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Tabula Rasa (2) Recap

As the android duplicates Superman's physiology, Batman arrives and uses green kryptonite to drive the android off. It flees and returns to Lex, who is trying to rebuild his suit with Mercy's help. Lex convinces the now-skeptical android to once more try and kill the League.

In the rematch Amazo "adapts" and overcomes his kryptonite weakness. He fights the League to a standstill and when Lex arrives on the scene with his rebuilt battlesuit, the League (minus Wonder Woman and J'onn) are defeated.

In the forest, J'onn realizes not all humans are flawed when he scans a search party looking for a lost girl. J'onn finds the girl and accepts his heroic role once more. He and Wonder Woman (searching for him) arrive and he goads their opponent into duplicating his powers--the android uses them to read Lex's mind and realizes Luthor never cared for him. With no other choice, Lex activates a remote detonator and triggers a pre-planted explosive in the android's head. It fails to destroy the creature, however. It takes Lex's suit apart and then "adapts" the powers of the cosmos and departs, leaving a worried League.

Written by Gadfly on Feb 18, 2019

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