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The Trial of Jim Gordon Recap

At the station, Jim and his men prepare to move out. Lee tells Jim that what he's doing is reckless and stupid, but Jim warns that the gangs are growing more aggressive and he needs to get a cease-fire. Lee says that he should focus on his child and his family, and wonders if she's supposed to stay at home with Barbara and their baby while Jim goes cowboying off. Jim says that things will be different after reunification, but Lee figures that he'll still be the same. They're interrupted and Jim heads off with his men.

Oswald is looking over the gangs in City Hall when Barbara complains about how long it's taking Edward to make the submarine. He says that it's easier to keep Jim happy until they're ready to leave. Jim and his men arrive and Jim tells the gangs that their supply of clean water will last only a few more months. They can fight each other over the water and eventually die, or agree to a cease-fire. Jim explains that they need to show the government that they're not a warzone, and the gangs consider it. After a few minutes they agree, but a shot rings out. There's no sign of the shooter, and everyone realizes that Jim has been shot as he collapses.

Harvey has the officers take Jim out, and Oswald admits to Barbara that he didn't see that coming.

Bruce takes Selina to an old building for what he claims is a scavenging mission. A dinner table with candles is laid out, and Bruce has Selina sit down and lights the candles. Bruce says that it might be a date and sits down opposite her, and asks if a date is okay with her. Selina says that it might be okay with her, and Bruce suggests that they eat.

Harvey brings Jim to the station and asks Lee to save him. Once she leaves with Jim, Harvey says that he's the acting captain and it's show-of-force time to show the gangs that they mean business. Meanwhile, he'll find out who shot Jim.

Lee takes Jim to the lab and removes the bullet fragments from Jim's stomach. Once she does, she starts sewing him up.

Jim lies unconscious and dreams that he's in a courtroom. The Judge tells Jim that he's to be judged for his many crimes and his life hangs in the balance. Jim doesn't understand, and the Judge says that Jim waives his rights and his trial will now begin.

Bruce and Selina eat canned meal and Bruce says that he doesn't think things will ever be normal for him. The Manor is gone and he wonders if it's Fate telling him that it's time to leave on. Selina tells him that Gotham is his home, but Bruce points out all of the terrible things that have happened to Gotham because of him. Ivy comes in and agrees with him.

Oswald complains about the blood on his floor and tells Erin that Jim's death is the only way she could keep the baby. Harvey comes in, punches Oswald, and demands to know who shot Jim. Jim says that Oswald is to blame for inviting every criminal in Gotham, and Harvey hits him again and asks Barbara if she set the whole thing up to get custody of the baby. Barbara denies it, and Oswald says that the shot came from outside. Harvey checks the trajectory and finds the bullet lodged in a table, and says that he'll find out who the shooter was. As he walks out, Barbara asks if there's anything she can do. Harvey tells her to keep the gangs from tearing the city apart.

Ivy says that she needs Bruce to come with her because he loves her so much eventually. When Selina objects, Ivy calls in the mutant that Selina attacked earlier. Ivy grabs Bruce and envenoms him, and says that Gotham will be a green world under their control. She then tells Selina that it was her plants that made her strong again, and the mutant comes after Selina as Bruce and Ivy leave.

Lee tells the unconscious Jim that there are so many things that she wishes she could do, and begs him to wake up and say something.

Jim insists that he shouldn't be there, but the Judge has the prosecution--an image of Jim--make his opening remarks. The prosecutor says that Jim was unable to stop the bridges from blowing up or protect the people at Haven. Jim's wound bleeds and he says that he needs help, and the prosecutor asks how many more people must die to satisfy Jim's need to be a hero. The prosecutor calls its first witness: Lee.

Harvey comes to the lab and Lee says that something keep pulling Jim down. She shows Harvey the fragments that she removed, and Harvey finds the initials VZ on them.

Outside the station, Victor draws his gun and says that he's there for Jim. As he opens fire on the police, Alfred steps up and knocks Victor out.

Selina tries to calm the mutant down, but he's less than impressed. When she tries to whip him, the mutant yanks Selina over and asks why Selina would hurt Ivy's feelings. Selina says that she's strong, grabs the mutant in a chokehold, and asks where Ivy is.

Harvey questions Victor, pointing out that Jim saved him from Harvey. Victor says that it's not up to him but refuses to say who, and Harvey beats him and demands a name. He admits that he's high on love, and Harvey realizes that Ivy is responsible and leaves.

Alfred brings coffee to Lee and says that he know she and Jim argued about the child. She wonders how she's supposed to raise a child alongside of Barbara, and figures that she and Jim have to do things together but she doesn't know him. Lee says that she needs to hear from Jim that he needs her, and Alfred says that he always thought he was unfit to be a father and ended up raising Bruce. He admits that have been some of the most exciting times of his life, and what matters is that Lee will be an exquisite mother and the child will be extraordinary because of her. Touched, Lee thanks Alfred and goes over to Jim to tell him that she'll always be there next to him.

The prosecutor points out that "Lee" has suffered at Jim's hands more than anyone. She asks if her life would be better off if Jim was dead, and "Lee" says that everything Jim touches dies. The prosecutor presents the people from Haven that died in the jury box, and Jim realizes that he's dying. Jim realizes that he's dying, and the prosecutor says that he's guilty.

A policewoman comes in with Ivy and shoots the officer on duty. Ivy tells Victor that she asked him to kill Jim, and says that he'll keep the cops busy while she deals with Jim.

Bruce goes to the water filtration plant and finds Lucius, who says that they'll be under the threshold set by the government. Bruce tells him that he has an intoxicating perfume and sprays Lucius with it, and then tells him to shut down the plant for Ivy.

Barbara calls the gangs to Sirens and serves drinks, and then shares a toast to Jim rotting in Hell. Afterward, she tells Oswald that she's trying to keep the city from falling apart. She tells him that keeping the gangs under control is a backup plan, and then tells the gangs to agree to an immediate truce. When one gang leader threatens to shoot her and take her club, Barbara says that the drinks are poisoned. The leader falls over dead and Barbara tells the others that they will need the antidote if they go back to their territories and send her all of their guns. They hastily agree, and Oswald says that Jim will be pleased

Lucius prepares to pull the toxins in from the river and overload the filters. He and Bruce smile, and Bruce says that Ivy will be happy. An alarm goes off signifying a security breach, and the two men spot Selina on the security monitors. Bruce says that he'll take care of her.

Harvey tells the officers that they have to find Ivy. An armed Victor comes in, says that Ivy is already there, and opens fire. The officers take cover, and Victor says that Ivy freed him and explains that he's a distraction while she kills Jim. He then realizes that he shouldn't have told them that and keeps shooting.

Lee and Alfred hear the gunshots and Alfred goes to investigate.

Jim is sitting in his cell, and Harvey offers him a drink. He says that it's Jim's wake, and all of the people Jim has killed are there. Jim says that he wants to protect his children, and Will appears in the cell and tells Jim that he trusted him. When Jim tells him that he did his best, Will says that his best is never good enough and says that it's time to leave.

In the real world, Jim flatlines and Lee prepares a shot of adrenaline. Ivy comes in and Lee grabs a scalpel, and Ivy says that she'll have to settle for killing Lee.

Victor continues shooting as Alfred arrives and takes cover with Harvey. Harvey tells them to give him cover while he gets to the storeroom.

Lee and Ivy fight, and Ivy explains that Gotham has a chance to be born anew. She grabs Lee and says that she'll kill Jim and Bruce will take care of the rest. Lee grabs a gun and shoots Ivy, who says that the pain is nothing compared to what Jim is going to fell. Ivy destroys the syringe of adrenaline and runs out.

Bruce finds Selina and says that Ivy has given him a purpose. They fight and Bruce says that the plants will adapt while the people die. She says that he was going to leave Gotham anyway but knocks him to the ground and asks him what the rest of them are going to do. Bruce says that he's okay and they have to stop Lucius. They go to the control room and Lucius says that Ivy will be mad if they stop the shutdown. Selina kicks Lucius in the head and Bruce stops the shutdown, and he says that Ivy is heading for the GCPD.

Harvey puts on Edward's protective suit and confronts Victor. Victor opens fire and Harvey goes down, but then gets back up and tackles Victor.

Lee administers CPR and tells Jim to fight for himself.

Will leads Jim to an electric chair and says that it's time. Jim sits in the chair and Lee appears holding their child.

She holds it out to Jim, who says that he doesn't know if he can. Lee drops the baby on the floor, says goodbye, and disappears. Jim yells that he wants to leave, but Will says that it's too late and pulls the switch. Screaming, Jim wakes up in the lab and tells Lee that he felt like he almost died. Lee tells him that he came back to her, and Jim says that he needs her. Jim then whispers a question to her.

One Month Later

At the GCPD, Harvey and Jim go out on a stage. Bruce and Selina watch from the audience, and Bruce starts to talk about what Selina said when she was fighting him at the plant. Lee comes in, interrupting Selina's response. Harvey talks about meeting Jim when he was a detective and admits that Jim is his only friend. He says that Jim and Lee met each other and that is a beautiful thing, and unites them in marriage. Bruce looks thoughtfully at Selina and then kisses her.

In his office, Oswald tells Barbara that she held Gotham together so Jim and Lee could marry. He figures that she saw a chance to show Jim that she changed, but warns her that he'll always see her as a dangerous woman keeping his child from her. Oswald warns that Jim will hunt her to the ends of the earth, and Barbara says, "Let him".

Written by Gadfly on Mar 8, 2019

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