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Monsters Recap

Two Months Ago

John and Clarice lie in bed, and John asks what's wrong. Clarice finally says that she's been running her entire life, and now that she's with him she feels happy. She admits that sometimes she feels like she doesn't deserve to be happy because she's made a lot of decisions in her life, and John finally convinces her to talk. Clarice says that when she was with the Brotherhood, she'd create a portal to the stars and wish shew as elsewhere. John has her do so, and Clarice talks about portaling to the spaces between everything. He says that they all came to the Underground because they need redemption, and that she should always stay there with him.


Caitlin drives the SUV through the city and get off the road into a parking garage. The occupants get out of the SUV and Caitlin says that they have to split up and get out of the city. The police pull in and they have no choice but to run. Lauren goes with Caitlin, and an officer shoots at them just missing.

John tells Erg that it's his fault that Clarice died. Erg says that Clarice made the choice to join the Morlocks, and says that John drove them to her. John clenches his fist and after a moment, punches Erg back. Erg absorbs the energy and John tells him to blast him. The child Erg saved runs over to him, and Erg gets control of himself, says that he's sorry, and leaves.

Reeva tells the Inner Circle that the moment that they've been waiting for has arrived. They are ready to split into two nations, humans and mutants, and one last push will accomplish their goal. Reeva says that they're going to destroy government buildings. When Lorna asks if they can get past the security, the Frost triplets say that they have their ways. Reeva tells the Inner Circle that they'll be receiving their assignments that night and should prepare themselves.

Reed and Marcos arrive at the rendezvous with the Morlocks. Lorna calls Marcos and says that she was almost caught and Reeva killed Sage. Marcos explains about the Purifier attack and says that Lorna should go, and Lorna insists that she's going to stay and find out what she can. Reed asks about Andy, and Lorna warns that Andy believes in what Reeva is doing. Desperate, Reed begs Lorna to bring his son home.

Ted tells the police what they did and then tells Jace that he offered the Purifiers' help. Jace is clearly having second thoughts, and tells Ted that he was expecting to see a terrorist camp but there children there. Ted says that if the kids grew up then they'd become the same monsters that killed their children. Jace doesn't believe it, and Ted tells him to go back to his hotel and clear his head.

Andy visits Lorna in her room and asks why she's going out with him on scouting that night. Lorna assures him that she knows he can handle himself, and says that she wants to see what they're doing. As Andy turns to go, Lorna tells him that they'll be dropping real buildings with real people inside. Andy says that Lorna taught him that sometimes sacrifices have to be made and he learned it from when she ripped the plane out of the sky. Lorna tells him that it wasn't easy and the scars stay with them, and Andy says that then he'll have a few scars.

Marcos and Reed drive back to the evacuation spot and find John punching the alley wall. Marcos goes over and John says that he can't leave Clarice. He explains what happened to Clarice and that he can still feel her. Meanwhile, Reed goes further down the alleyway and sees two Purifiers at the other end. He hides and they move on, and Ted comes up behind Reed and tells him to put his hands up. When Reed does so, Ted wonders why he's hiding, and Reed says that he heard sirens and came out to see if it was safe. Ted accepts his story but then sees Reed's hand glowing. When Ted goes for his gun, Ted grabs it and disintegrates it. Ted says that they won't stop until the Purifiers wipe out all of the mutants, Reed grabs him by the throat and disintegrates him.

Reed runs over and tells John and Marcos that there are Purifiers nearby. John knocks Marcos away with his strength, and Marcos blinds him with a light blast and asks what Clarice would do. The leader reluctantly leaves as Reed looks at his hands.

Caitlin and Lauren slip through a chained gate and come to an empty water treatment plant. As they look for a way in, Lauren asks her mother if she knew that the Morlocks running would cover their own escape. Caitlin insists that they had to split up to avoid escape, and tells Lauren that she hates it but people are depending on them and they have to get through it. She breaks a window and they go into the building.

At the apartment, Marcos checks the building and confirms that Lauren and Caitlin aren't there. John imagines Clarice being there, and Reed asks him to track Lauren and Caitlin. He says that he can only see Clarice, and Reed starts to lose control of his power again.

The Inner Circle drives off to a sewage tunnel near the train yard, and Andy talks about a student he learned about trains from. They arrive and enter the tunnel, and the Frosts stay behind while Reeva leads the others to a wall neighboring the SS HQ. Andy asks if he'll be killing them, and says that it's fine when Reeva tells him that he is.

Caitlin and Lauren look for a phone, and the cops arrive outside as a helicopter flies overhead. Lauren can't feel her powers, and Caitlin refuses to surrender.

Marcos, John, and Reed hear nothing on the police scanner, and Reed says that he stopped taking the medicine to control his powers. He asks Marcos if he knew why he got his powers when they first manifested, and Marcos explains that he thought God gave him his abilities. He asks what Reed went through, just as they hear over the scanner that the police are closing in on Caitlin and Lauren. Marcos tells John that he and Reed can handle it and leave.

Polaris, Andy, and Esme return to the Inner Circle HQ and Esme tells them to get some rest. Once Andy leaves, Lorna asks Esme what she's doing. Esme says that she and her sisters will use their powers to make people understand that a mutant homeland is necessary. Lorna asks her if they want people to believe on their own, and Esme says that maybe someday they can and they convinced Lorna, and wishes her good night.

Caitlin opens fire on the police, driving them back, and warns Lauren that she only has three bullets left. Lauren realizes that they're trapped, and Caitlin says that she'll create a distraction while Lauren slips out the back. Lauren refuses, and Caitlin says that her powers will come back and she can change the destiny of the Van Strucker family. Crying, Lauren loses control and releases an energy disc, and Caitlin figures that they can do it together.

Jace watches newscasts of Morlocks raiding stores for food, and stares at the children in the footage.

Marcos and John arrive near the treatment plant and Reed tells Marcos to absorb light to cover them while he gets them through a back wall.

Lorna packs her things and leaves her room. She sees Andy and starts to leave, and then tells him that Lorna is working with the Purifiers. Lorna explains that Reeva wants people angry so she needs the Purifiers to take out the competition. She says that there were mutant families living in the tunnels and the Purifiers wiped them out. Andy is furious that Rebecca died for a lie, and Lorna tells him that they have to stop Reeva if he comes with them. Andy says that he can't leave, figuring his family will never take him back. Lorna tells him that he can't stay there knowing what he knows, and Andy wonders if he belongs there and if he's the teenage student he described earlier.

Marcos gets himself and Reed to the wall, and Reed tries to summon his own power.

The police tell Lauren and Caitlin to come out. As they fire a tear gas grenade in, Lauren bounces it back with a force screen.

Marcos tells Reed that he's letting down his family. When Reed snaps at him, his hands glow and he disintegrates the wall. Lauren and Caitlin hear the noise and run over, and Marcos cloaks them and leads them away. As they drive away, Marcos says that they got lucky. Reed tells Lauren what happened to Clarice. Lorna calls and says that Andy needs to talk to Reed. Andy hesitates and takes the phone, and Reed tells him that what Lorna is telling him is true. Andy says that he can't do that, and says that he saw that Reed was afraid of him when he attacked the man who attacked Lauren. The boy says that he is a monster, and Reed tells him that he does understand and he killed Ted because he wanted to. Andy hangs up and Reed tells Caitlin that he doesn't know if Andy is coming home.

Back at the apartment, Caitlin and Reed pack supplies for the Morlocks. Caitlin tells her husband that if he hadn't killed Ted then he would have warned the others and none of them would have made it out. Reed figures that Andy isn't coming home, and Caitlin says that the important thing is that he told the truth. He wonders if their family and its history is darkness, and Caitlin says that all he can do is show Andy the path.

John asks Marcos if everybody made it. Marcos asks how he is, and John admits that he's not good. Crying, he says that everyone he loves dies, and Marcos assures him that she died saving Morlocks. John figures that he's useless, and Marcos tells him that the real question is if he can fight.

Jace visits Benedict and says that they didn't attack terrorist camp. Benedict says that there will be a mutant attack soon rivaling 7/15, and asks Jace if he wants to help make America safe. He tells Jace that a mutant killed Ted and they have to honor Ted's memory. Benedict says that they need Jace more than ever.

Reed, Caitlin, and Lauren are at the table when there's a knock at the door. It's Andy, who hugs Reed. Caitlin comes over and hugs her son, and after a moment Lauren hugs him as well.

Marcos is praying when Lorna comes in and takes his hand. An aurora forms around them as they kiss.

John stands on the roof sharpening his tomahawk and remembering Clarice. He hears Clarice say his name, but when he turns there's no one there. Marcos, Lorna, and the Struckers come out and Lorna offers her hand to John. After a moment he hugs her.

The Frosts tell Reeva that Lorna and Andy have left, and Esme insists that she's the one who kept Lorna with them as long as she did. Reeva regrets losing two legendary mutant families and now they'll have to kill them.

Written by Gadfly on Feb 20, 2019

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