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All About Eve Recap

Alex leads DEO agents into Lena's office and confirm that she's alive but unconscious. An agent finds a letter from Lex and Alex opens it. It says that his betrayal of her was nothing personal, and Alex realizes that Lena was working with Alex. Lena wakes up and apologizes, and Alex says that Supergirl is searching for Lex and will find her.

Martian Manhunter and Supergirl search the West Coast but find no sign of Lex or Snowbird. Supergirl blames herself for everything that Lex did because she has failed. Manhunter telepathically searches the area and then passes out. Supergirl catches him as he falls toward the street, and the Martian doesn't wake up.

The next day at J'onn's office, J'onn explains that he is not a man of peace and fears that his lack of mental clarity led to his attack. He talks about a race of shapeshifters that eventually lost their self-identity because they changed form so often, and says that he heard his father's voice when he fell. He suggests that he could use the Staff to contact M'yrnn and find counsel. Supergirl tells him to take care of himself for once.

James is leaving the hospital when Kelly confronts him. He says that he needs to get to work, and then has a brief headache. Kelly tells him to take it easy but James insists that he's fine and he has to cover the Alien Amnesty appeal and leaves.

In DC, Ben is working while George looks on, and Ben invites George to come along with him to a meeting at a senator.

At the DEO, the perimeter alarms go off as Supergirl arrives with doughnuts. She also offers her help catching Lex. Haley says that Baker has ordered them to retask their forces to DC, and Haley says that she'll run point on DC while Alex and Querl work with Supergirl to find Lex. Once she leaves, Alex suggests that she talk to Lena while Supergirl stays out of it because of their past history. Supergirl agrees and gives her a signal watch. Once Alex leaves, Supergirl gives Querl the Legion Ring that J'onn recovered and flies off.

In his office, J'onn meditates with the staff and tries to contact his father's spirit. Someone knocks at the door and J'onn yells at them to go away. He opens the door and finds M'yrnn there in his human form. He says that they should have a little chat and comes in. J'onn is surprised to actually see his father rather than hear a telepathic voice. He hugs his father and says that he's been confused about his identity. He's tried to follow M'yrnn's example but it didn't work and now he needs guidance. M'yrnn says that he's there because J'onn failed, to take the Sacred Symbols back. J'onn objects, saying that they'll disappear forever, and tells his son that the Sacred Symbols are on the table. He picks them up and leaves, and J'onn collapses.

In the hospital, Lena watches a report about Lex's escape. She goes to prison to see Lillian and asks where Lex is. Lillian is disappointed in Lena's emotional reaction and says that she's no better than Eve, infatuated with Lex. She says that Lena's friends would be disappointed if they knew what Lena had done to save Lex by working with him. Lillian tells her step-daughter that her friends would hate her and Lena would find herself alone again, and says that Lena is the one who will be deserted.

Lena returns to her office and finds Alex there, going through her papers. Alex says that she came to ask for Lena's help finding Lex, figuring Eve is the weak link. Lena wants in on the investigation, and Alex warns her that she's working with Supergirl. The CEO says that finding Lex is more important and they go to a house and summon Supergirl. Eve's aunt Mary lives in the house, and Alex figures that Eve is still in contact with her. They knock at the door and a surprised neighbor greets them.

Ben and George meet with the senator, Granberry. Granberry says that she's not voting for the Appeal, and Ben points out that they'll lose if her bloc votes with her. She isn't impressed by Ben's appeal, saying that his Agent Liberty attack doesn't work in DC.

J'onn wakes up and finds M'yrnn there, and M'yrnn says that he's disappointed in M'yrnn. His son begs him for his help, but M'yrnn refuses to help him. J'onn begs him to help, saying that if he loses himself then they lose everything. M'yrnn tells him that a cup of coffee will solve the problem and agrees to stay for one.

The neighbor, Eve's cousin Bitsie, explains that she's housesitting and last saw Eve months ago. Lena remembers that Eve mentioned a cousin but she was sick with cancer. When Bitsie picks up a hot cup of coffee but isn't scalded, they realize that Eve cured Bitsie with the serum. Bitsie smashes the counter with her fist and orders them out, then draws a knife. She insists that Eve saved her is good, and Supergirl asks her to tell them the true story. Bitsie says that Eve did a good thing for her, and Supergirl points out that she saved Bitsie and is a good person, but it is trouble as long as she's with Lex. The woman reveals that Eve had a secret lab at National City University.

In the sewers, Eve gives Snowbird directions and tells her to put on a Supergirl costume first.

Kelly finds James in his CatCo office and gives him referrals for post-trauma psychologists in National City. James insists that he doesn't need help and says that it has nothing to do with Lex. Kelly points out that he's turned off his TVs to avoid seeing Lex's face, and points out that her brother is jumpy and nervous. James suggests that she only visits him when he's weak and can't argue with her, snaps at her, and then apologizes. He says that it's a lot for him and suggests that it's a good time for her to go home, and Kelly leaves.

At the university, Supergirl, Alex, and Lena go in and Supergirl confirms that the whole room is lined with lead. They find a safe and Supergirl rips it open. Inside is Harun-El, and Supergirl is shocked to learn that Lena kept a sample. Lena says that she made more and explains that all of her current research is based on it. When Supergirl objects, Lena tells her that she sees red whenever she feels vulnerable. Alex points out that Eve saved Bitsie and Lena saved James, and Supergirl admits that Lena is right. She admits that she feels the weight of the world on her shoulders sometimes, more since Superman left Earth. Supergirl insists that she can't lose when everyone is relying on her, and apologizes to Lena. Lena thanks her for the apology and they agree to let matters pass.

M'yrnn says that he's not the one who failed at the one task he had. He points out that J'onn used his mental powers to wipe Alex's memories and eventually killed Manchester. J'onn angrily says that at least he did something, and M'yrnn points out that he ran. When he says that he ran, J'onn angrily tells him that he's tried to make up for that. He says that he's no man of peace but at least he will know who he is, and insists that he's the Martian Manhunter. M'yrnn proudly tells him that he is and they embrace.

Lena finds the blueprints to Lillian's prison among Eve's papers. Alex accesses Eve's computer log and discovers that she was trying to extract the serum for experiments on someone else. Supergirl finds a Cadmus-13 pistol like the one that was used to shoot James, and Alex finds a file on Otis and how Eve brought him back to life using Harun-El. There were five failed test subjects before him. A Metallo slams in through the wall and blasts Supergirl back with a Kryptonite beam. Supergirl tries to hold the Metallo back, and Lena comes up with a chemical explosive. Alex shoots it as Lena throws it at the cyborg, and the explosion destroys it.

The women take the Kryptonite heart to Querl, and Querl figures that Lex might have a connection to Ben. Lena goes to talk to Lillian, and Querl says that they ran a ballistics test and confirms the Eve shot James, meaning Lex was behind that as well. Supergirl says that she'll tell him before she goes to DC.

J'onn realizes that M'yrnn tricked him into getting angry, and M'yrnn admits that he wasn't clear. He thought that J'onn should help the world in whatever state he could best do so. M'yrnn apologizes for not making his unconditional love clear, and says that the important thing is that J'onn knows who he is. J'onn suggests that he could return them to Mars, and M'yrnn points out that they will lie dormant until someone comes to claim them. He thanks M'yrnn for his help, and M'yrnn points out that he's just an extension of J'onn's memories of him. Any answers that J'onn found came from within him, and J'onn tells him that it was still good to see him. M'yrnn tells him that it was good to see him as well, calls him "Martian Manhunter", and leaves.

Kara visits James and tells him what they've found out about Eve, Otis, and Ben. She then says that Lex had Eve shoot James. MacKenzie comes in and says that the Alien Amnesty Act was repealed. Granberry is giving a speech in favor of the repeal on TV, and Kara sees a hologrammatically disguised Eve among Granberry's aides.

Lena meets with Lillian again and says gives her the blueprints. She says that Lex is coming for Lillian, and points out that Lex was coming to murder her. Lena figures that Lillian knew something that could be used to find him, and tells her stepmother that she's the only one who can protect her. Lillian finally says that she has something to say.

Supergirl hovers over protestors in DC. James is in the White House as a photographer, ready to take photos of the signing. Ben asks Granberry why she changed her vote, and she glances over at the disguised Eve and tells Ben to take the win. James and the other reporters come in and James figures that Ben knew that Otis helped Lex escape. Ben insists that he has nothing to do with Lex, and James asks if he's sure.

Supergirl spots an x-ray scatter field on a van. She flies down and rips it open, and finds a hologram of Eve inside. Pieces of Kryptonite-infected armor shoot out, enclosing Supergirl.

The area around the White House shakes and the power goes out. Snowbird, disguised as Supergirl, blasts her way through the floor. James gets George to safety and then collapses in shock as Snowbird blasts through the ceiling with her heat vision.

Trapped in the armor, Supergirl sees the chaos.

Snowbird kills the Secret Security agents. Ben grabs a gun and Snowbird tells him that they can hate as long as they fear, and then flies off.

Supergirl manages to break free of the armor.

Snowbird flies up into the sky, sets the White House roof on fire, and flies off.

Later, Baker gives a national speech saying that Supergirl attacked in retaliation for the repeal of the Alien Amnesty Act. He enacted martial law for the protection of humanity, and declares Supergirl public enemy number one. Alex disagrees and Haley agrees.

Kelly is packing when James visits. He admits that he was wrong and needs her help, and asks her to stick around. His sister says that she's not going anywhere and hugs her.

Kara calls J'onn and gets his answering machine.

J'onn heads for Mars to return the Sacred Symbols.

Alex and Lena summons Supergirl and tells her that they'll find out the truth together.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 1, 2019

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