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A Better World (2) Recap

Batman and the others wake up, fastened to power-dampening cells. Lord Batman checks on them and tells Batman that the Lords did what the League couldn't. He looks at Flash and then tells him to calm down, and starts to say that they don't want to lose another Flash. Cutting himself off, Lord Batman leaves. Batman figures that the Lords' Earth lost their Flash, and says that he's not going to figure a way out. Flash tries to vibrate out of his manacles and gets an idea.

The Lords add additional shielding to the League's Watchtower.

Lord Batman monitors the heartbeats of the League prisoners and sees Flash deadline. He runs to Flash's cell and goes in to check on him, unfastening his hand. Flash punches him unconscious and finishes freeing himself, and then frees Batman. He explains that he sped up his heartbeat until it looked like he flatlined. They free the others except for Hawkgirl, who is in a hospital. Batman tells Superman to find Hawkgirl while he goes on his own to find the dimensional portal, insisting that he has to do it alone.

Flash accesses the computer records for hospitals and realize that Hawkgirl is at Arkham. They have Flash wait outside and go in, and that world's Joker--lobotomized--is running the reception desk. He takes them in past a ward of lobotomized inmates staring at a blank TV. Before he lets them into the secure ward, Joker asks for today's password. J'onn reads his mind for the password and gives it to Superman, but Joker notes that Wonder Woman was supposed to say it. Joker summons a group of Superman robots to attack the four League members.

Batman enters his counterpart's Batcave and finds the dimensional portal. Lord Batman attacks him and the two fight. They anticipate each other's moves and Batman hides in the shadows. Lord Batman says that if they want to make a difference to the system, they can't be subtle and have to take over.

The Leaguers fight the Superman robots.

Flash picks a flower, and a lobotomized Poison Ivy says that he isn't supposed to. She assures him that it's all right with her because nothing bothers her anymore. As she advises him to watch out for Superman, a robot head comes flying out of Arkham. Flash runs inside to help his comrades.

Lord Batman tries to find Batman and says that they've created a world where a boy will never lose his punks. Batman surrenders, acknowledging that his counterpart has won. When they learn that the League is fighting in Arkham, Batman suggests that they stop them.

John flies off to get Hawkgirl, and Flash arrives and takes out one robot while the Leaguers defeat the others.

Batman and Lord Batman drive to Arkham, and Lord Batman says that they have to respect the small laws as well as the big ones. One customer disagrees with a bill, and the police arrive to arrest him. The Batmans see the incident and Batman sarcastically notes that their parents would love it there. Lord Batman tells him to drive.

John finds Hawkgirl strapped to a medical bed and frees her. He flies past the others and leaves, and they go outside to find police surrounding the place. Lord Batman swings down and says that they're his prisoners, and intimidates the officer in charge into letting him take charge. Lord He then tells the League that they'll go out the back, saying that he is Lord Batman.

At the Batcave, Flash realizes that when his counterpart died, the Lords went rogue. Lord Batman sends the League to their world and Batman says that they have to be willing to kill. Superman refuses, saying that he won't cross that line, and tells Batman to figure out a way. Batman says that they'll have to cross some kind of line and Superman gets an idea.

In the Watchtower, Lord Martian Manhunter receives word that Luthor has escaped with a hostage. He notifies Lords Superman and Hawkgirl, and Hawkgirl tells Superman not to do it because the people aren't ready for their extreme measures yet. Lord Green Lantern suggests that they all go and Lord Superman agrees.

Lord Superman arrives at the prison and the Lords confront him. "Luthor" says that there never was one and J'onn shapeshifts back to his Martian form. He phases away and Batman unleashes an electrical blast. Lord Hawkgirl absorbs it with her mace and breaks out, and Join attacks her. She destroys Batman's electronic controls before they can stun her. Lord Martian Manhunter attacks his counterpart and the two fight in shapeshifted snake form.

Lord Green Lantern blasts John and Wonder Woman lassoes Lord Wonder Woman. She breaks free and they fight, and Flash bombards Lord Superman with debris at superspeed. When he runs out of ammunition, Lord Superman attacks him and Flash tosses him into the lobby.

Lord Wonder Woman knocks out her counterpart and grabs Batman as he attacks her. As she prepares to crush him, Wonder Woman recovers and knocks her out with her tiara.

Flash confronts Lord Superman, who knocks him back. He prepares to kill him, and Flash points out that he's the last part of Lord Superman's conscience. Lord Superman says that he's done a lot in the last two years and one more thing won't hurt. Superman and Luthor arrive and Luthor uses his power-disruptor weapon on Lord Superman, bringing him down. Lord Hawkgirl comes at Luthor, who shoots her down. He then takes out the other three Lords.

Superman tells Lord Superman that his powers are gone. Luthor says that he could attack the League, but then hands over his weapon and says that a deal is a deal. Superman tells the other Leaguers that Luthor received a full pardon in return for his help. Lord Superman says that everything Luthor does from now on is Superman's fault, and Superman admits that it's a high price but figures that it's better than the alternative. He then tells Flash that he knew Flash couldn't change Lord Superman's mind because he's often felt the same. As they leave, Superman rights an American flag that was knocked over.

Later, Luthor gives a press conference saying that he and Superman reconstructed the power nullifier together and now Superman has it. He suggests that he's been giving some thought to politics.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 3, 2019

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