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Stand and Deliver Recap

Manchester, Menagerie, Hat, and the Morae leave a bar and Hat says that once they take down Ben, they should get back to the real task at hand. Manchester insists that it is the real task at hand. As the others leave on their appointed task, Menagerie goes after a passing woman to feed. They go into a parking garage, and Supergirl and Dreamer confront Menagerie. J'onn arrives and blocks Menagerie's symbeast, and demands to know where the others are. She refuses to tell them, and J'onn angrily demands to know where Manchester is.

Ben gives a press statement accepting the Presidential appointment. He promises that humans no longer need live in fear, and Hat opens fire on him from a balcony above. As Ben's bodyguard Quentin gets him to cover, Manchester joins in as everyone takes cover, and Supergirl flies down and blocks his shot. Hat teleports them away before Supergirl and J'onn can stop them.

The next day, James watches reports on the attack. Eve comes in with coffee in response to James' invitation, and he says that he received a report about L-Corp's black budget. Eve claims that they use the black budget to protect proprietary research and there's nothing wrong, and says that Lena is trying to make things better between humans and aliens. She offers to email James the budget so he can see for himself, promising that they're one of the good guys.

Haley checks in with Lena and tells her that she was informed Lena isn't testing her volunteers. Lena warns that human trials are too great a risk, and Haley says that she needs her soldiers super as quickly as possible. She warns that time isn't a luxury, and Lena says that she won't risk the agents' lives and needs more time. Haley accepts that--for the moment--and walks out past Eve. Eve tells Lena that there's something they need to discuss, but Lena says that they need to focus on the serum.

Kara flies to J'onn's office and tells him and Dreamer that she's been unable to find the Elite. They hand Menagerie over to the DEO, and Brainiac-5 tells Alex and Haley about the supervillain's capture. Haley figures that Supergirl bought them time and Alex has been reassigned to protect Ben. When Alex objects, Haley tells her that extremists are out to kill Ben and doing so would fracture the country. Once Haley leaves, Ben goes over, tells Alex that she's stuck with him, and heads to his press conference.

Kara and J'onn watch Dreamer as she tries to locate the Elite, and J'onn admits that Manchester makes him feel like he's losing control. Kara assures him that it's normal for some people to press other people's buttons.

As Alex reviews the security procedures, Ben says that it's good to have a human in charge of the DEO. When she comments that he created a traitor in the DEO, Ben says that history will prove him right. The press conference begins and Ben says that he's trying to repeal the Alien Amnesty Act. People watch the broadcast as Ben says that humans have suffered and he proposes that they send the "invaders" back to the planet they came from. Ben invites everyone to the rally tomorrow where he intends to share his plans. Kara and J'onn watch, and Kara figures that Ben is begging eh Elite to attack him. Dreamer wakes up and says that the Elite will attack from the same balcony where they attacked Ben the previous night.

Haley calls Brainiac-5 over and tells him to hack into a message board to locate "AmericanAlien", who is trying to set up an anti-protest watch. Brainiac-5 wonders if Haley wants to stop the march, and she warns that it's a powder keg. When Brainiac-5 checks the message board, he discovers that AmericanAlien is skilled at covering his tracks.

Supergirl and J'onn go to the balcony and find a Morae claw that J'onn can use to track the alien.

Manchester, Hat, and Morae teleport to the Fortress and find the key. It's made of dwarf star, and Hat uses anti-gravity gauntlets from his hat to lift it. They open the door and go inside to search the place.

Alex goes to Kara's apartment and explains that she's in charge of Ben's security, and complains that she should be searching for the Elite. Kara assures her that Supergirl will find her, and tells Alex that heroes make tough decisions to keep people safe. Alex notes that Haley said the same thing, and Kara agrees to have takeout with her.

Manchester tells Hat that they'll rescue Menagerie once they find a weapon to take down Supergirl. Hat finds a crystal and says that it will let it activate all of their alien brothers and sisters. Manchester isn't impressed and insists that killing Ben is the revolution, not freeing the aliens. Hat reminds him that they're trying to change the world, not go on suicide runs to avenge their loved ones. His friend points out that he stuck up with him and figures that Hat should do the same. Disgusted, Manchester leaves with the Morae and Hat teleports off on his own.

J'onn tries to locate the Morae telepathically and discovers that something is blocking him. Dreamer joins her power with his and they see Manchester and Morae in the Fortress. Manchester finds a device and attaches it to his belt, and Dreamer snaps back to reality and says that they have to tell Supergirl.

Supergirl, Dreamer, and J'onn arrive at the Fortress. Dreamer and Supergirl confront the Morae and bring it down. J'onn chases Manchester, who opens fire on him with a blaster. The Martian lets it phase through him, and Manchester enters a portal filled with bright light and apparently disintegrates.

Later at the DEO, the agents lock the Morae away. Brainiac-5 tells Haley that he hasn't found AmericanAlien and the march's head count is over a thousand. He questions whether they should interfere with the march, and Haley points out that there have been numerous marches where people have died. Haley warns Brainiac-5 that anything that goes wrong will fall on them, and tells Brainiac-5 to coordinate with Ben on security.

At J'onn's office, Kara explains that a baby sun-eater was kept in the room Manchester ducked into. J'onn says that he can't feel Manchester's rage anymore, and admits that he feels relief. He says that they have to find Hat and goes to look for him psychically, and Kara tells Dreamer that they'll monitor the news for reports.

James is speaking with a forensic accountant when he hears one of his reporters, Franklin, tell his SO that he'll be safe covering the march. His head says that they have to show everyone the humanity in the protestors and good journalism can impact millions. Franklin thanks him for the advice and James offers to go with him.

Brainiac-5 joins Dreamer and Kara, and J'onn says that Hat is hiding in the Fifth Dimension. The Legionnaire asks about his Legion ring, J'onn admits that he doesn't, and Brainiac-5 says that they should be at the march. Dreamer and Kara say that they're going there... to patrol. Brainiac-5 tells Kara that it would mean a lot to have Supergirl there. She says that she's better on patrol, and Brainiac-5 admits that he's AmericanAlien and what gave him strength was fighting with them, not his ring. Brainiac-5 insists that they're stronger together and they can make a difference, and explains that they shouldn't forget who they are. Dreamer says that they're ready, and Brainiac-5 tells Kara to remember that Supergirl is a citizen of Earth like the rest of them.

Later at the rally, Ben's followers applaud. James and Franklin are in the audience covering Ben's speech as he says that they're there to reunite as human Americans and repeal the Alien Amnesty Act. Outside, protestors arrives and Brainiac-5 is with them. He tells Haley over the radio that he's in a position to monitor the march. Supergirl spots Quentin and flies down, and Quentin says that the aliens shouldn't get rights because they're there to harm her. When Supergirl says that she came to Earth as a refuge just like the aliens, Quentin man says that she's a superhero and Supergirl says that she's just like them.

Ben starts chanting that it's "us or them" and the crowd joins in.

Supergirl joins the protestors and says that she's just Kara Zor-El, citizen of Earth. Nia arrives with her friends and they all go in.

Ben insists that letting the aliens come to Earth is an act of species-wide self-sabotage. The protestors come in and Ben says that they will take their planet back from the aliens. One audience member throws a can, and Kara tells everyone to stand their ground. Alex leads Ben off the stage, saying that he's the threat.

Manchester and Hat enter the basement of the hall, and Manchester thanks Hat for coming back for him and teleporting him away from the sun-eater. Coming out using an image projector, Manchester says that they should kill the alien-haters, and uses the device he stole earlier to fly up and then smashing down on the stage. Everyone panics and runs out, and Manchester tells the aliens to take the power back.

The heroes realize that Manchester survived the sun-eater, and Kara has Brainiac-5 and Nia clear the area. She goes after Hat and J'onn says that he'll deal with Manchester. Manchester taunts him and uses his hologram projector, and J'onn goes after hm.

Brainiac-5 confronts Hat as he hands out weapons to the protestors, and the two of them fight. Supergirl arrives, knocks out Hat, and puts power-suppressing manacles on him. She tells Brainiac-5 to get Hat to the DEO, and Brainiac-5 put the hat on.

Alex deals with the audience members attacking the aliens. Dreamer blasts one CoL member as he attacks Franklin, Franklin thanks her and says that it's good to have another superhero in National City.

J'onn confronts Manchester and says that Manchester is glad to have Fiona out of the way to provide an excuse. The force field device Manchester puts on earlier protects him, and J'onn punches it repeatedly and then knocks Manchester unconscious. The hologram fades to reveal that a CoL was posing as Manchester. Manchester watches from a catwalk, figures that they're seeing each other more clearly, and leaves.

The holograms of Manchester disappear. James takes photos of the two sides fighting and the "humanity" of the aliens as they help each other. Supergirl reunited a mother with her child, and the police coming in to break up the fighting. Quentin talked to earlier helps an alien and thanks Supergirl, and she thanks him. Supergirl then looks over at Alex, and they both look at Brainiac-5.

Later at CatCo, Kara tells Nia and James that she changed some minds. Protests in Gotham and Metropolis were peaceful, and the two women admire James' photos. James says that the real credit goes to Supergirl and Dreamer and he wants to do an interview with them. Ben gives a televised statement saying that he and the President will hold Congressional hearings before they continue repealing the Act.

At the DEO, Haley tells Alex that Ben is a bureaucrat with powers he doesn't understands. She congratulates Alex on putting her duty before her politics, and tells Brainiac-5 that AmericanAlien turned out to be one of the good guys. Brainiac-5 and Alex admit that Haley is confounding.

Haley tells Lean that her ex is an excellent photographer and Lena has time to take the night off. Once the colonel leaves, Lena worries to Eve that tomorrow may be too late.

J'onn returns home and tries to telepathically find Manchester. He promises to find Manchester like a Manhunter, transforms to his Martian self, and flies off.

At the apartment, Alex tells Kara how she strong-armed Ben at the rally. Alex admits that she was inspired by Supergirl's presence and followed her beliefs, not the rules. Kara says that no matter who they are, every voice matters. They share a toast to the good guys winning in the end.

In his office, James is leaving when his phone rings. As he turns back to answer it, someone shoots him and James goes down.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 11, 2019

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