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Don't Go in the Woods Recap

In Polk City, Iowa, two teenagers are making out near a restroom facility at a state park. The girl, Barbara, hears something and hesitates, and her boyfriend Tom insists that it's just the wind. The whistling noise becomes a melody, and the boy says that he's going to investigate. The local sheriff, Mason, opens the car door and asks what they're doing. As Tom and Mason argue about how it's Tom's mother's turn to have him, Barbara says that she's going to give them some time alone. She goes into the restroom and hears the melodic whistling, and a clawed hand grabs the top of the door. Tom and Mason hear her and Mason runs to investigate. He sees someone moving through the woods and starts to go after it but trips. Tom yells and when Mason goes back, he finds Tom kneeling over Barbara's body, her throat ripped out.

In the bunker, Sam is on the Internet when Dean comes in. Sam tells him about the dead girl, and how there have been reports of missing people back to at least 1943. Dean suggests that they investigate and Sam immediately agrees even though he said that he wanted to take some time off. He asks about Jack, and Dean says that Jack took out to stretch his legs. Dean tells Sam that he doesn't want Jack with them because he's gotten them in trouble with his powers in the past, and he wants to be sure that Jack is kay before they put him back in the field.

As Sam and Dean leave, they find Jack reading books. He realizes that they don't want him to come, and Dean claims that they don’t want to leave the bunker unmanned and want him to restock while they're gone. Jack agrees and the Winchesters leave.

When Sam and Dean arrive in Polk City, they talk to Mason. He dismisses Barbara's attacker as a coyote, and Sam and Dean insist on seeing the body. There are claw marks on the body and the skin around the bite marks on the neck appears burnt.

Jack goes into Lebanon and discovers that the store is closed, and Eliot, Max, and Stacy pull up nearby. They see Jack and try talking to him, and Eliot realizes that he lives with Sam and Dean. Eliot asks if they're fighting ghosts, and Jack tries to excuse himself. Max says that they know about the Hunter thing, and Stacy lets Jack into the store with her keys.

Tom visits Mason in his office sand says that he should talk to Barbara's parents. Mason tells his son that it's not a good idea, but Tom blames himself for Barbara's death. His father says that they all need some time.

The three teenagers watch Jack as he shops, and Max and Stacy talk about how they feel bad for him. Eliot chats with Jack and says that he's been reading up on Hunters. Jack says that there are all kinds of monsters, and Eliot wants Jack to be his best friend. Stacy admits that Eliot has been obsessed with monsters since finding about them, and Max suggests that he hang out with them. They invite him to the Stoke place, an old farmhouse outside of town, Jack thinks that he'd like that.

At the sheriff's station, Sam does research and finds a reference to Kohonta, a Native American legend of a twisted creature that spits up stomach acid when it feeds.

That night, two hikers are out in the Big Creek forest and hear the melodic whistling. The boy, Fitz, wants to hear back and sees a figure in the woods. He calls to the girl, Sara, who calls to the figure. Sara catches a glimpse of it and sees a hideous figure, and they run. Fitz trips and the creature leans over him, drooling stomach acid on to the boy's face.

The next day, Tom tells Mason that he has to do something. A deputy comes in and says that there's a situation near Big Creek, and Tom figures that the killer got something else.

Sam and Dean go to Big Creek and talk to Sara, who describes the thing that attacked them. She says that they were attacked near the Parker cabin. Mason arrives and says that he's calling off the search parties because he's not going to waste time on a rabid coyote attack. He refuses to let Sam and Dean go into the woods, and they claim that they won't.

Max and Stacy are studying for the SATs and kiss. Eliot interrupts to tell them to go into the other room while he studies books on monsters. Jack arrives with a pile of books on monsters for Eliot, and hears the pop music playing on the radio. He has never heard modern music, and they invite him to sit down. Jack sees Stacy studying the SAT and wonders what it is, and claims that he was homeschooled. Eliot is reading about demons and says that he's killed one, and Max asks him how.

They go outside and Jack shows them an angel blade and how to use it. He tries to throw it and misses.

That night, Sam and Dean go out into the forest and Sam tells his brother that "Kohonta" means "whistler" and there's no lore on how to kill it. They hear the whistling and Mason arrives, training a shotgun on them. The Winchesters admit that they're not FBI and ask if the "Kohonta" means anything to him. Mason hesitantly says that it doesn't and they realize that he's lying. Dean disarms Mason and tells him they're not going into it.

Jack continues missing with the knife, and finally uses his powers to levitate it back to his hand and throws it. The teenagers are impressed, and Jack summons the dagger back to his hand and levitates it in front of him. He levitates it around, faster and faster. The teenagers tell him to stop, and Stacy tries to run and the dagger hits her in the stomach. Max tells Eliot to call 911 and snaps at Jack to stay away from Stacy. Jack says that he can fix it, pulls out the dagger, and heals the wound with his powers. Max hugs Stacy in relief, and Max and Eliot both tell Jack to stay away from Stacy and from them.

Dean explains that they're Hunters and what they do, and asks Mason about Kohonta. Mason says that the Kohonta is an old Indian legend and saw it on the night Barbara was killed. He explains that the Parker family was one of the first white settlers in the area, and their oldest son Henry survived during a harsh winter but he ate his family and went mad with hunger. When the Indians caught Henry, they cursed him to wander the woods always starving and if he didn't feed, his body would eat itself. The Indians bound the Kohonta to the woods and marked the trees to warn people away, but people forgot.

Sam and Dean insist that they know what they're doing, and Mason wonders why they don't tell people. Dean explains that people don't believe them, but Mason says that they could save lives. Sam says that people die even when they know what they're facing. Tom calls and says that he can't do it anymore, and tells his father that he's going to find it and kill it. Once Tom hangs up, Mason tells the Winchesters that the legends say that a silver blade through the heart will kill the Kohonta.

Tom goes out into the woods and hears the whistling. He tosses raw meat down. In the woods, the Kohonta stirs.

Sam, Dean, and Mason run through the woods looking for Tom.

Tom arrives at the Parker cabin, and the Kohonta attacks him. Mason arrives and attacks the creature, and Dean carries Tom out to safety. The Kohonta bites Mason in the shoulder, and Sam shoots the monster. They fight and as Dean returns, Mason grabs the silver blade and goes outside, and Dean taunts the Kohonta to come at him. When it follows him out the door, Mason stabs it with the silver blade and it dissolves in a matter of seconds. Mason confirms that Tom is alive but unconscious.

Later as the EMTs take Tom away, Mason tells his son that they got the "coyote". He then tells the Winchesters that he didn't know what to tell Tom. Sam suggests that he tell his son the truth because he deserves it. Mason has nothing to say to that.

As the Winchesters drive back to the bunker, Dean asks Sam if he thinks telling Tom the truth was the best idea. Sam points out that lying to Jack didn't help and wonders if Dean took care of it the right way. Jack said he was fine, and Sam points out that they told John the same thing when they were kids to make him happy.

The brothers arrive at the bunker and find Jack going through books. He asks how the hunt was, and says that he got the supplies except for the beer because he didn't have ID. The Winchesters tell Jack that they wanted to make sure that he's comfortable with his brothers. Dean admits that it was crappy that they lied to him but they decided to tell him the truth. Jack considers it and then says that he understands. He promises that he won't use his powers without permission. Dean goes to get some beer, and Jack says that nothing else happened while they were gone.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 22, 2019

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