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Only a Dream (1) Recap

John Dee uses his vast powers to crush the League and win the admiration of super-villains everywhere. . . but it's just his dream--he's a prisoner and a volunteer test subject for an experimental ESP machine called the Materioptikon. Dee is turned down for parole and his girlfriend Penny leaves him.

Meanwhile, the Justice League works to recover escaped prisoners Firefly, Volcana, Luminus, Solomon Grundy, and Copperhead. Batman and Green Lantern investigate Dee's disappearance and find everyone in the prison security asleep. John confronts his girlfriend and attacks her in her dreams, where he reveals his new criminal identity--Dr. Destiny!

As Batman and J'onn investigate the nightmare-plagued comatose girlfriend and gain knowledge of the new Dr. Destiny, the other Justice Leaguers drift off into sleep...

Written by Gadfly on Feb 21, 2019

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