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I Am Bane Recap

In a crude operating room, Eduardo wakes up as Strange prepares to work on him. Eduardo stares at his hand and makes a fist, and Walker tells him that she intends to keep her promise to him. Strange warns that the process will be lengthy and quite painful, and starts operating. He pumps a green chemical into Eduardo's body and Eduardo convulses in agony, and Walker tells him that he'll be reborn and be the bane of anyone who opposes them.

Harvey comes into Jim's office and tells him that General Wade's convoy has docked and it's on the way. Jim wonders how it will improve things, and Harvey tells him that they have to believe that. As they leave, Bruce reports that the water toxicity levels are dropping thanks to Lucius' filters, and Harvey says that Jim has a lot on his mind but they're all there because of him. The other officers applaud, and Jim tells them that they've all done good work but it's not over no matter what Wade says later.

Outside, Jim, Harvey, and Bruce greet Wade's convoy. Wade says that the Green Zone has apparently extended to the entire city, and has his people test the water toxicity levels.

Barbara drives to the docks where Edward and Oswald are working on the submarine. She has labor pains and Oswald tells her to go to the clinic to have her baby. Oswald claims that they won't leave without her, and Barbara warns them not to double-cross her and leaves. Once she leaves, Oswald and Edward prepare to launch.

Selina is going through shelves of objects and finds a book. Alfred congratulates her and they check the book. They find the plans for Wayne Manor and Alfred explains that they should build a new one just like the old one for after Gotham's reunification. He isn't really to let go of the past, and Selina says that she'd be willing to blow up her past. Alfred tells her that building a new manor might be his last service to Bruce, and then he will stand guard as he's always done.

Harvey worries that Wade might be working with Walker, and Jim sends Bruce to check on the analysis. Lee calls Jim and says that Barbara showed up and is in labor, and he'd better come quick. Jim hesitates and then says that he's okay and he'll be there as soon as he can. Before he cuts off, Jim tells Lee that he hangs up and Lee says the same. Bruce and Wade tell Jim that the water levels are good and reunification can happen. Jim says that it's the second best news that he's gotten.

A smoke grenade lands on the street and Jim orders everyone inside. A semi pulls up and the men inside open fire. Eduardo, wearing a bulletproof costume, comes out and easily smashes down the soldiers who come at him. Jim recognizes Eduardo, who says that he's not Eduardo anymore. His men shoot Jim, Bruce, and Wade with tranq darts, load them into the semi, and drive off before Harvey can stop them.

When Selina and Alfred arrive, Harvey tells them what happened and mobilizes the officers to find the prisoners. Alfred says that they'll help and Harvey gives them an area to patrol.

Eduardo--now "Bane"--unhoods Jim when he wakes up. Bane explains that when he was in prison, the guards would bury prisoners and bet on them digging out, and then bury them deeper. He says that to survive that he became Bane but didn't know it yet. Walker showed him what he really was. Jim tells Bane that he was a good soldier, and Bane insists that they're building a new future and Walker is willing to do what is necessary. He wonders how Jim will stop him, and Walker comes in. Jim wonders who she really is, and Walker says that maybe Bruce can help them figure it out. Bane brings Bruce in, and Jim says that it has nothing to do with Bruce. Walker says that everything that she's done is for punishing Gotham for the sins of Bruce Wayne. She tells Bane to start, and he beats Jim repeatedly. Walker tells Bruce to think of a name, and has Bane continue beating Jim when Bruce doesn't know the name.

Oswald tells Gotham goodbye, and Edward says that the pressure regulator valve has been stolen. They realize that Barbara took it.

Lee confirms that Barbara's blood pressure is normal, and Barbara suggests that the best "thank you" would be for her to leave. The doctor says that the health of the baby comes first, and Barbara is there until she has a healthy baby in her arms.

Bane continues beating Jim, and Walker says that she's hurting him by making his friends suffer. She tells Bruce that Jim is like a father to Bruce, and demands the name of who she's doing it for. Walker asks who was cut away from her and gives him one last chance to answer, and Bruce says the name: "Ra's al Ghul". He realizes that Walker is his daughter, and "Walker" says that her name is Nyssa al Ghul and revenge is only the beginning of what she wants.

Nyssa says that the League of Shadows lives everywhere and she's purging humanity of weakness starting with Bruce and his friends. Bruce admits that he killed Ra's and tells Nyssa to do what she needs to her. She refuses, saying that he can't take all of the blame for killing Ra's. Nyssa reminds him that Barbara helped kill Ra's, and tells Bane to get Barbara. Jim says that she's pregnant, and Bane tells him that concerning himself about one child over the world is petty. Nyssa tells them that all she has left is her father's mission, and Bane wants Jim to see the world as he sees it. Strange injects Jim with a sedative, knocking him out, and one of his men take Jim out.

Barbara moans in pain, and Lee says that they're out of the drugs she needs. Edward comes in and tells Lee that he's not there for her, and points out that Lee stabbed him first. Oswald comes in after Edward and says that they're there for the valve. Lee points out that Barbara is in the middle of labor, and Oswald draws a gun but insists that he's not pointing it at the baby. Barbara says that the valve is hidden away and they can't torture her because it won't be any more painful than what she's going through.

Bane blasts his way into the hospital, breaks the receptionist's neck, and says over the loudspeaker that Barbara can't run from him or her sins.

Nyssa tells Bruce that Special Order 386 specifies that in case Gotham is lost, there's a plan to reduce the city to rubble. She says that she wants Bruce to suffer and then die, and leaves him to consider that.

Lee, Oswald, and Edward get Barbara out via wheelchair, heading for the ambulance. She reminds Oswald that if she dies then they'll never find the part, and Edward agrees to keep Bane busy. Once Barbara and Lee uses, Oswald points out that he only brought one gun and Edward looks over at the highly flammable oxygen tanks.

Jim wakes up in Strange's operating room, strapped to a table. Wade is tied and gagged nearby. Strange draws a screen to cut off his view and Jim tells Strange that the army is coming and Strange should join him. The doctor figures that Nyssa is more likely to win with his help, and soon Jim will be like Bane. He makes an incision in Jim's neck and says that they'll start with physical improvements and move to mental adjustments.

When Bane and his men arrive on the floor, Edward fires a cart filled with the oxygen tanks at them. It explodes but Bane walks unharmed through the flames. Oswald and Edward run off.

As they come to Bane's men, Barbara shoots them while Lee pushes the wheelchair.

Bruce works at his bonds without success, and sees the lit candles on a nearby table. He edges his chair over and uses the candle flame to burn the ropes.

Edward reveals that he took the valve from Barbara and they can escape. Oswald wonders if Edward risked their lives to save Barbara or protect Lee, and Edward asks him if he wants an answer or they should escape.

Barbara realizes that Edward took the valve, and Lee asks what her plan was. They get to the ambulance, and Lee tells Barbara that she can live in Gotham and Jim isn't taking the baby away from her. Barbara doesn't believe it, insisting that she has to protect the baby. Lee insists that Jim will help her and so will she if Barbara lets her. Barbara goes into labor and screams in pain.

As the ropes burn, two guards come in. The ropes break and Bruce knocks the men out. He takes one of their radios and calls for help, and Alfred and Selina hear him at the station. Bruce tells them to get to the clinic and they're dealing with Ra's's daughter. He's going to save Barbara and the baby.

Strange pumps the muscle stimulant into Jim's body. It gives him the strength to rip free, throwing Strange across the room. Strange says that he has to sound the alarm and runs out, and Jim frees Wade after making sure Strange didn't put a chip in his head. Bruce arrives and says that Alfred and the GCPD are on their way to the clinic and Wade says that he can get the military to stand own.

After Barbara gives birth, she holds her baby daughter and thanks Jim. Bane arrives, but Alfred and Selina arrive in a car and slam into Bane. They tell Lee and Barbara to escape, and Alfred and Selina take on Bane. Bane knocks Selina away and slams Alfred into a pole, breaking his spine, and then walks off. Selina crawls over to Alfred and yells for help.

Jim, Bruce, and Wade arrive at the command center and Wade tells his people to get him a secure line to the mainland. Harvey arrives and tells Jim that Barbara had a baby girl, and she and Lee are heading to Sirens. Jim figures that they've won and it's over, and Wade tells the mainland that he is authoring Special Order 386 because Gotham City is lost. He has his soldiers arrest Jim, Harvey, and Bruce, taking them away.

At Sirens, Lee and Barbara find the club filled with corpses. Nyssa knocks Lee out and introduces herself to Barbara.

Harvey figures that Strange hid the scar on Wade's chip, revealing that he's been chipped. They realize that Nyssa let them escape to get Wade to the military HQ to order the strike. Jim knocks out their escort, and the helicopters arrive and open fire on Gotham.

Written by Gadfly on Mar 22, 2019

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