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Lucha De Apuestas Recap

At the Time Bureau HQ in 2018, Sara and Xxx come in and Gary tells them that Koname the Kaupe is out. Hank complains that Mona let Koname loose and was attacked by it. Ava doesn't believe it, and Hank tells her to get Koname back or she's fired. Ava has her agents monitor the area, and Sara assures her that it wasn't her fault. She says that she and the Legends will recover Koname. Once she leaves, Ava tells Gary that she has a job for her.

Mona wakes up in the hospital, and her parents tell her that she was in a cycling accident. She starts to deny it but then realizes that Koname is out there alone and she can't tell them about it. Her mother figures that they've failed as parents, and Mona's father walks out. Gary peers in and says that Mona let them all down. He informs her that she released Koname, and Mona tells him that it was the Men in Black. Gary tells Mona that she's fired, and doesn't believe her claims. He takes out the memory wiper and she grabs it and manages to zap him with it. He has no memory of what happened, and Mona says that he was going to give her his jacket and Time Courier, and then should take her place.

Mona leaves the hospital and sees a black van like the one was used to abduct Koname. She sees a figure hiding behind a dumpster, and when she tells him to come out, Koname peers out and she runs over to him. A SUV pulls up, and Mona and Koname run into an alley. Mona opens a time portal at random with the Courier and sends Koname through, and then smashes it so that their pursuers can't follow. Ray and Sara run up. She says that she has no idea where Koname is, and Mick arrives and shoots her with a tranq dart.

Back on Waverider, Zari reports that she can't trace the portal. Mona wakes up and insists that Koname isn't a monster despite his appearance, and insists that the Men and Black are framing her to hurt the magical creatures. Sara tells her that there were no Men in Black in the security footage, but Mona insists that they erased the footage and covered their tracks. Ray says that they believe her, and Sara says that they need her trust.

As Zari and Sara leave, Sara says that she just told Mona what she needed to hear, and Mona is clearly nuts. Zari suggests that there might actually be a conspiracy, but Sara figures that they need to find Koname regardless. Gideon reports that it has a lead on Koname in Mexico City, 1961. A drug cartel member was found dead, apparently killed by Koname. Sara sends Zari to the Time Bureau to hack the computers.

Waverider travels to 1961 and Sara, Mona, Constantine, and Mick follow a magical signature to a wrestling wring. "El Lobo" is the main event, and Sara figures that it's Koname. El Lobo is in the ring and taking out its opponent, and Ray on the ship determines that El Lobo arrived six months ago and no one knows his real identity.

Constantine goes to the bar and orders a drink, and says that El Lobo isn't going away. El Cura, a luchador and movie star, is sitting nearby and agrees. Constantine knows all about El Cura from his movies, and El Cura says that El Lobo stole everything from him: his reputation and his potential movie career: his movies in the future that were never made because El Lobo changed history.

Hank is attending a fundraiser with Dorothy, and Nate calls to say that they'll have the case wrapped up by that night. She takes the phone and tells Nate to come there. As she hangs up, Nate sees Dorothy sneaking through the HQ.

El Cura tells Constantine that El Lobo he wins every time without a plan or rules. Constantine tells him that he's had his fair share of defeats and laying on his back is no way to get his mojo back. El Lobo takes down his opponent, and Mona tells Sara and Mick that Koname has always wanted to be worshipped like the demigod he is. Mick says that they're capturing Koname despite Mona's belief that they're rescuing him.

Nick confronts Zari in an office, and she shows him that the security footage was replaced from a wireless phone device. Nate recognizes the phone number: Hank.

Sara tells Mona to get Koname backstage. She calls to El Lobo, who runs to the ropes and stares at her. El Cura enters the ring and tells El Lobo that he has disgraced the ring and he's challenging him to a lucha de apuestar. The loser will take off his mask and never enter the ring again. The announcer asks if El Lobo accepts the challenge. When he does, the announcer says that the match will be the next night. The crowd leaves and Mona runs off, losing Mick. When the crowd shoves Mona down, El Lobo leaps to her, picks her up, and carries her away.

Later, Koname takes Mona to the tropical woods where he's been leaving. She figures that he misses his home of Hawaii, and Mona says that there's no one who understands her in her home. Koname gives her a floral headdress and says her name.

Nate figures that there's a logical reason that Hank replaced the footage. Zari says that the original footage can only be restored from Hank's phone, and Nate figures that he can get it at the fundraiser. He suggests that Zari go with her, and she agrees as long as they don't pretend that they're dating. They both figure that it would be totally weird if they did.

Koname eats raw meat, and then smells someone. He slips away, and Sara, Constantine, and Mick arrive. As Mona says that Koname won't hurt anyone, Koname attacks them. Mona tells him to stop and he does, and Sara shoots him with a tranq dart.

Later on Waverider, Sara finds Zari dressing up for the fundraiser. Zari tells her that Hank altered the footage and Mona was telling the truth. She doesn't know if Ava is involved in it, but if she isn't then she's in danger.

Gary returns and tells Ava that he doesn't remember anything, including what happened to his nipple.

The Legends imprison Koname on Waverider, and Mona tells Sara what happened. She suggests that they take him back to Hawaii where Koname was a demigod. Ava communicates with them by hologram and says that Mona wiped Gary's memory and is helping Koname. She sees Mona and the Koname, and tells Sara that she has to bring in the fugitives. Sara hangs up on her and tells Mona that she'd better not be wrong about what happened.

Sara puts on a dress and says that she has to go to the benefit. Ray presents a petition moving for him to become the interim captain when Sara is gone, and Sara reluctantly agrees. Once Sara leaves, Ray has Charlie and Constantine play a card game to learn from their past mistakes. Gideon interrupts to report a disturbance in the timeline. When El Lobo disappeared, riots broke out protesting government censorship and dozens were killed. Charlie and Constantine are eager to go out and stop the riots rather than play Ray's card game, and he finally agrees.

At the fundraiser, Zari eats lots of treats. Dorothy comes over and greets Nate and Nate, and assumes that Zari is Nate's girlfriend. She says that children would be lovely and leaves, and Nate figures that it went well. Zari tells him to stay on task and get Hank's phone.

Sara arrives and Ava sees her and asks where the Koname is. Sara takes her to the dance floor to make sure that no one overhears, and tells her that Mona's story is true and the security footage was altered. Ava doesn't believe it and when Sara refuses to hand over Koname, walks off.

Constantine, El Lobo, and Mona go to the wring and Constantine says that El Lobo is there to practice losing. They fight and El Lobo tosses El Cura around the ring. El Cura is out of practice and El Lobo isn't good at losing. The older wrestler finally takes El Lobo down and tries to do his finishing move, but El Lobo throws him out of the ring. Mick arrives and Mona tells El Lobo that losing makes him a hero. When she talks about the romance novels, Mick admits that he's heard of them. El Lobo collapses pretending to lose, and Mona tells him that they can leave after he loses and have a life just like Buck and Garima in the novels.

Sara catches up to Ava, who says that she knows Koname is in Mexico City in 1961 and leaves to recover the Kaupe. Neron, disguised as Dez, is in the crowd and overhears them talking.

Hank receives the ward, and Nate asks for a quick pic of him with Zari and Dorothy. As they take a picture, Zari pickpockets Hank's phone.

Sara arrives at Waverider and discovers that everyone is gone, and calls Ray. Ray asks her to trust them. Sara then contacts Ava and asks her to wait. She says that letting El Lobo to fight is important to Mexican history, but Ava orders her extraction team out.

The announcer presents El Cura and the crowd is unimpressed. El Lobo comes in and everyone cheers. Ray is acting as referee and tells them to keep it clean.

While Hank gives his acceptance speech, Zari restores the footage. She and Nate see the Men in Black abduct Koname.

El Lobo beats El Cura, and Constantine tells El Cura to shake it off and make a comeback. El Cura manages to knock El Lobo down and then take him out of the ring. Mona tells El Lobo that he's doing good, and El Cura leaps out of the ring onto El Lobo. The extraction team arrive and order an emergency evacuation, and Constantine tells Sara. Sara orders the Legends to give them hell, and the Legends attack the agents. Mick cheerfully jumps in, and the crowd cheers. Charlie yells that the government is trying to censor them, and El Cura and El Lobo are fighting for the people. An agent knocks out El Cura and fights El Lobo, and draws his gun. El Cura performs his finishing move on the agent and everyone cheers him. The wrestler then offers his hand to El Lobo, who takes it and they shake. The two of them pose for the crowd, who cheer them both.

Ava tells Sara by radio that she saved history and hangs up on her.

Late, Hank returns to the Time Bureau HQ and tells Nate that the fundraiser was a success. Nate says that he saw the real footage, and Hank reminds him that he convinced him to fund the Bureau. He insists that there's a purpose to what he saw, and Nate says that trusts him but needs him to bring him in. Hank tells him that he will in due time and steps out to take a phone call. Zari steps out of the shadows and confirms that she's cloning the date, and Nate tells her to keep digging. Meanwhile, the caller tells Hank that they failed to capture Koname and asks how Hank wants them to proceed.

At Koname's camp, Mick tells Mona that Buck and Garima didn't belong together but loved one another. He doesn't tell her that he's the author, and gives her a Time Courier, tells her not to do anything stupid, and goes to take a leak.

Sara visits Ava and says that she wants Ava to put what happened between them. Ava is drinking and says that she needed Sara in her corner, and doesn't care that Hank is torturing magical creatures. She insists that her priority is to protect human history. Shocked, Sara says that she's not like Hank and he's doing something twisted with it. Ava warns that if Hank shuts them down then human history is at risk, and Sara asks her to risk her career for her. The agent tells Sara to go because she's done, and Sara leaves.

Mona tells Koname that it's time for their new adventure and opens a portal to Hawaii. She tells him that she can't go with him because she can't run away from her world. An agent arrives and shoots Koname dead, and her eyes glow and she screams as she turns into a Kaupe due to the wound Koname inflicted on her earlier. She crushes the agent's gun and then kills him. When Mick returns, Mona tells him that he was right and there's no such thing as happily ever after.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 2, 2019

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