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Nothing's Shocking Recap

Barbara sits in Sirens and sees two older men, Boggs and Lewis, come on. She tells them that they'd better give her some intel if they want to get in, and they give her some black market info on heating oil in return for a drink. The men go to the bar and Dix walks in to join them. He says that he's been looking for them and asks if they ever think about the past and what they did to the girl. Barbara sees Dix and comes over, just as Dix stabs the two men in their throats and walks out.

At the hospital, Alfred has a woman--Dianne--tell Bruce that they're living together in a cramped apartment block. A few weeks ago they heard rumors about something happening below the building where it's connected to the sewers. Dianne and her husband Hank went looking for people going missing, and she hit her head. When she woke up, Frank was gone. Dianne begs Bruce to help find Hank. Bruce promises that they'll do everything they can, and talks to Alfred privately. They agree to look for Hank and the others.

Barbara calls Jim and Harvey in and shows them the bodies. Harvey tells Jim that they were cops before Jim join, and Barbara explains what happened. The bartender heard that they called their killer Dix, and Harvey notes that Dix has been paralyzed and in a wheelchair for the last 15 years. Jim figures that they should talk to him and Harvey reluctantly agrees. Once Harvey leaves, Jim asks Barbara how she feels and insists that he's going to be part of the kid's life. He says that reunification will be a chance for Barbara to start anew, and she says that she likes who she is. Shrugging, Jim leaves.

Edward is in a workshop working on the submarine. Oswald arrives with one of his men, Dale, and says that he brought food. He assures Edward that Dale is honest because he's mute and dumb, and says that he procured them some muscle. Edward claims that their submarine is coming along fine and insists that he will figure it out because he's the only one working. Oswald says that he did his part of their partnership. Penn arrives and Oswald is surprised to see him alive. He explains that "he" wouldn't let him and takes a ventriloquist doll out of a case and says that it's Mr. Scarface.

Jim and Harvey go to Dix's apartment and Harvey says that he feels bad because he should have been there before. They knock at the door and Dix fires a shotgun through it. Harvey calls out who they are and the wheelchair-bound Dix lets them in. Harvey insists that he didn't forget Dix. Jim notices a suitcase on the bed and asks Dix if he's planning on leaving Gotham and where he was when Boggs and Lewis were killed. Dix points out that he's in a wheelchair and admits that he's worried that he'll be next. Jim asks what his connection to Boggs and Lewis is, and Dix says that he knows them. Harvey confirms that when he was a rookie cop, he and Dix worked with Boggs and Lewis on a case of a woman killing her husband.

Jim points out that it stinks, just as someone knocks at the door. Harvey answers the door and finds "Dix" there, walking. "Dix" headbutts Harvey, who grabs the man's face and discovers that it's a mask. The man runs off.

Bruce and Alfred enter the apartment basement and note that it runs along the sewers that lead to the river filled with Jeremiah's toxins. The two men continue on and find a severed hand on the floor. There are bite marks on it, and there's a blood trail leading away.

At the station, Jim and Harvey confirm that the mask is made of human skin. Harper brings them a file on the woman, Veronica Cartwright, who Harvey and the others investigate. Victoria was a banker, snapped, and killed her husband. Jim figures that Harvey and Dix rehearsed their statement, and checks the file. Victoria's daughter was convicted on the statement of her 7-year-old daughter, Jane, and they don't know where she is. The family's home is in the Green Zone. Harvey insists that it's a dead-end but Jim doesn't believe him and tells him to keep an eye on Dix while he and Griffin check out the hose.

Penn says that he's holding a dummy, not a doll, and that Scarface is very persuasive. The man explains that Scarface made him tell them about Oswald's accumulated treasure, and Scarface yells that no one is going anywhere. He tells Penn to show Edward and Oswald that they're serious, and Penn shoots Dale dead while Scarface tells Oswald and Edward that it's time to talk turkey.

Harvey and Dix go to Jim's office and Harvey wonders if Jane said something. Dix insists that Jane died in Arkham two years ago and it has nothing to do with her.

Jim, Harper, and a uni go to the Cartwright house, get no answer, and go inside. They search the house and find photos of the family with the husband's face scratched out. The uni checks the upstairs and a masked woman watches him. He finds something on a dresser and then hears the woman move in the shadows. He goes over to investigate and the woman knocks him unconscious.

Jim and Harper notice the chandelier move from the cop falling on the floor, and go upstairs.

The woman touches the unconscious cop and her body changes to match his.

Jim and Harper enter the attic and find signs that someone has been living there. They find bloody masks, and the "uni" comes in and says that no one is there. Jim notices the unconscious cop, and the shapeshifter attacks him. When Jim knocks her down, she reverts to her normal form and yells at Jim not to look at her.

Later at the station, Jim questions the woman. He shows her the masks that they found and says that she'll have to take her porcelain mask off. When the woman pulls back, Jim says that he'll rip it off if she doesn't talk. The woman says that she's nobody, and Jim points out that she was in the Cartwright home and is Jane's age. He tells Jane that he knows she's been in and out of Arkham until she vanished, and asks what happened. Jane insists that nothing happened to her, but lots happened to Jane. She says that Strange experimented on her and others, and Strange made it so Jane could change her body by touching someone. When it's done, she sheds her skin and starts anew. She tells Jim that she touched him, and "Jane Doe" was born in Arkham when Jane Cartwright died. Jane tells Jim to ask Harvey why she killed Boggs and Lewis.

Harvey has been watching through the one-way mirror, and Jim goes out to talk to him. In the cell, Jane contorts her hand and pulls it out of the manacle.

Bruce and Alfred hear something growl in the shadows. A man charges at them and they manage to subdue him. The man says that "he" is coming and will kill him. They realize that it's Hank, and Hank says that it will kill them when it finds him. The growling gets closer, and Bruce's battery dies. The creature knocks him and Alfred out and drags Hank away.

Scarface orders Oswald and Edward to hand over their guns, and they quickly do so. Once they do, Scarface orders Penn to explain. Penn says that he woke up in the GCPD morgue after he was shot. He hid in an abandoned magic shop and Scarface found him there and told him all about Oswald. Oswald asks Penn what he wants, and Penn says that Scarface wants his treasure and to be boss. Laughing, Oswald dismisses the idea of a dummy running Gotham. Edward tells Oswald that he deserves to be overthrown, and asks Scarface what he's going to do once he gets Oswald's treasure. He offers to get Scarface and Penn off the island.

Harvey wheels Dix to the locker room and says that he and his friends made Jane the murderer. He starts strangling Dix.

Harper tells Jim that she saw Harvey take Dix in the back. Barbara comes in and says that the bartender overheard "Dix" tell the two men that "the kid" is guilty, too. She then asks Jim if she's going to be arrested when the government comes in. Jim doesn't know, and Barbara figures that she'd go to jail and he'd get the baby. He says that he doesn't want that, and Barbara asks if she'll promise that if she goes straight then she'll be in the clear. Before Jim can answer, he sees Harvey who says that he didn't take Dix anywhere.

Jim and Harvey go to the locker room and find Dix's corpse, and figure that Jane got to Harvey's locker and took his control. They go to lock down the station.]

Bruce and Alfred catch up to Hank's abductor, who is insane from the toxins. They fight and while the madman attacks Alfred, Bruce throws stone shards into the killer. Alfred beats the man until Bruce stops him.

Jim tells the officers that the station is in lockdown. Barbara comes up and says that she's been attacked, and Jim wonders how they know it's really her. Another Barbara comes in and the first one says that the second one is the imposter. The officers draw their gun, and Jim asks them where they first met. The first "Barbara" draws a gun, takes Barbara hostage, and says that she's leaving. When Jim refuses to shoot, Jane hits Barbara in the stomach and runs out.

As Scarface peers out the window, Oswald tells Edward that he was trying to buy time. He tells Oswald to keep Scarface occupied until Edward gives the signal. Penn and Scarface come over and says that they'll take the submarine but they'll kill Oswald because they don't need him. Penn apologizes to Oswald, who says that he's never asked Penn to kill everyone. Scarface argues with Oswald, who admits that he wasn't a good friend to anyone and that's why he's alone. However, he admits that he valued Penn and that much be worth something. Scarface tells him that he's a liar and a thief, and Penn agrees with him. He insists that he won't be Oswald's puppet anymore and advances on him, and Edward sets off the sonar device. Oswald struggles with Penn and Scarface, and Oswald ends up pulling the trigger on Penn's gun, blowing Scarface's head. Penn thanks Oswald for freeing him, and Edward shoots him in the head. He then tells Oswald that they accept each other and that's why they make good friends, and they should agree that Penn had to be stopped. Oswald admits that they're meant for each other and they share a laugh.

Harvey goes to the attic of the Cartwright house and calls to Jane. He finds her standing in a corner and apologizes, saying that he failed to protect her. Jane says that Harvey made her into a killer and there has to be consequences, and Harvey asks when it will be enough. She draws a gun and tells Harvey to kill her because he killed Jane years ago. Harvey lowers his gun and asks to see her real face. Jane says that Strange destroyed her face but Harvey destroyed her soul. Harvey repeats his request, and Jane removes the mask. She's physically untouched, but rants about what they did to her face. Harvey says that they can work it out if she puts the gun down, but Jane insists that it only ends when one of them is dead. She raises her gun, and Harvey shoots her dead and then stares at the body, shocked.

At the hospital, Bruce tells Alfred that the nurse believes that the killer's brain is irreparably damaged and he'll never recover. Hanks is reunited his wife, and Bruce says that they should have gone to Jim. Alfred insists that the people need someone who can protect them, and Bruce agrees. However, he says that there are better ways to find absolution. Bruce tells Alfred that what happened at Wayne Manor isn't Alfred's fault, and assures him that he didn't destroy their home. Alfred disagrees, believing that he didn't fight strong enough and Bruce lost his last tie to the past. He says that he can't be weak again, and Bruce tells him that part of being a family is being strong for each other.

Harvey tells Jim that after they arrested Victoria, she admitted that she killed her husband. She recanted her confession later and they didn't have physical evidence, so Harvey and the others leaned on Jane to have her make a statement. Later they found out that the husband beat Victoria and Jane. Jim realizes that the kid Jane said at the bar was Harvey, and Harvey says that he knew something was wrong. The others told him to keep quit and put it behind him, and after a while Harvey stopped feeling guilt. He went on until he met Jim and started felling the guilt again. Harvey admits that he made Jane a killer, and just needed Jim to know.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 1, 2019

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