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Donkey Patrol Recap

The Doom Patrol watch as Cloverton is sucked into the void that Mr. Nobody created. A cockroach declares that the reckoning is upon them and then gets sucked in.

In the bus, Mr. Nobody breaks the fourth wall and tells Niles that he's slipped through his fingers for the last time. The school bus is dragged toward the void, and one of Jane's personas stops it with super-strength. It flies over her and enters the void, and Jane jumps in despite Cliff's protestations.

After a moment the void disappears, leaving a smoking crater in the middle of Cloverton. Rita insists that Niles will come back and he'll know what to do. Larry says that they're responsible and it's what the world looks like when they try to live in it. He says that they should follow Niles' advice and says that he's going to run as far as possible. Rita tells Cliff that they're not hero and leaves with Larry.

In Detroit, a woman named Patty is taking money out of an ATM. The machine screen asks if the guy behind her is going to rob her, and the guy behind her--Tim--pulls a gun and robs her. The ATM asks how much Tim wants, and when he enters $400 it tells him to think bigger. It asks about his lookout on the corner, and then spews money out. A man, Vic Stone, grabs the lookout and knocks him out. Tim puts his gun to Patty's head, and then the ATM taunts him with Vic's and Tim releases Patty to shoot it. Vic comes up and knocks Tim out, and tells Patty that the cops are on their way. Patty realizes that he's Cyborg, and Vic walks away.

Vic goes to an outside fair, and his father Silas calls. Silas dismisses Vic's heroics, telling him that he's capable of doing better. Vic hangs up and eats, and then scans the police reports. He finds the report about Cloverton, the Doom Patrol's arrival, and the later report that the town is gone.

Five Years Ago, STAR Labs

Silas fixes Vic's cybernetic eye, and Vic asks him what he has planned afterward. His father says that improving his programming is a full-time job. Niles arrives, and he and Vic fist-bump. Silas greets him, saying that he's late, and Niles tosses Vic his new cybernetic eye. Niles says that he's working with fascinating people at Cloverton, people with potential like Vic.


The next day at Doom Manor, Rita cleans up the garbage and starts to lose control of her body. She forces herself back into human form.

Larry goes to a bus station and asks for a ticket to the single most remote place he can get to. She gives him a ticket to Ismay, MT, and goes out to wait for the bus. When it arrives, the energy creature leaves his body and Larry collapses. He wakes up a few minutes later, goes inside, and asks for a ticket to somewhere else. Each time Larry tries, the energy creature leaves his body as he tries to get on the bus. Larry finally asks the energy creature what it wants from him, insisting that he's trying to protect people from it.

In the ruins of Cloverton, the donkey stands among the debris. Cliff tries to chase it down but it keeps running away. Vic arrives and catches it, and introduces himself when Cliff comes over. Cliff complains that Vic is poking his nose into business that doesn't concern him, and Vic asks where Niles is. He's less than thrilled that the Doom Patrol lost Niles, Jane, and the town. The donkey interrupts them by spitting out an unconscious Jane.

Larry returns to Doom Manor and finds Rita using his bandages to wrap up her hand to hold its shape. He says that he ran away because he can't create the energy creature, and Rita admits that she'd run away from herself if she could. Rita says that they don’t have to get involved, just as Cliff and Vic enter the manor with Jane. Vic introduces himself, and Rita figures that he can handle the situation since he's a hero.

The Past

Niles in his wheelchair leads Vic around on his jogging, and Vic explains that Silas figures he can join the Justice League in five years. When he asks Niles why he doesn't participate directly, Niles explains that he works more behind the scenes and invites Vic to come to Doom Manor. When Vic says that he has plans, Niles asks if they're his plans or Silas'.


When Jane wakes up, Cliff asks her what happened to Niles as Vic comes in. Another persona takes over and says that Jane isn't there, and then Hammerhead tells Cliff that he doesn't care about Niles. She screams and hits herself in the head repeatedly, and then her persona Scarlet Harlot invites Cliff to touch her. Then Hammerhead and Penny Farthing switch in, and then Baby Doll oohs and ahhs over Vic. She's scared by Cliff and Vic assures Cliff that he's got it.

Cliff goes to the lab and finds Niles' collection of VHS tapes from when he was working with Jane. Jane talks the Underground and how vast it is, and Niles asks her to have the Hangman's Beautiful Daughter sketch it so he can understand. Cliff finds the sketch on the wall, which shows a vast clockwork engine and a subway map.

Vic projects movies of kittens for Baby Doll. He asks her about what happened to Niles, and she says that he wouldn't understand.

On the tapes, Niles asks where Katy is. Jane says that the ones like Katy keep to themselves.

Vic tells Baby Doll to focus, and she says that Katy saw something. He asks to talk to Katy.

On the tape, Jane says that Katy doesn't like to be interrogated. The machine's electrical system goes haywire, and Cliff takes the elevator up to where Vic and Jane are.

Vic insists on talking to Katy, and Jane glows with energy and floats into the air. She flies after Vic when he runs out, and Vic summons an energy shield from his arm to protect himself. Cliff arrives on the elevator and knocks Vic through a wall, and tells him not to harm Jane. Katy switches to Lucy Fugue and blasts both men with electricity. Cliff recovers and tries to get through to Jane, who switches to Hammerhead and punches him back.

Larry goes to Rita's room and asks her to join him outside as Cliff goes flying by. Rita agrees, while Hammerhead goes after Cliff and keeps punching him, then switches to Silvertongue and throws her words at him. They hit the wall, just missing him, and Cliff asks if Jane is in the Underground. She asks what he knows about the Underground, and Cliff admits that it's not much and offers to help her. Vic tackles Jane and tosses her into an insulated room, and complains that Cliff wasn't handling the situation.

As the donkey eats grass outside the manor, Larry and Rita sit nearby and Larry admits that he can't get what happened out of his head. Rita points out that they're the ones who don't do anything, but Larry wonders if the donkey is a door. Vic joins them and they wonder if the donkey is a door to a different dimension. He discovers that the donkey's mouth is a keyhole and it's a door to where Niles and Cloverton are trapped. Rita refuses to go into its mouth and goes into the manor. She finds Cliff, who opens the door to Jane's cell. Jane is lying unconscious on the floor, and Cliff worries that she's getting worse. He admits that he's powerless, and Rita goes to find a trash bag.

Once Rita finds a trash bag, she takes it outside and insists that they never speak of what she's about to do. She then gets into the trash bag and "blobs", and Vic and Larry put her up to the donkey's mouth. She says that they're all inside the donkey, but then gets pulled in. Vic and Larry are pulled in as well, and they land in a river. Crude crosses are up with pictures of the town's population on them, and there are three poles with the trio's names on them as well as tour headsets. They put on the headsets and Mr. Nobody greets them. He explains that they're in a museum and will be recreating a search for Niles. Mr. Nobody narrates what they're doing and tells them to continue onward. The trio finally continue onward.

At the manor, Cliff makes a PB&J for Jane and remembers doing the same for Clara when he had human hands. He breaks the plate with his strength, and then pushes it and the sandwich through the slot in the door. Baby Doll takes it and Hammerhead throws it back, insisting that none of her personalities are Clara.

The trio come to paintings representing their loss and futility. Rita finds herself on a movie set as Mr. Nobody narrates and only she can hear him. She insists that she's a star. Meanwhile, Larry finds himself in the cockpit in his unbandaged body, the jet flying through the air. Larry refuses to grab the joystick and the jet plummets toward the ground. He finally gives into the illusion and pulls the jet out of its dive.

Vic finds himself badly injured in front of a burning house. He relives the pain of the accident that destroyed most his body, and sees his mother's body nearby. Vic insists that it's not real, and Mr. Nobody asks who he is.

As he sits in the hallway, Cliff sees Clara drawing a chalk circle on the floor. The illusion disappears, and Cliff talks to Jane about how he doesn't want to hurt her to find Niles. He says that he just wants her to feel safe, and Jane asks him to make her another sandwich.

Rita performs in her movie, and the crew suddenly disappear. She tells Mr. Nobody to shut up because he doesn't know her, and a baby carriage containing a crying baby appears.

Mr. Nobody tells Larry that he knows what drove him into the sky over and over. Sheryl appears in the cockpit and asks Larry when he's coming home, and John tells Larry that he has to choose him or Sheryl. The jet plummets back toward the ground.

Vic moans in pain, and Larry says that his mother died in the lab accident that he caused. The teenager insists that Mr. Nobody doesn't know him, and every criminal that he busts is a promise that he's fulfilling to his mother. Mr. Nobody dismisses it as donkey shit, saying that they're all wrong to doubt him because he's the narrator.

Rita approaches the carriage and Mr. Nobody tells her that he knows what she did and what she's willing to do. If they don't want their lives dissected in front of the world, they have to stop looking for Niles. Vic finds himself on an operating table with a bloody Silas standing over him. Mr. Nobody tells Vic that all he has is programming and removes Vic's mangled limbs.

Larry releases the energy creature, which smashes apart the exhibits in the dimension. Mr. Nobody says that it's ended their torture for now, but they're all at his mercy.

The donkey spits the trio out along with the town of Cloverton and then explodes. The energy creature reenters Larry, and all three of them get to their feet. Cliff and Jane come out and Rita tells him that the donkey was a door. Vic says that Nobody took them and he's scared of them, and figures that they're onto us if Nobody threatened them. Silas drives up and they go inside. Vic explains that Niles is gone and in trouble, but Silas says that what they're doing in Detroit is important and will get Vic noticed. He says that even if doesn't, it means something to him and Vic's mother. Silas echoes Vic's words in the other dimension, and Vic tells him to go home because he's staying there until he finds Niles. When Silas threatens to "upgrade" Vic into a godlike force for good unless he gets his act together, Vic says that he needs a couple of days to figure things out but he'll check in on schedule.

Larry goes into his quarters and removes his bandages. He looks at his burn-scarred feature, wonders if he's supposed to thank the energy creature, and writes a note. He puts the note on the mirror, lies down, and deliberately releases the energy creature for the first time. It reads the note, which says, "We need some ground rules."

Vic goes looking for a guest room. He almost goes into Rita's room, and she comes out and gives him directions, and he says that she did good and was a star. Rita goes back into her room, looks in her mirror, and says that she is a star.

The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter paints a vision of the Doom Patrol.

Written by Gadfly on Feb 25, 2019

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