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Paw Patrol Recap

New Jersey, 1977

At a punk club, skinheads and clubbers are dancing on the floor. Jane is among them, and gets knocked to the floor. Two skinheads call her a spic, and she beats them. A fight breaks out and Jane takes on a half-dozen men. Once they're down, she screams in triumph and the club joins her. A policeman knocks her out and they take her to a mental hospital. They toss her cursing into a room and one of the orderlies, Frank, tells her that no matter how many times she tries to get away, she's going to end up back there. He kicks her and starts to go, and Jane tauntingly says that he's scum just like her. Chaz goes back and continues beating her.


The people of Cloverton watch the Decreator's eye in the sky while Ezekiel the Cockroach promises that they'll be free of the blight of humanity. The news reporter stares at the eye in shock, realizes that it's looking at her, and fades out of existence. Objects and people decreate, and Ezekiel boasts of flourishing in humanity's absent and talks to a rat about making cheese.

At Doom Manor, Vic grabs Willoughby and demands to know how to stop the Decreator. He says that they can't stop the Decreator once it's been summons. Rita goes to find Elliott and admits to Larry that she has to know if the boy is okay. Once she leaves, Willoughby tells Larry that they could have saved humanity if they had killed Elliott like he said. The mage says that he doesn't know how long they have until the world is decreated, and his drink decreates.

In Nurnheim, Mother Archon tells a young Kay that she has nothing to be afraid of because they are in a chosen place to watch as the world disappears bit by bit. Nurnheim will be the last place to be decreated. Young Kay picks up Cliff's brain and says that she doesn't want to be Kay anymore. Mother Archon says that she doesn't remember if she had a child like Kay once.

Once Cliff is changed back, he walks out with Penny Farthing. He throws a snowball in frustration and it hits a class wall. Going to the wall, Cliff realizes that they're in a snow globe in Doom Manor.

Morden is watching the entire thing through a telescope and refuses to accept that it's the end. Niles is twirling around him and says that they can stop it, and Morden stops him and asks what he knows about the Decreator. Niles says that he's amused that Morden has realized the limits of his omniscience, and explains that the Decreator is a creation of decades of unwavering belief. They need it to by building a new religion with someone charismatic and powerful enough to protect the believers. He figures that they need to find a specific version of Jane and then someone else working in the past and present. Morden agrees to team up with Niles and snaps his fingers.


Jane dances in the club.


Jane is strapped down in a gurney and is given an injection. Her body glows with power.


Jane arrives at Doom Manor, and Rita greets her.


Jane is strapped to a gurney and Dr. Bertrand tells her to repeat the therapy and say that she'll behave. She insists that she didn't do anything, and Bertrand grabs her by the throat and insists that he's trying to help her. If she doesn't then he'll have the very bad piece of her cut out. Jane curses him and Bertrand asks her about Kate Challis. She goes silent and Bertrand says that her real papers came in. He asks how Kay became Jane, and figures that a "monster" was responsible. He asks what the monster's name was, and Kay sobs. After a moment, her hair and eyes change color as she becomes Harrison, and she asks if his mother had a name. Jane diagnoses him , asking if he feels insecure and then asks what his mother called her when he went crying into her arms. Harrison wonders how he lives with his self-loathing as Bertrand breaks into tears, and describes his impulse to jab his pen into his eye over and over again. Bertrand raises the hand with the pen, and Harrison tells him that he's finally free to act as he likes.

Harrison says that her world was big and filled with monsters, but now the world is small and she's the monster. Time freezes and Morden says that Harrison's performance is a bravura one. He frees Harrison and says that he's God, and they have a world to save.


Cliff pounds on the glass but nothing happens. Penny figures that it won't work, and Cliff complains that it's not his life. She tells him to shut up, saying that she doesn't want to be stuck in a snow globe with a brute. Penny says that Jane isn't the only one with hopes and dreams and emotions, and Cliff says that he just wants to spend his last moments with his daughter. Hammerhead takes over, tells Cliff that he doesn't get to make orders, and walks off.

Rita finds Elliot sitting out on the lawn, staring up at the Decreator's eye. He tells Rita that he imagined that it would look different, and blames himself for everyone dying. Elliot tells Rita that she should have let him die, and Rita insists that she wasn't going to let someone else die for everything. She says that the world and people in it are garbage, but she figured that they both deserve a break. Rita suggests that they do something special and asks what he's always wanted to do. As Elliot considers her questions, he decreates and Rita cries, struggling to hold her form. She looks up and sees Niles walking into Doom Manor.

Once the team gathers together, they watch Niles go through the drawers in his study. Niles mentions up when Vic mentions Mr. Nobody, and tells them that he and Nobody have a plan in motion. He admits that he had no choice, and Willoughby assures him that he doesn't have to apologize and asks what needs to be done.


Harrison walks through a hospital, and Nobody tells her that she needs to form a cult around Elliott. When he turns 18, they need to chant the words on his body and that will create the Recreator to fight the Decreator. Harrison isn't impressed, and Nobody says that she can use it to challenge her powers of influence. He asks if she's up for the challenge.


Hammerhead goes through the streets of Nurnheim trying to find a door that opens. All of the doorknobs break off, and Grant asks who the girl was so he can thank her. Hammerhead says that he's never going to talk to Young Kay again, and tells him that he doesn't know her.

Willoughby talks to Niles privately and they drink, and Niles points out that the last time they met Willoughby abandoned him in a cave in Istanbul. Niles insists that they have to prepare the Rewritten Book and summon the Recreator. Rita overhears them and complains that they're going to use Elliot, and Willoughby summons Baphomet. Niles flirts with the horse demon and asks if she can see the Rewritten Book. She can't, and Niles asks her to try again.


The other orderly, Ferdinand, goes to Jane's room and yells at her that he's coming in. A minute later Harrison walks him out and uses her superpowered charm to convince him that the Recreator cares about him. She goes through the hospital convincing the staff and patients to join the cult, and tells them to spread the word of the Recreator. Even Frank joins in chanting with the other cult members.


Vic is in the library treating his injuries, and Niles comes in and helps him. He asks what Silas thinks of it, and says that Vic shouldn't be there. Vic says that he came there because of Niles and wouldn't have worked with Willoughby if he had known Niles was allying with the dark side. The teenager insists that he knows the difference between good and evil, and figures that Niles isn't himself. Larry comes in and says that Willoughby sent Cliff and Jane to Nurnheim. As the others arrive, Niles picks up the snow globe and checks it. Willoughby tells him that Baphomet found the Rewritten Book and it isn't far from there.

The team drives the school bus to a suburban home and Niels waits on the bus with Larry while Willoughby, Rita, and Vic go inside. Larry tells Niles that the Negative Spirit put Elliot in harm's way and says that he saw the tape of the Spirit admitting that it sustains on torture. Niles admits that he didn't tell Larry because he didn't think he was ready, and explains that the Spirit feels tortured because Larry tortures himself. Larry wonders if Larry Trainor died years ago and he's in an afterlife, dragging everyone into his personal shitstorm. Every time the Spirit leaves him, he sees everyone burning because of him. Niles suggests that he talk to the Spirit.

Vic beats up and gags the supposed Rewritten Book, and Willoughby realizes that tattoos on him aren't the words.


Harrison tells the cult members that when the Decreator appears, the Rewritten Book must be read. One patient, Cheesesteak, suggests that they use a dog rather than a book.


Willoughby finds a pug in the next room.


The patients agree that the words should be invisible to hide it from the bad guys. Another patient, Marilyn, suggests that when they ring a bell, the writing appears. Harrison says that she's brilliant and hugs her, and tells Marilyn that she'll be the chosen one to find her and remind her of what must be done. She tells the other members to dance like there's a giant eye in the sky watching them.


The cult members arrive in Cloverton outside the house and dance. Larry wonders if it's part of the plan.

Cliff and Jane hear the music, and a door opens.

The ground shakes and the cult members decreate. Larry tells Niles that they have to go.

Marilyn comes out of the door and addresses Jane as Harrison, introducing herself. She explains that she traveled to Barcelona, cut open a priest, and entered a snow globe. Harrison's instructions gave her purpose, and now the world needs Jane to ring the bell in the nearby bell tower. Harrison manifests and hugs Marilyn, and Mother Archon and the Hoodmen arrive. Marilyn says that she'll deal with it, and Harrison and Cliff slip away while Marilyn keeps Mother Archon and the others distracted.

Willoughby and the others come out with the pug, and behind them the bus decreates.

Marilyn shoves her oxygen tank at Mother Archon and shoots it, and it explodes.

Cliff and Harrison go to the bell tower and see the explosion. Harrison rings the bell and the snow globe explodes. The words emanate from the pug and Willoughby reads them. The Recreator's Eye forms in the sky, and everything that was decreated comes back, recreated. The two eyes stare at each other.

Later at Doom Manor, Willoughby pours drinks and tells Niles that if he helped Niles with Nobody then he'd have to admit that he likes him. He creates a portal and leaves, and Rita asks Niles if Elliott is back. Niles, smiling, tells her to go. Once she leaves, Niles tells Vic and Larry that a deal is a deal. Cliff and Harrison come in and Jane comes back. She runs to Niles but he gestures her back and Nobody tells Niles that it's time to come. Time slows down and Nobody promises that he won't hurt the group and then teleports Niles away. Vic's sonic cannon is still charging and explodes when time goes back to normal. The teenager warns that his cybernetic body will send an SOS to Silas, and Cliff activates it despite Vic's pleas not to.

In Cloverton, the Eyes disappear and everyone cheers.

Rita sits out on the manor, staring off into space.

Cliff looks at a phot of his old self.

Vic watches his body self-repair. Silas calls and Vic refuses to take it.

Larry wakes up and finds Sheryl in his bed. She wonders what he's done and reveals that the right side of her face is burned. Larry wakes up from his nightmare and holds himself.


Bertrand and Frank take Harrison to an OR to prepare her for a lobotomy. The doctor reveals that he's using ear plugs, making Harrison unable to use her powers on him. Frank handcuffs Jane to a bar in the back of a van and leaves with Bertrand. Niles is in the driver's seat and asks who he's meeting. He directs her to the keys and she uses them to free herself. Niles tells her that she'll have to join him in the cab because he can't move very well, and says that he's taking her to a safe place to heal. Jane steps forward and Niles cuts the hospital wrist band off, and assures her that she'll never have to wear one again. Nobody speaks in Harrison's mind, saying that he needs her to look for something once the Apocalypse has been neutralized.


Jane is painting and a name appears in her mind. She wonders what the "Doom Patrol" is.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 16, 2019

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