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Star City 2040 Recap

In a house in the woods, Felicity goes into labor and gives birth. Afterward, the mid-wife brings her and Oliver their new daughter baby.

As Mia grows up, Nyssa trains her in hand-to-hand fighting. One day Mia finally defeats her and Nyssa says that she's ready. She gives Mia a bow and arrow, and Mia shoots it for the first time.

One night, Mia comes home from shopping and calls to Felicity. There's no answer, and Mia grabs a knife and checks the house. Felicity comes up behind Mia and congratulates her on her instincts, and explains that she was on the phone to Smoak Tech. Mia suggests that they go into Star City, and Felicity warns that it's not safe for them despite Oliver's reputation as a hero.

Later, Mia is shooting an arrow in the house and hits a framed photo of the family. The arrow sinks into the wall and triggers a hidden panel. Mia goes in and finds a computer room projecting photos of Felicity, William, Oliver, and others. A self-destruct activates and Felicity arrives to shut it down. She explains that there is a corrupt company in the Glades that she's exposing, and Mia figures that she's a vigilante. Mia complains that Felicity said that they had to hide there because Oliver was Arrow, and Felicity explains that she and Oliver vowed to keep fighting to make city safer for Mia. She insists that vigilantes aren't criminals like everyone says, but Mia doesn't believe her and says that she doesn't know who Felicity is anymore.

Later, Mia goes to Star City and leaves a note for Felicity telling her what she's doing. She gets a tattoo of a black star and hears prize fighting going on in the adjoining building. Mia starts fighting for money.


William finds Mia doing handstand pushups and asks if she's ready to go into the Glades with him. They ascend the wall around the Glades because the tunnels might be compromised, and Mia reminds him that once they get into the Glades they'll have to move fast and find Felicity. She says that she didn't bring the others because they're vigilantes, and William insists that they're not as bad as people say.

At the bunker, Roy tells Dinah and Zoe that William and Mia have left. Zoe has checked the computer records and discovered that the police record is missing, and Dinah says that she has a contact in the police: Anson. Dinah goes there and confronts Anson out the station, and says that he can't help her. She says that she needs info on Felicity's death. When Anson tries to walk off, Roy and Zoe step out. Anson says that Eden Corps paid the SCPD to fake Felicity's death. Eden Corps doesn't want anyone to know that their active, and says that Galaxy One is their front. Roy realizes that Anson's radio is on, and Anson punches him. In response, Roy beats Anson until Dinah pulls him off, saying that it's time to go.

William and Mia go to Galaxy One, at the coordinates that Felicity provided. They go in as an executive and his assistant, and William says that he's changed his last name and should get through. He goes through and the guard insists that she go through the scanner. The guard draws a gun on him, but Connor comes out, flashes his badge, and says that Mia is one of his. Once they're through, Connor explains that he works for Knightwatch and had to keep it a secret. Mia grabs him and says that he lied to her, and Connor assures her that everything between them was real. William tells Mia that they're drawing attention, and Connor explains that there are secret sublevels and he can't get access. William is meeting with the man who runs the place, Kevin Dale, and says that he'll steal his DNA so they can gain access. When William says that he can't do it, Mia says that she'll handle it.

The trio return to the bunker and find Rene there. He complains that Zoe is working with the Canaries and is surprised that Roy is still alive. Zoe figures that Rene is working with Galaxy One Corps, and he insists that the bombs are part of the reformation of Star City and everyone will be evacuated. Dinah tells him that he's being played and that Eden Corps paid the SCPD to fake Felicity's death. Rene insists that Galaxy has been altruistic, and the others tell him to open his eyes. He asks them to let it go, but Zoe tells him that the father she knew was a hero and wouldn't have let it go, and she hasn't forgotten that hero even if he has. Disappointed, Rene leaves.

William and Mia meet with Kevin in his office and ask for Kevin. While William asks for intel about a company that Galaxy is working with. Kevin asks him about one of his secrets, and while William draws Kevin away and talks about Emerald Investors, Mia takes a DNA sample from Kevin's coffee cup. She then tells William that they have an issue back at the office and they quickly leave.

At the bunker, Zoe continues searching for the bombs and figures that the bombs are stored at Galaxy. Dinah says that it can't be easy knowing that Rene is involved, and Zoe insists that she's fine.

Connor takes William and Mia to an unlisted elevator with access to the sublevels. They use the DNA sample to gain access and go down. Mia tells William to stay in the elevator while she and Connor prepare to go in, she says that Emerald Investors was one of Felicity's cover identities. Mia and Connor take out the guards, and Felicity appears in a cell and says that she told them not to come. She explains that the coordinates were supposed to lead Roy and Dinah to the bombs.

Connor releases Felicity using the DNA sample, and William and Felicity hug. She says that she can't leave until she disables the bombs, and Mia is disgusted that she'd rather play hero than be a mother. Mia tells Felicity to be a hero, and Felicity says that being a hero is putting other people's safety above one's own as well as the family. Felicity explains that that she tried to protect Mia but can't leave, and William says that he's staying to help. he tells Mia that Felicity is right and they head to the next sublevel. Connor gives them the DNA scanner, and Felicity and William go.

The duo enter the sublevel and head for the explosives. There are three heat signatures heading straight toward them, and Zoe, Roy, and Dinah drop down from the ceiling. Dinah embraces Felicity, and Felicity says that she had to be Calculator to infiltrate Eden Corps. She explains that Mia is like Oliver, and William confirms that the path is clear between them and the bombs.

Connor tells Mia that he's there to back her up, and Mia complains that he lied to her and thought that she needed protection. He insists that he cares about her and knew she'd hate him the moment he told her the truth. Connor says that he knows it sucks to have heroes as parents, and he eventually realized that he was proud of his parents and they have to learn to share their parents. He got to choose whether to be a hero, and Mia didn't choose until the day. Mia isn't impressed, and Connor tells her not to let Felicity's mistakes influence her choices.

Mia and Connor join the others as they find the vault with the bombs. They go into the chamber and find it empty. Rene steps in and says that they're already offsite, stares at Felicity in shock, and says that they were all right and the attack on Star City is happening that night and there is no plan to evacuate. Kevin was planning to blame the bombing on Felicity, and says that Zoe reminded him of who he was. Mia wonders why they should believe him, and Felicity explains that Mia is her daughter. The bombs are set to go off during the fireworks in 30 minutes. Felicity figures that she can access the bomb via wi-fi, and they realize the cube Kevin was toying with is the control device. Kevin will be at the celebration, and Rene says that he'll get them in.

At the celebration, the group go in wearing masks to blend in with the masked celebrants. They search for Kevin and everyone is wearing clothing with computer chips so they can touch people and identify Kevin via the chips in their clothing. The group find people and Mia brushes against Kevin. He goes inside and Mia goes after him into his office. Kevin is holding the cube and wonders who Mia is, and she tells him to hand the cube over. Guards surround her and Mia removes her mask and fights them while Kevin leaves

Once the guards are down, Mia goes out and loses Mia in the crowd. The bombs are two minutes away, and Rene says that he knows how to thin out the crowd. Rene tells Dinah and Roy to reveal that their vigilantes, and then yells that they're vigilantes. The guards attack them, while Mia spots Kevin. Connor tosses her a bow, and she shoots an exploding arrow into the wall next to Kevin. The signal deactivates the bomb and the fireworks go off safely, and the team leaves.

The next day, Rene broadcasts a statement saying that Arsenal, Black Canary, and Calculator were responsible for the attack and offers a $10 million reward for any information leading to their capital. The team is watching in the bunker, and Zoe says that she understands why her father did what he did. Felicity says that the best way to take down Galaxy is from the inside, and explains that the purpose of the bombing was to remake Star City in the Glades' image. Then he'll use the new Star City as a proof of concept to take the Archer program global. Felicity thanks William for coming in response to her signal and says that she doesn't deserve it. Mia storms out, and Felicity tells William and Connor that it's her, not them.

Rene visits Kevin outside Felicity's former cell, and Rene insists that he wants the vigilantes dead. Kevin points out that the vigilantes knew things only Rene knew, and he says that if Kevin had kept him in the loop then he might not have kept Felicity in the same building. Kevin shows Rene a cybernetic helmet and says that it will let them take Archer global and take down the vigilantes for good.

Felicity follows Mia into her apartment and says that he wishes he could take Mia away from it all but it's not her decision to make. Mia says that she learned everything she could about the vigilantes and realizes that what Felicity had told her was true. She spent the past few years hating vigilantes because she hated Felicity, and understands why Felicity wanted to protect her. Felicity tells her that she's so much like Oliver and is proud of her, and Mia asks why her stopping Galaxy is personal. Her mother says that Galaxy is on her.


In the present, Felicity brings Archer online for the first time.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 19, 2019

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