Edward reaches where Jim was hiding, he sees a trail of blood from where Jim was hit by flying glass from a windshield.

As Jim climbs into an abandoned ambulance to get bandages for his wound, Edward comes in. Jim disarms him and they fight, and Jim finally hits Edward in the head with the electric paddles.

Oswald goes into his office and his dog Edward sniffs at the entrance to Oswald's underground bunker. When Oswald goes down, he finds a young thief going through his things. She tries to run and Oswald fires a warning shot into the air. The woman stops and says that she followed the thieves back there. He prepares to shoot her, and the woman--Magpie--reveals the Russifer Diamond and a replica she was going to replace it with. She tosses it to Oswald and it heats up. Magpie runs and when the item blows up, she makes her escape.

Edward wakes up and discovers that Jim has tied him up. Jim tells him that he tried to kill him, and asks what Walker plans to do next. Edward says that he doesn't remember anything when he's under, and insists that he's not responsible for what Walker forces him to do using the chip. Jim drags Edward along with him.

At the station, Alfred finds Bruce and realizes that things didn't work out with Selina. Angel and his men are mobilizing, and Bruce points out that the city needs food and medicine, not guns. Albert recognizes the tattoo on one soldier and says that the group specializes in coups and revolutions. Bruce asks when the food is coming, and Angel vaguely says that it's on its way. When Bruce asks where Jim is, Angel tells him that they lost sight of him but Eduardo is out there looking for him. Angel insists that they wait for Jim in a quiet spot in the place. When two of the soldiers take them in the back, Bruce and Alfred knock them out and go to find Jim.

Jim takes Edward to Sirens and explains what happened to Barbara. Barbara says that Bruce called her on the radio and said that things are amiss at the GCP. She can't spare her own people but volunteers her services. Edward wants to help as well, saying that they messed with his brain and he wants revenge. He explains that Strange was fixing the chip and figures that Jim shorted the chip out. Barbara checks Jim's neck injuries and offers her help. When Jim refuses, she says that if she wanted to betray him she would have done it earlier. Edward excuses himself, and Jim admits that he doesn't know when he will trust Barbara.

Eduardo and his men enter the club, gun s drawn. He says that the city is infested with criminals and terrorists, and Jim tells him that he won't let him kill them. As Eduardo and his men prepare to shoot Jim, Eduardo comes in holding a knife and fakes being under the chip. Edward winks at Jim, who says that he has evidence. Eduardo tells Edward to stand town, and Jim says that he has evidence that Eduardo and Walker are behind the Haven bombing and will be released if he dies. Considering, Eduardo figures that he's bluffing and tells Edward to kill them both. Edward throws his knife into one soldier's head, and then he and Jim duck behind the bar. Barbara gives them guns, and they open fire on the soldiers and then get out.

Oswald goes to an old building and two men run past him, screaming. Continuing, Oswald finds Selina in the room they emerged from. There are two severed fingers on the table, and Selina explains that they wanted a shot at her for killing Jeremiah. She says that every scumbag in town wants to take her down to make a name for themselves. Oswald offers to let her crash in City Hall if she helps him find Magpie. Selina wonders why she should help him after he killed Tabitha, and Oswald reminds her that Tabitha killed his mother and Selina understands vengeance. Selina agrees to help if she keeps the diamond. Oswald refuses, and tells him that every person in Gotham will think that it's okay to steal from him. Oswald has no choice but to agree.

Back at the station, Eduardo tells Angel that he wants everyone out looking for Jim. When Angel says that the cells are overflowing, Eduardo has the prisoners released and guns several of them down. When Harvey objects, Eduardo aims his gun at him and tells him not to question him. Walker calls Eduardo on the radio, and he tells her that they've moved to Phase 2 but Jim is free and has fried Edward's chip. Walker says that she has an idea that will bring Jim and Edward to them.

Bruce, Alfred, and Lucius meet with Jim, Barbara, and Edward. Lucius removes the chip and then uses a laptop to check it for anything tying Eduardo and Walker to Haven. He starts to trace the verbal order to Edward to blow up Haven to Walker's computer.

Eduardo calls Jim on the radio and brings in a tied-up Lee. She asks what's happening, and Jim realizes who it is, and Eduardo says that all criminals in Gotham are under a death sentence. He offers Lee for Edward, and Jim agrees. Jim says that they'll make the exchange at Haven and Eduardo agrees.

Jim figures that Eduardo wants the chip, and Lucius says that he needs a large antenna to send the chip information to the mainland newspaper. There's an antenna on the top of the GCPD.

Harvey and the other officers are locked up. He calls Lee over, and she says that she can't remember what happened in the last several months. Eduardo takes Lee to the rendezvous.

Jim is at Haven and radios to the others, warning that Eduardo has backup. Bruce and the others move out.

Eduardo and two of his men bring Lee with them, and Jim says that he knows that Eduardo wants the chip and shows it to him. Jim asks if he needs three men to handle him, and continues taunting Eduardo. He says that Eduardo's recklessness got men killed, and recites the names of the people that Eduardo got killed. Eduardo tosses down his gun and says that he's going to shut up Jim once and for all.

Oswald and Selina go to Magpie's hideout and find it filled with all of the items that she's stolen. Magpie tries to run, and Selina trips her with her whip. Magpie figures that she could be famous by killing Selina, and Oswald aims his gun at him. The thief says that the place is filled with bombs, and tosses an old watch to Oswald. He drops it and Magpie runs out, then calls through the door that the watch was an original but the other items in there are rigged to explode.

Edward walks into the station wearing an anti-bomb suit and carrying a briefcase bomb. He explains the situation to Angel and his men, and suggests that they play a game. He warns that if anyone tries to leave, the bomb will blow up. Edward explains that a four-digit code is the only way to disarm the bomb, and recites a riddle. The numeric answer to the riddle is the answer, and the bomb will go off in two minutes.

Bruce climbs up to the GCPD rooftop, and Lucius radios instructions to him from the ventilator room. Alfred and Barbara join him, and Lucius tells them that they have to wait for exhaust fans to stop before they reverse them and use the gas. Bruce opens up the antenna box, and a soldier comes out and spots him. The man draws his gun and Bruce jumps him.

Jim and Eduardo fight and knock each other down. Eduardo says that the destruction is on Jim because Walker was close to getting the military to move in. Jim set up Haven, demonstrating that the criminal element wasn't so frightening so Haven had to come down. Jim wonders what Walker wants, and Eduardo says that they were an acceptable loss. Jim tackles Eduardo, and one of Eduardo's men pulls him off and beats him. Eduardo tells his man to stop, and then orders both his men to take Lee out back and shoot her. Jim picks up a gun and shoots one of the soldiers, and the other man runs off with Lee. Eduardo comes up behind Jim and stabs him in the shoulder.

Bruce finally takes down the soldier and goes back to the antenna. Lucius gives him instructions on how to hook up the transmitter. Bruce sends the recording of Walker's orders.

Edward says that there's one minute until the bomb explodes. Harvey yells that he knows the answer: zero. Angel goes over and enters zero into the bomb, disarming it. The soldiers open fire on Edward, knocking him down despite his protective suit. Gas pumps in and everyone collapses except Edward, who gets a gas mask from his helmet and puts it on.

Eduardo beats Jim and says that he and his men were taken to the prison at Pena Dura. The U.S. government left them to die, and Eduardo was the only one who survived. Walker found him, got her out, and gave him purpose. Jim fights back and shoves Eduardo back onto a piece of rebar. Gunshots ring out, and Jim runs to check on Lee. When he gets there, he finds Lee holding a gun and standing over the soldier's body.

As they look around Magpie's hideout, Selina figures that the diamond is worth something on the mainland and Oswald has more of them. She realizes that he's leaving Gotham, and Oswald congratulates her on figuring it out. He says that he's done all he can in Gotham and there's nothing left for him there anymore. Selina wants in, saying that she just wants to be herself rather than the person who killed Jeremiah. Oswald agrees if she gets them out of there, and she kicks open the door, pointing out that Magpie said things in the room were rigged but not the bomb itself.

Jim arrives at the station and has Alvarez take Lee to his office. Bruce says that they sent the audio logs, and he and Alfred will spend the night to help Jim out. Barbara wonders where Lee has been but Edward doesn't care.

In Jim's office, Jim tells Lee that he'd hoped she got out of Gotham. The last thing she remembers is Jeremiah destroying the bridges three months ago. Jim wonders why she didn't leave the city, and says that they're cut off and there's no help. He talks about how he pretended to know what do to give the people help, and now he's lost. Lee assures him that it's okay and maybe they can help each other. She remembers going back to the Narrows and fighting with Edward, and he stabbed her. Lee stabbed him back and then she was at someplace like a hospital.

A scavenger finds Eduardo, still impaled on the rebar. Walker walks up and Eduardo wakes up. She says that the press have the audio transmission, and tells him that there's more for him to do and Strange will have him fixe dup in no time. She puts a respirator mask on him and tells him that there was another operative besides Edward. Walker triggers a remote.

In the office, Lee picks up a knife and advances on Jim, saying that it's time for him to die. He manages to shock her with a live lamp cord.

Alfred returns with supplies and walks out onto the street. He hears a noise and draws a gun, but Jeremiah grabs him from behind and knocks him out with a drug injection. Satisfied, Jeremiah says that he has a job for Alfred.

Selina and Oswald find Magpie in Oswald's vault. She set off a bobby trap that Oswald left for her, and shoots her dead. He tells Selina that it's a reminder of what happens when people try to steal from him.

Jim calls Harvey in and tells him what happened. They figure that Walker has other backup plans. Lee wakes up, and Barbara comes in and sees Jim with Lee. She tells Jim that they had a good time the other night, announces that she's pregnant, and leaves. Lee looks at Jim and Harvey offers congratulations.

At the manor, Jeremiah wakes Alfred up and says that Bruce will be along shortly. He tells Alfred to start cleaning up the place, and says that he got off the island by digging a tunnel under the rifer. Jeremiah smiles and says that today is the big day.

Written by Gadfly on Feb 15, 2019

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