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Livewire Recap

DEO agents bring in one of the alien prisoners. She breaks free and attacks them, and ignores another one when he fires tranq darts. The alarms go off and Supergirl arrives to help subdue the prisoner. Alex calls her on the earbud and reminds Supergirl that she promised she'd be there. Supergirl assures her foster sister that she'll be there as soon as she deals with the prisoner. Once she takes the prisoner out, Hank comes over and Supergirl asks if she can have the day off.

A short time later, Supergirl flies into her apartment and tells Alex what happened. Alex is worried that her mother Eliza will be upset at her because Kara has become Supergirl. Eliza arrives and says that her flight was well, and assures Kara that she's doing great with her new career.

At CatCo Plaza, shock jock Leslie Willis is on the air doing her annual Things She's Not Grateful For for Thanksgiving. She starts complaining about Supergirl and describes how much she despises the new heroine.

Throughout the city, the Dancers, Winn, James, and Cat are all listening. Cat finally shuts off the radio. Kara arrives at work and tells Winn that Alex is figuring that Eliza is going to drop a bomb about Supergirl. Winn admits that he's doing an orphan Thanksgiving and Kara insists that he come over to join them.

Kara spots Leslie in Cat's office, and listens in with her super-hearing. Cat reminds her that she's mentored Leslie to the best of her abilities, but she doesn't want her going after Supergirl and insulting her sexuality. Leslie wonders why Supergirl is different, and Cat says that she's trying to develop a relationship with Supergirl. The shock jock points out that Cat is just as hard on Supergirl as she is, but Cat tells her to stop. She explains that the citizens want optimism rather than Leslie's negativity, and tells Leslie that she's finished. Leslie reminds her boss that she has two years on her contract, and Cat says that she's transferring her to traffic copter. The shock jock warns that Cat will regret it, but Cat tells her to be ready as a storm starts outside.

That night, Kara goes to a bar to get takeout. She sees James sitting by himself and goes over, and invites him to "Friendsgiving" at her place. James says that she and Lucy are heading to Ojai for the holiday. Kara thinks that it's sweet, and James assures her that it's only a few hours away if Supergirl needs his help. She warns that Alex is worried that Eliza is going to chew her out because she came out as Supergirl, just as Lucy comes in. Once Kara goes to the bar, James says that he's feeling the weather. As they leave, Alex comes in and insists that Eliza is waiting to get mad. Kara doesn't believe it and suggests that Alex tell her mother what she really does. Alex points out that the DEO doesn't officially exist, and Kara notes that everything Alex has done is to protect her.

In the traffic copter, the pilot warns Leslie that it's too dangerous to stay up. She insists that they keep going, just as a lightning bolt hits the tail. The helicopter goes into a tailspin, and Kara dons her costume and flies up. The pilot's belt snaps and Supergirl catches him and lowers him to the floor. Leslie tries to reach the control, just as Supergirl catches the helicopter. Lighting hits Supergirl and shoots through the helicopter, electrifying Leslie.

The next day at the hospital, Cat and Kara visit a comatose Leslie in the hospital. Cat is eager to leave, and Kara points out that her boss is paying for the hospital room. Kara says that Supergirl must feel awful, and Cat points out that the heroine saved the pilot, caught the helicopter, and kept Leslie alive. Once Kara steps out, Cat tells Leslie to get up and leaves. The lights flicker and Leslie opens her eyes... which glow with lightning.

Later, Alex is watching a newscast about Leslie's rescue. Eliza irritably tells her daughter to turn it off, and then wonders how Alex let Kara put on the cape. Alex points out that Kara is an adult and will make her own decisions, but Eliza is disappointed that Alex let her down. Alex angrily refuses to discuss it and leaves for work

The Past

Eliza goes outside and finds her husband Jeremiah looking up at the stars through his telescope. She asks him to come in and keep her company as she works on her dissertation, and they kiss briefly before going inside. Meanwhile, Kara climbs out on the roof and Alex comes after her, insisting that she shouldn't do it. Kara invites her to come along and Alex takes her hand. The two of them fly off, laughing.


Leslie staggers out of the hospital, her hands glowing with electricity. The nearby lights explode, and Leslie tries to work out what's happening to her. A man comes over and assumes that Leslie is wearing a costume. She brushes past him, sparks flying, and the man tries to grab her. Leslie shocks him unconscious and smiles in satisfaction at the rush. She then turns into a bolt of electricity and flows into a nearby streetlight.

The Danvers and Winn gather for Thanksgiving and Eliza has Kara use her heat vision on the turkey. Alex is drinking heavily and Kara suggests that before they eat, they share their feelings with family and friend. She goes first and is grateful that everyone is there. Alex doesn't want to go next, and Kara gets a call from James. She takes it in the next room and James figures that Kara would like to hear a friendly voice. James is bored and tells Kara to call him if she needs him.

Back in the dining room, Winn tries to discuss Eliza's career. Alex takes another drink and then tells her mother that the DEO recruited her in college. She explains what the DEO does, just as Kara comes in. Eliza, furious, asks how she could do it. Alex reminds her that she always taught her to watch over Kara, and realizes that Eliza is angry at her for protecting people when Kara does the same and Eliza doesn't have a problem with it. She says that she'll never win with Eliza and walks out. Winn excuses himself, and Kara wonders why Eliza would react like she did. She says that it isn't Alex's fault that she became Supergirl, and wonders why Eliza was always so much harder on Alex than her. As they talk, Kara gets a text from Cat calling her to the office.

The Past

Kara and Alex sneak in and find Eliza and Jeremiah waiting for them. Jeremiah lectures them about risking Kara's secret, and Eliza blames Alex for not watching out for her little sister. There's a knock at the door, and Jeremiah sends the girls upstairs. He answers the door and finds Hank and two agents there. Hank asks to speak with the couple.


When Kara arrives, Cat tells her that all of her electronics have malfunctioned. She explains that she always works on Thanksgiving, and the lights go out. Leslie appears on the TV and says that Leslie Willis is dead. She's Leslie 2.0: Livewire. Livewire materializes in the office and fires electrical blasts at the two women. Kara and Cat take cover and Cat insists that Kara get security.

Livewire flows into the electrical outlet and rematerializes in the outer office, flashing from terminal to terminal searching for Cat. Cat tries to run but Livewire cuts her off. She says that she's transcended and fires a lightning bolt at Cat... and Supergirl arrives to break it. The heroine offers to help Livewire, but the villain isn't interested. She fires an electrical blast and Supergirl blocks it with her heat vision, and Livewire absorbs the energy and teleports away. Cat runs for it but Livewire moves to block her... and Supergirl tackles her. As they struggle, Cat takes the elevator down. The panel shorts out and Livewire tells Supergirl that Cat is falling. Supergirl flies down and catches car, and Cat thanks her.

Later, Hank and a DEO team posing as FBI agents arrive at CatCo, while the news announces a series of blackouts. Hank figures that the lightning passing through Supergirl's DNA and changed Leslie into Livewire. Kara explains how Livewire absorbed her heat vision, and Hank figures that they can fight her when she's solid. Cat comes over and complains that his agents are destroying the building, and refuses to run and hide. She promises that CatCo will be open for business on Black Friday. As Hank leaves, he tells Kara that one of their prisoners is a Zarolatt, an interdimensional race consisting of aliens. He figures that he can rig the trap they used to catch it, to capture Livewire.

Cat calls Kara in and says that she can go. Kara wants to stay, but Cat dismisses her as useless and figures that she wants to get back to her family. When Kara explains that her foster mother and sister are having a fight, Cat is mildly interested. She apologizes when Kara says that her parents passed away, and says that things are hard between mothers and daughters. Cat explains that her mother doesn't think she ever lived up to her potential, and her position never mattered to her. Because her mother was never satisfied with her, Cat never was either and keeps pushing herself and all of the people that she cares about. She figures that she should have held Leslie to a higher standard rather than push her, and blames herself that Leslie is a monster. Cat wants to talk to Supergirl and Kara offers to ask her to contact Supergirl and then go home.

At Kara's apartment, Alex comes back and says that she came back to make sure Eliza was okay during the blackouts. Eliza asks her to sit and when Alex does, her mother admits that she always makes the hard choice. Alex wonders why it has never been enough, and Eliza says that she wanted Alex to be better than her. She assures Alex that she's always been her Supergirl and hugs her, and Alex apologies for lying to her. Eliza starts to say there is something she needs to tell Alex and Kara, just as Alex gets a call. She tells her mother that she can't talk about it, and Eliza tells her to take care of Kara... and herself.

Cat is on the balcony drinking when Supergirl arrives. The CEO says that they'll have to work together to capture Livewire, and asks if they're partners.

At the DEO, Hank shows Supergirl and Alex the capacitator trap that will let them contain Livewire until they can get her into permanent containment. Alex warns that Livewire will be strong enough to kill Supergirl, and Supergirl leaves with the capacitator.

Cat goes to CatCo Plaza and goes live on the radio as Supergirl stands guard. The CEO tells Livewire that they should come to an agreement and offers to meet at the place where it all began. Cat then goes to the storefront where she and Leslie met. Livewire appears and isn't interested in discussing things. She blasts Cat and moves in, and Supergirl lands nearby and calls to her. The capacitator is hidden next to a nearby car, and Livewire blasts Supergirl into the car. They fight and Supergirl knocks Livewire into a nearby power pole. The villainess comes back stronger than ever and hits Supergirl with electric lashes. Supergirl tries to activate the capacitator, but Livewire spots it and knocks it away.

Supergirl goes down and Livewire prepares to kill her. Cat calls to Livewire, saying that she's better than a killer. Meanwhile, Supergirl spots a nearby water pipe beneath the concrete. She yanks it out and sprays Livewire with the water, and the villain shorts out. Supergirl thanks Cat for her help.

On Monday morning, Kara arrives at work with leftovers for Winn in return for putting up with her family. He gratefully accepts and explains that his father is in prison and deserves to be there. His family doesn't do holidays, so Winn is grateful to have been included with the Danvers. Winn says that he's grateful for Kara and kisses her on the cheek, and Kara says that she's grateful for him. James and Lucy come in and Kara goes over to greet them. Once Lucy leaves, Kara assures James that Supergirl handled Livewire. He asks how Kara is doing, and she says that she's glad to have James back.

Kara goes into Cat's office and Cat decides to raise the discourse and do a photo essay on holiday volunteers and organizations. When Kara says that it's a great idea, Cat off-handedly says that they're taking advantage of the holiday experience. She admits that she doesn't know a lot about Kara and figures that should change, and then sends her to get her food.

Back at her apartment, Eliza says goodbye to both of her daughters. She says that she's proud of them and admits that she hasn't been fair. Eliza then tells them that Jeremiah did not die in a plane crush. She's known about the DEO for a long time and knows what they do.

The Past

Hank insists that they're taking Kara, and says that they can protect her. Jeremiah says that he'll give the DEO something that they want even more: him. He'll work for them and make all of his research on Superman available to them. In return, Kara stays there. Hank agrees and offers his hand.


Eliza explains that Jeremiah died working for Hank.

Later, Supergirl and Alex go to the DEO as they lock Livewire away. Hank congratulates them and says that it's time to get back to work catching aliens, and Supergirl immediately agrees without question. Once Hank leaves, Alex says that they have to find out what happened to Jeremiah and Supergirl agrees.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 17, 2015

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