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Hearts and Minds (2) Recap

As the resistance plans against Despero, the ruler's security forces attack. John discovers his ring is useless and takes up a gun against his attackers. The resistance is overwhelmed but the League arrives with Kilowog and rescues them.

J'onn investigates ancient writings that suggest the mystic flames may have a weakness while John figures out Despero tampered with his mind and willpower. John has to retrain under Katma's guidance while Kilowog creates a carbon bomb to contain the mystic flames.

Betrayed from within, Katma, John, and Hawkgirl are captured and Despero mind-controls Katma. When Despero goes after Hawkgirl, John summons enough willpower to summon his ring and use it. J'onn realizes tjat the mystic flames are a sentient being while John and Despero slug it out.

J'onn connects with the creature which reveals Despero is misusing its power and tells the peoples to reject Despero's ruler. Despero's subjects yield and Despero is stripped of his power but then given a glimpse of his "god's" true power, and the bodies of him and his closest followers are converted into trees to seed the planet.

Written by Gadfly on Feb 27, 2019

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