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Rise of the Villains: A Bitter Pill to Swallow Recap

The newspapers are filled with headlines about Theo being arrested. Tabitha is on the streets and goes to a bar. She says that she was told to order a Highsmith Royale, and gives the bartender a wad of money. Once he counts it, a door opens in the back and Tabitha goes through. A casino is running in the back and Tabitha sits down next to the Lady. She says that she needs aperson killed and had heard that the Lady employs the best. The Lady points out that Tabitha's brother is the ex-mayor and wonders why she's there, and Tabitha admits that her aim is off. Tabitha says that it's business and wants a cop dead the same day. The Lady says that she guarantees her work and Tabitha gives her a photo of Jim.

At the hospital, Jim listens as the doctor explains that Barbara hasn't regained consciousness given the extent of her trauma. He warns that Barbara may never wake up, and assures Jim that the medical wing of Arkham can handle her condition. Jim says that he won't be riding over with her.

Edward wakes up Oswald and tells him to calm down. When Oswald doesn't, Edward gives him a sedative and tells him to rest up because they have a big night ahead of them.

At the station, Leslie finds Jim at his desk. He admits that he couldn't sleep and figures that Theo should pay for everything he's done. He's meeting Barnes at Theo's penthouse to find some evidence to corroborate Mayor James' claim that Theo abducted him. Leslie has received word that Barbara is being transferred to Arkham, and Jim tells her that he already knows. She's surprised that he went to see Barbara, and Jim points out that she's a witness against Theo. Leslie wants to talk about what happened between Jim and Barbara in the interrogation room, and he says that they'll talk tonight. She insists that she isn't jealousy, and warns Jim that Barbara is the devil. Jim insists that he had to play Barbara's game, and Leslie warns him that he's finding ways to give in to his dark side... and it's a problem for both of them. Jim says that he'll be fine and leaves.

At the manor, Bruce calls Silver to visit him. She insists that Theo is innocent and Bruce agrees, and says that he needs her help. As Bruce starts to explain about Theo's officer, Alfred comes in and says that they should start raking. He's surprised to see Silver, and suggests that she leaves given recent events. Bruce insists that he wants to stay, and reminds Alfred that it's his house and he gives the order. Silver agrees to leave and slips Bruce her room # at the Kane Hotel along with a room key.

Once Silver leaves, Alfred says that he had every right to tell Silver to leave. He figures that Bruce thought Silver was going to tell him, and says that it was just a ruse to get Bruce to sign away the company. Bruce figures that Theo knew something, and Alfred warns that getting information from a girl requires deception that Bruce doesn't know yet. He orders Bruce not to see Silver or pursue Theo's claims. When Bruce objects, Alfred says that he will be his jailer if Bruce forces him.

Jim takes the elevator up to Theo's penthouse and a bearded man gets in with him. As they go up, the man explains that he's a piano tuner and makes small talk with Jim. He offers Jim a caramel and Jim declines, and the man then takes out a garrote and tries to strangle Jim. They struggle and the man slams Jim into the wall until he drops his gun.

At the penthouse, Barnes, Officer Parks, and forensics specialist Cortex are taking photos. Barnes wonders where Jim is.

Jim continues fighting and the elevator doors open and close. Jim gets the upper hand and knocks the killer out. He then drags the man into the penthouse and tells Barnes what happened. The man's cell phone rings and Jim answers it. The Lady hears him gasping for breath and hangs up without a word. She then goes to the crap table and asks who wants a shot at killing Jim.

At Edward's apartment in Gotham, Oswald wakes up and Edward brings him some water. Oswald recognizes him and Edward reminds him that they met once before at the station. When Oswald tries to get up, Edward says that he can't leave and reminds him that he's a wanted man. Accepting the inevitable, Oswald sits back and asks Edward what he wants from him. Edward explains that he's started murdering people and is thrilled to say it out loud. He tells Oswald that he killed the love of his life, and assures Oswald that he isn't going to kill him. Edward needs advice and figures that Oswald can guide him on his new path. Oswald limps to the window and says that his empire is in ruins and his mother is dead because of his weakness. He tells Edward that the path he's on leads to destruction and pain, and he's going to leave. Oswald tries to walk out and passes out.

Jim slaps the killer awake and asks who sent him. When the man doesn't answer, Jim drags him out the window. Barnes comes in and orders Jim to stand down, and then privately asks Jim if he's losing it. Jim says that they need to push boundaries to defeat their enemies. Meanwhile, the officers spot more men entering the building on the monitors. The killer laughs and says that his employer will keep sending men until the job is done, and informs them that no one is leaving the building alive.

Jim handcuffs the killer to a spiral staircase, and Barnes calls for reinforcements. He tells Jim that they just have to hang on until the backup gets there. Parks and Cortez take position as someone tries the door. Everyone aims at it, unaware that another man is coming down the staircase. He cuts Cortez's throat as the other killers blast through the door. They open fire and Parks kills one of them, while Jim fights the newcomer. Barnes tackles another one, knocks him down, and shoots a third one, while Jim kills his opponent. The original killer frees himself and takes Parks hostage, and Jim shoots him in the eye. Barnes says that they're getting out, but Jim refuses to leave and let the killers destroy any evidence against Theo. The captain sends Parks to check the staircase and then tells Jim that they won't survive the next attack. Jim looks around and sees a monk's cassock in a compartment behind the wall. He figures that it's exactly what they're looking for, just as one of the killers recovers enough to stab him in the leg before Barnes shoots him dead. Jim realizes that the knife punctured an artery and Barnes will bleed out if he stands up.

Oswald wakes up and finds a man tied and gagged in a chair next to the bed. Edward explains that the man is Mr. Leonard, who works for Theo before Theo was arrested. Oswald says that it doesn't matter anymore, and Edward says that Leonard is a gift for him. He wants Oswald to kill him for retribution and hands him a knife. Oswald takes it and limps over, but then drops the knife and says that he's done. Once he gets some rest, he's leaving Gotham forever. Disappointed, Edwards wonders what to do next. As he drags Leonard out, Oswald starts humming to himself.

A hit man, Eduardo Flamingo, is busy cutting the ear off of his victim. As he prepares to eat the ear, his phone rings. Flamingo answers it and the Lady greets him. When the victim keeps screaming, Eduardo shoots him dead to keep him silent. The Lady offers to make it worth his while if he kills Jim, and Flamingo asks for the address.

At the penthouse, Jim binds Barnes' wound as best he can and gets him some alcohol for the pain. Barnes asks what is going on with Jim, and Jim says that Barbara accused him of having a monster inside of him. He admits that there was a moment when he considered shooting Barbara, and he nearly crossed the line. Barnes says that in his third tour, he was trapped alone and came across one of their prisoners. The prisoner tried to escape and Barnes jammed his gun in the man's mouth. He didn't intend to, but he pulled the trigger and blew the prisoner's head off. The prisoner's death haunted Barnes for eight years until he made his peace with it. Barnes tells Jim that any man might do anything, and the law is the only thing that separates them from the animals.

At the manor, Bruce approaches Alfred and admits that the butler was right. He plans to call Jim in the morning and enlist his help. Bruce claims that he's going to bed, and Alfred says that he sent the waiting taxi away. When Bruce denies calling the taxi, Alfred takes out the keys that he took from Bruce. Bruce insists that he won't give up and Alfred assures him that he won't either.

Oswald wakes up to a record playing a song about mother's love. He asks Edward why he's playing it, and Edward explains that Oswald was humming it earlier. Oswald says that his mother would sing the song to him when he was going to bed, and tell him that he's handsome and clever and will be a great man one day. All he has is memories, and Edward shows him Kristen's glasses. When he sees them, he feels gratitude. Oswald says that he's leaving, and Edward says that love is a crippling weakness for the two of them. They are better off unencumbered, and reminds Oswald that Gertrude is dead because of his weakness. Edwards says that Oswald's weakness was Gertrude, and Oswald grabs a knife and says that his mother was saint. Unimpressed, Edward says that a man with nothing that he loves is a man who can't be bargained with or betrayed, and who answers to no one but himself. He says that Oswald is that man, and Oswald lets go of him. Edward then take the knife away fromhim.

The police pull up to the penthouse and call Jim. Flamingo attacks and kills them, and then addresses Jim on the phone. He says that he'll be upstairs in a few minutes, fast on Jim's friends, and save Jim for dessert. Jim tells Flamingo that he's coming down, and tells Barnes what happened. Parks insists on going with Jim, and he tells her to stay with Barnes. Barnes wants Flamingo to come to them, but Jim warns that they're shooting ducks and Flamingo is after him. After a moment, Barnes tells Jim to go.

Jim takes the elevator down and his phone rings. It's Flamingo calling on the cop's phone, and Jim ignores it. Outside, he finds the four dead cops, and Flamingo trips him from behind with a chain. Jim punches him and the two men fight, and Jim finally beats Flamingo down. The hit man laughs and Jim keeps hitting him. He finally grabs a gun and shoves it into Flamingo's mouth, and Jim screams in fury... and pulls the gun out. Flamingo says that he's disappointed, and Jim reads himhis rights as more police arrive.

The next morning, Parks takes Flamingo to the station. Before she goes, Jim tells her that she did go.

At Edward's apartment, Edward and Oswald sing and eat takeout. Oswald asks what happened to Leonard, and Edward wonders why he wants to know. He shows Oswald the man in the closet and then drags him out to a smiling Oswald.

At the manor, Bruce tries to sneak out through the study window. Selina is there and says that she's saving him from making a big mistake. She warns that Silver is bad news and now she has proof.

Parks takes Flaming into the station and he collapses to his knees. She tells him to get up, and Flamingo lunges at her and rips her throat out as the other officers try to pull him off.

Leslie tends to Jim's injuries, and he admits that he almost crossed the line. He wonders why she's with him, and Leslie says that she doesn't know. She says that he just needs to tell her truth--always--and Jim promises that he will. As they kiss, Jim's phone rings. Leslie takes it for him. It's Alvarez from the station, and he tells her what happened. She tells Jim that Flamingo killed Parks.

That night, Tabitha meets Theo in prison. He's furious that she disobeyed his orders to leave Jim alone, and Tabitha admits that she wanted revenge for Jim hurting Barbara. Theo says that the brothers' arrival is imminent and Bruce will die, and then they will have the boy's company. Once that happens, they will have everything they have worked for. Theo promises that if Tabitha endangers their goal again, he'll cut her throat.

Father Creel welcomes his brothers at the docks. A security guard comes over and demands ID, and the brothers stab him to death. Once they're done, they walk off into the night with Creel.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 17, 2015

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