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Only a Dream (2) Recap

In their dreams: 1) the Flash and some children watch the Flash fighting a cartoon Solomon Grundy--the children turn on him and try to eat him. He escapes but finds the entire world frozen because he's moving too fast;

2) Clark is having a date with Lois when his heat vision goes out of control, vaporizing her - his other powers go out of control as well as he kills everyone around him and destroys Metropolis;

3) Green Lantern is trapped in a world where no one knows him or speaks English and he is only an extension of his power ring;

4) Hawkgirl is dropped from the satellite into a graveyard where she is buried alive.

J'onn and Batman bring their comrades to the Watchtower medical bay and J'onn goes into their dreams telepathically. Meanwhile, a fatigued Batman tries to avoid falling sleep while tracking down Dr. Destiny. J'onn manages to convince the others they are in a dream and rallies them to battle Destiny/John in their dreamscapes, while Batman tussles with him in the real world and Destiny inadvertently renders himself unconscious with a knockout drug intended for Batman, trapping him in his own dreams.

Written by Gadfly on Feb 21, 2019

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