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Game Night Recap

Donatello is cooking in his kitchen when the doorbell rings repeatedly. he answers the door and finds a man there. The man attacks Donatello, ties him to his table, and injects him in the neck.

At the bunker, Dean is playing Mousetrap. In the kitchen, Jack pops popcorn as Mary looks on. Dean curses, and Mary assures Jack that it should relax him playing his favorite game. She asks Jack if he's okay, and he abruptly says that it's annoying. When Mary tells him that she's there if he wants to talk or vent, Jack says that he knows and takes the popcorn out to Dean.

In the game, Dean says that game night is a go as soon as Sam gets back. There's a voicemail from Donatello to Dean, asking him for help, and he plays it for Mary and Jack. Donatello says that he needs Dean and Sam to help him, and then speaks in tongues. Dean calls Sam and gets his voicemail, and says that he and Mary have to go and tells Jack to have Sam call him when he gets back.

Castiel meets with Anael at a diner. She points out that he said she has something for him, and he gives her a pair of ruby earrings. Castiel explains that they're lightly cursed but shouldn't affect her, and in return he wants her to help contact God. He knows what she did when she was Joshua's right hand, and knows that God only spoke to Joshua. Now that Joshua is dead, Anael is the only one who knows how God contacted him. Castiel explains the situation with Jack, and that he needs God to restore Jack's soul because he's the only who can. Anael figures that the Winchesters don't know that Castiel is there, and refuses to help him. She explains that God only spokes to Joshua. When Castiel takes the earrings, Anael says that there's a rumor that Joshua somehow contacted God on one occasion, and she can take Castiel to the one person who was there.

When Sam comes back, he calls Dean and says that he should be with them. Sam has listened to the language and says that it's ancient Hebrew. Once Dean hangs up, he tells Mary that Sam's sounds stressed. Mary says that Jack and Dean are stressed as well, and Dean assures her that she's helping just by being there. She figures that she should have been there more, but knows that she's closed off and hard. Dean jokingly says that's where he gets it from, and Mary tells her son that she's grateful for every day she gets to spend with her sons.

Sam checks Donatello's words and tells Jack that they're from the Bible. It's from the Book of Peter, and warns that the Devil walks about speaking whom he may devour.

Dean and Mary arrive at Donatello's house and go in. They hear him yelling and go in to find a recording of his voice on the table. Nick comes in from the kitchen, splattered with blood, They capture and tie him up, and Dean asks where Donatello is. Nick explains that he escaped jail after killing a lot of people, and explains that he injected Donatello with poison and he has a day left to live. He did it to get their attention, and has Dean play a livestream on Nick's phone showing Donatello tied up in a building. Dean demands to know where he is, drawing his gun, and Nick says that if he dies then Donatello dies. he explaisn that he wants to talk.

Anael takes Castiel to OIrlando's Emporium and greets the owner, Methuselah. He admits that he and Joshua were roommates, and Castiel asks how Joshua contacted God. Castiel threatens to burn the place down to the ground if Methuselah doesn't cooperate, and Methuselah soon gives in and says that the object Joshua used is there somewhere.

Dean and Mary bring Nick back to the bunker and Sam grabs him, furious. His older brother tells him to wait, and once they lock Nick up, they compare notes. Sam suggests that he hack the live feed and Dean says that he'll talk to Nick alone because Sam will kill Nick if he looks at him wrong. His brother reluctantly agrees, and once Dean leaves Sam tells Mary that he let Nick go and what he's done is on him. Mary says that Nick's choices are his, not Sam's, and Sam let Nick go because he's a good man and that's one of the reasons that he's produ of him.

Castiel and Anael look through the objects in the Emporium, and Anael says that God won't care if they call him. She believed in Heaven and their mission, but when she got to God she saw it wasn't the paradise that God promised. She asked Joshua why God wasn't helping them, and Joshua said that God doesn't meddle. She meddles for herself, and insists that she's happy. Castiel points out that her existence sounds lonely. He says that God does meddle by bringing him back to life, but Anael says that God saved one angel but lets millions of humans die.

Dean beats Nick and asks where Donatello is. Nick says that they're almost like brothers because they know what it's like to be tied to an archangel. Unimpressed, Dean punches Nick again, but Nick says that being one with an archangel makes them more than human. He tells Dean that he's too stupid to know he's been beaten, and Dean asks what he means. Nick says that he wants to see his son.

Dean tells the others that Nick wants to talk to Jack alone. Jack insists that he's not afraid of Nick, but Sam says that Nick isn't a threat. Mary wonders when Nick isn't a threat, and Jack says that Donatello helped him so he needs to help him. They agree to let Jack see Nick, and Jack goes into the room. Nick points out how many people the Winchesters have killed, and says that Lucifer loved Jack but Jack broke his heart. He knows from Donatello that Jack doesn't have a soiul. Jack insists that he has a soul and headbutts Nick, and then heals his bleeding nose. he advances on Nick, eyes glowing, and Nick says that he's sorry.

When Jack comes out, he says that Nick will show them where Donatello is.

Castiel and Anael continue their search, and Anael finally says that she's done. She tells Castiel that he's doing it because he's afraid to tell Sam and Dean that Jack's soul is gone and there's nothing he can do about it. Anaelk then says that they shiouild call it a night.

As Sam and Dean drive to Donatello's location with Nick, Nick says that Jack has issues.

As Castiel and Anael leave, Anael reminds Castiel of their deal. As he gets the earrings, Castiel sees a necklace and recognize it. it glows in the presence of God, and Methuselah says that Joshua forged it before he Fell. The angel uses it, calling to God and saying that he and the Winchesters need him. There's no response, and Methuselah says that it never worked for Joshua.

The Winchesters arrive at an abandoned warehouse prepares to go in while Sam stays with Nick. Sam gives Dean the antidote and Dean goes in.

As Anael and Castiel leave, Anael asks Castiel what he's going to do. Castiel says that he's going to go home and tell the Winchesters the truth, and gives Anael the earrings. He offers her a ride and when she refuses, he tells her that they're not alone because they have each other.

Jack finds Mary going throiugh the things that they found at Donatello's. He points out that the syringe was filled with angelic grace, not poison.

Mary calls Sam and Sam gets out of the car to take it. Once he's alone, Nick works at the handcuffs with a piece of metal.

Dean frees Donatello, unaware that someone is lurking in the shadows.

Mary tells Sam what they've discovered, and Sam orders Nick out of the car. He demands to know why he injected Donatello with angelic grace, and explains that he's trying to contact Lucifer in the Empty. Lucifer told Nick how to bring LKucifer back. Lucifer said that Nick needs Jack's blood, and the demons helped him in return for getting KLucifer back.

Nick drops the handcuffs on the ground and attacks Sam, while two demons attack Dean. Sam beats Nick and chokes him, and Nick grabs a rock and hits him in the head. He then slams Sam into the Impala and chokes him. Sam breaks his grip, gets into the Impala, and locks himself in. He honks the horn and Dean hears it, kills the demons, and runs to the Impala with Donatello. They find Sam lying on the tarmac but no sign of Nick.

Nick hails a passing truck, yanks out the driver, and drives off.

Dean calls Mary and Jack and says that Nick explained and that he called an ambulance but Sam is in bad shape. Mary tells him that they're on their way.

Nick drives to a cabin, makes a protective circle out of salt, sits in the center of it, and then cuts his hand onto a cloth. He then lights the cloth on fire.

Jack moans in pain and tells Mary that he feels his blood burning. He tells her that Nick has his blood from earlier when he headbutted him, and Mary realizes that it was all about Jack.

Nick chants in Latin.

Jack tells Mary that he thinks he can get them to Nick but he has to use his powers. Mary tells him to do it.

In the cabin, a portal opens and Lucifer comes through. Nick tells him that he's there and ready, and asks him to make him strong again. As Lucifer extends his hand, Jack and Mary arrive and Jack closes the portal. Nick, furious, wonders what he did, and Jack breaks his hand and then burns Nick's body despite Mary telling him to stop. Jack finally casts Nick's body to the ground

Nick tends to the concussed Sam as Donatello looks on. Sam says that Dean always put him first his whole life and passes out.

Jack tells Mary that he had to kill Nick. Mary asks him to help Sam, and Jack teleports to the warehouse and heals Sam. He then tells the Winchesters that he stopped Nick, saved Mary, and everything's going to be fine.

Mary leaves the cabin and Jack teleports back and says that he healed Sam and everything's going to be okay. When he says that Nick deserved what Jack did to him, Mary says that Nick didn't deserve it and asks Jack to take her home. Jack asks her to say that it's okay, and she tells him that it's not okay and neither is he but it's not his fault. The Jack she knows would never have done that, and figures that something is wrong. Jack insists that there's nothing wrong and tells her that her sons were grateful. Mary says that if they had seen what Jack did, they would be as worried as she is. He asks if she's going to tell them, and Mary says that they're going to help him. Jack insists that she can't, clutches at his head, and tells her to leave him alone. Mary asks what's wrong, and Jack glares at her, his eyes glowing.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 5, 2019

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