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The Book of the Apocalypse: Chapter Two: The Omega Recap

Peter gets out of his van and runs to where Jennifer is lying, glowing with energy. Lala shoots at the ground at Peter's feet and then asks if he's with Tobias. Peter insists that he's not and Lala leaves, and Peter grabs Jennifer with protective gloves and calls Black Lighting and Thunder in. He tells Jennifer to go to her safe space, and Perenna appears and says that she's a manifestation of Jennifer's mind and tells her to get out. Jennifer says that she needs help, and "Perenna" tells her to learn how to control her power and get out.

Jennifer controls her powers, and Peter passes out from exposure to Jennifer's energy. Black Lightning arrives and confirms that Peter has a pulse. Thunder drives up while Black Lightning calls Lynn and says tells her what happened. His older daughter says that bad and she can give him a shot for pain.

Cutter takes Tobias back to his penthouse after Lala attacks the warehouse. The DA announces that there are no charges for the cops that shot Cape Guy, and Tobias figures his death is an opportunity. He can make the community react with a push while he sends his metas to get the pods. Tobias has Cutter sends Coldsnap to frame the city's main generator so that Black Lightning can't take the power from it.

Black Lightning checks the warehouse for any clues that Tobias might have left behind. Thunder and Jennifer take Peter to the sanctum and call their father, and Black Lightning continues his search. He finds the pods with the pod kids and tells Lynn. As she heads there, Odell watches her go.

Anissa tells Jennifer that Peter is fine and tells her to calm down while she deals with Peter's condition. Jennifer offers to go with Anissa out on the streets when she's Blackbird, and Anissa tells her to get her some medical supplies.

Tobias is playing chess against his sister Tori's portrait and talking to her. Cutter comes in and says that she's set off strategic violence across Freeland.

Jace draws a gun on Black Lightning, but Lynn arrives and attacks her. They fight and Lynn beats the scientist. Jace says that Lynn can't turn her over to the ASA because Odell will have her killed, and offers to give them information about the Masters of Disaster in return for police protection. Black Lightning says that he'll see what he can do, and Jace figures that he has a high-level connection with the police,. Lynn tells Black Lightning not to trust Jace until she gives them what they want. Once Jace does, Bill and his men arrive and take her into custody.

Odell enters the warehouse and asks how the kids are. He says that he's going to move them to the ASA Lab before the Markovians recover them during the chaos.

Riots occur throughout Freeland, and in the sanctum Anissa confirms that Perter is getting stronger. Jennifer is watching the riots on TV, and Anissa says that people are trying to get the attention of the powers-that-be.

Bill arrives at the station and takes Jace in. The power goes out throughout the city, and the emergency generators kick in at the sanctum. Anissa figures that people will get even crazier on the streets and she needs to be out there. Peter staggers out and says that he tried to help Jennifer because she's part of his family. He calls Black Lightning and says that he has to come in, warning that without an energy supply he's going to go down soon. Black Lightning cuts the comm link, and Anissa goes to help him. Peter grabs guns and heads for the power generator, and Jennifer insists on going with him. He tells her that she needs to control her emotions, and Anissa promises to do whatever he says. Peter gives in and the two of them leave.

Jace is in a cell and hears gunshots. Instant shoots his way into the cell block and teleports into her cell. He says that she's wanted in Markovia and Jace offers him double what they're paying. Bill and more officers move in, and Instant says that he doesn't renegotiate, grabs Jace, and teleports away just as the officers arrive.

Tobias looks out on the burning city and tells Tori that when he rebuilds the city, it will be just the way he wants it.

New Wave and Heatwave take out the police. Black Lightning and Thunder arrive to fight them, the two sides square off.

At his church, the dying Holt gets out of his wheelchair and says that the church will serve as a place of sanctuary during the riots.

Black Lightning fights Heat Wave and Thunder battles New Wave. Coldsnap and Shockwave arrive to attack Black Lightning. The four villains overwhelm the two heroes, but Lala arrives and shoots Heatwave as he attacks Black Lightning. He says that he saw Black Lightning was running out of power and figures the streets need Black Lightning, and his only goal is to kill Tobias. Lala walks off as Black Lightning goes to help Thunder.

At the power plant, Peter takes out Tobias' men and has Jennifer melt the ice on the generator without destroying the generator. The lights are stored throughout the city, and Black Lightning powers up and frees himself from Coldsnap's ice. He then breaks the water bubble holding Thunder, and together they take down the remaining three MODs.

Tobias grabs the SA case and prepares to release the pods. Cutter tries to stop him and he chokes her, and she cuts him with her knives. After a moment she lowers her knife and says that she's leaving him. Tobias goes back to the case and activates the pods.

The ASA agents prepare to move the pods. They open and Lynn warns the agents not to touch them. Odell orders his men to stand down, and the pod kids stagger out. Black Lightning and Thunder arrive, and Lynn tells them via radio that the kids aren't fully awake and could be erratic. Dazed, the kids walk past the heroes, and Black Lightning and Thunder find Lynn with the pods. Lynn says that Odell and his people left. Peter radios saying that Odell will want the pod kids, and Lynn tracks the signal from the briefcase that opened the pods. Once she has coordinates, Black Lighting and Thunder head there.

In Peter's van, Jennifer recognizes the coordinates and uses her powers to fly out the back of the van to Tobias' address.

Tobias tells Tori's portrait that once he kills Black Lightning he'll collect the meta-humans. Lala comes in and says that it's about time to kill Tobias. He uses his post-hypnotic command on Lala but it doesn't work. Lala shoots him and Tobias shrugs off the bullet, and Tobias says another command that causes the tattoos on Lala to burn. Lala punches Tobias and breaks his hands, and Tobias explains that he's the one who brainwashed him. He explains that the second command ignited Lala's tattoos as Lala writhes in pain and passes out. Tobias says that he'll have him buried in concrete, and Jennifer smashes in through the window and says that she's Lightning.

As Lightning blasts Tobias into the air, Black Lightning arrives and tells Lightning to stop because she doesn't deserve to be a cold-blooded killer. He tries to cut off her lightning rein but can't stop her. Lightning finally stops rather than let Black Lightning die, and Black Lightning remembers watching Tobias killing his father. Black Lightning comes at them, and Black Lightning and Lightning levitate him into the air and drop him. Black Lightning then takes on Tobias and they fight. The hero finally knocks Tobias out.

Holt goes on the radio and Internet and says that he's coming to people through God. he says that he was struck down by the evil in Freeland, and tells the people that Black Lightning and Thunder come from God to protect and inspire them.

Black Lightning and Thunder go through the streets quelling the riots.

Bill drives through the streets and sees the chaos.\

Holt promises his congregation that Freeland will rise again.

Odell looks at three of the subjects in their pods: Wendy, Issa, and Khalil.

Tobias is taken to The Pit with a collar nullifying his strength. The guard captain says that Tobias doesn't get a lawyer and has been declared a clear threat to the nation. The Pit is a black site, and Tobias will never escape.

At home, Jennifer and Lynn make supper and Jennifer tells Jeff that she's proud of him. Lynn wonders if she's joking, and Jennifer says that Jeff handled his business. Anissa comes in and jokes about Jeff's cooking, and Jennifer and Lynn join in. Jeff sits down, crying, and says that he's happy that everyone is there and safe. He explains that he worries all the time and wants to take them all somewhere far away from Freeland, but he can't and he feels guilty. They have family dinners and so many people in Freeland don't, and he holds his breath until his family is there and he's not the only one. Jeff assures his family that he's happy, and they dance to the music on the radio. Odell comes in and says that he knows who they all really are, and tells them that the Markovians have the largest stockpile of meta-humans on Earth. The Markovians have Jace and the concentration of meta-humans in Freeland make it a threat. Odell deputizes the three heroes to fight the Markovian War that is coming.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 19, 2019

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