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Restless Energy Recap

Tandy prepares for dance class and assumes the various ballet positions.

Tyrone watches from above as two teenagers with the Uptown Block Kings sell drugs on a street corner. One of them, Soloman, calls to ask if he can buy more

Tandy continues practicing her dance routine, and the instructor tells her to take it slow.

A runner sells Solomon and his friend, David, more drugs. Tyrone takes it all in and then teleports after the runner as he departs. He watches the runner enter a house to turn his money over to his boss. Cloak teleports in and takes the money, and the boss notices that the money is gone and demands to know where it is.

Tandy leaves the class after it's done.

Tyrone walks away, carrying the money.

Later, Tandy meets her mother and others in therapy. Melissa talks about how she rationalized her relationship with her husband Nathan, who was abusive. The therapist, Lia, asks Tandy what she thinks of what Melissa said. Tandy says that she gets that what Melissa did was an act of love and says that she thinks that it was heroic. Lia thanks her for her input and turns to a new member, Mikayla. Mikayla doesn't have anything to say. She tells the group that she had to come there so she could crash, and then denies that the bruises on her wrists aren't because of her boyfriend Jeremy. Tandy notices Mikayla's wallet on the ground with her driver's license--and address--showing.

At the shooting range, Brigid practices but shoots wild. The ranger instructor checks her weapon and asks how she's doing, and says that the weapon is fine and maybe her problem is in her head. Brigid walks out to her car and turns nervously when she thinks someone is following her. There's no one there, and Brigid gets into her car and takes some pills, making sure that no one can see her.

Tyrone teleports into the back of her car, startling her, and notes that she doesn't usually scare like that. He gives her the drug money and explains that he took it from the Block Kings. Brigid tells him that he can't go after gangs and he points out that he's still a wanted cop killer. She admits that there isn't enough to exonerate Tyrone with Connors MIA. Rather than say what he did to Connors, Tyrone asks if there's anything else that can exonerate him. Brigid tells him that he can't go after drug gangs, but Tyrone refuses to let the gangs take over his neighborhood. She warns that since Tyrone took the Block Kings' money, they'll go after a rival gang. Brigid tells Tyrone to go back to his church and keep his head down.

After the support group ends, Tandy tells her mother to go on. She then gives Mikayla her wallet and says that she used to wait tables as well. As the leave, Mikayla says that she doesn't want to talk about her life with Tandy.

At the church, Tyrone is highlighting the gangs' area on a city map. Tandy comes in and he quickly hides the map. She's stolen the textbooks from his old school. They watch a VHS that she brought, gives him a recorder for his studies, and Tyrone asks how she's been. Tandy says that she's good and Melissa is getting her act together. He teleports over to adjust the tarp and says that he's been practicing, and explains that he's lying low and avoiding contact with people like Evita.

As they watch a movie about Zorro, Tyrone says that his family used to watch it and it's about the people eventually rising up. Tandy asks if he misses the rush of saving the world, and Tyrone tells her that he doesn't miss almost dying and putting his family in danger. He admits that he gets restless sometime and he fights its by staying home and hoping the legal system will find a way to get him off the hook. Tyrone asks Tandy the same, and she secretly brings up the photo she took of Mikayla's address.

The next day at the trailer, Tandy and Melissa cook and joke. Melissa thanks Tandy for calling her heroic, and says that it hasn't been good for most of Tandy's life. She says that it means a lot to have Tandy there for her, and Tandy tells her that she has a make-up ballet class that was canceled, and has to bail on dinner. Melissa understands and bids her goodbye.

Tyrone sits in a tree across from his old house. He watches Adina come home and sit at the dining room table alone. Otis leaves a grocery store and Tyrone watches him from hiding.

Tandy goes to Jeremy's home using the address she acquired from Mikayla.

Tyrone watches the students in front of his old school, and sees Evita talking to a boy. She turns down his invitation to a date, and she looks in Tyrone's direction but he's already teleported away.

As night falls, Tandy sees Jeremy and Mikayla arguing. A light dagger forms in her hands, and Mikayla walks out as Jeremy yells after her. He goes back inside and tosses things down in a fury. After a few Jeremy dozes off, Tandy breaks into the house.

At the church, Tyrone works through his classes.

Tandy carves into the wall and vandalizes the place. She wakes up Jeremy and slips out before he can see her. He does see the words on the wall: "Leave her alone".

Frustrated, Tyrone teleports to the rival gangs' drug house and sees a runner go in. He teleports in and steals the money and drugs, and then teleports to the shelves and grabs more as the alarms go off. A gang member gets the drop on him, and another one joins him and they both kick Tyrone repeatedly. Tyrone arrives and knocks a shelf on them, tells Tyrone that he's a horrible liar, and cuts through a locked door so that they can escape.

Back at the church, Tandy asks Tyrone what happened to "laying low". He says that he was trying to make up for a mistake, and Tandy says that she came there and found the map. She wonders why he didn't ask her to help, and Tyrone tells her that it seemed like she was doing good and he didn't want to get in the way of it because his life was horrible. He admits that he misses everyone that he cares about, but he can't talk to them without putting them in danger. Tandy tells him that it's not forever, and she thought they told the truth to each other. Tyrone admits that he's been checking up on her as well as one of the people he cares about, and knows that she's been going out. He tells her that she doesn't have to stay there and Tandy leaves, furious.

Brigid returns home and finds the stolen satchel on her end table and a note from Tyrone saying that he's sorry. Captain Levy calls and tells her about the raid. He says that the gangs are having a sit-down, and Tyrone secretly listens from the fire escape as Brigid agrees with Levy's plans to help mediate to cut down the gang violence. She agrees that someone screwed up royally and takes more pills.

In support, Mikayla tells the group that some thugs vandalized Jeremy's place. It reminded her of how much Jeremy really needs her. Tandy asks her if she's sure that's what happened, and Mikayla wonders what kind of a person tears up a person's home.

In the church, Tyrone practices basketball.

In the dance studio, Tandy practices ballet, her hands glowing.

Tyrone and Tandy lose their concentration and Tyrone throws the basketball at his textbooks in frustration. He sees the recorder and picks it up. He then teleports to the dance studio and tells her that he's sorry for what he said earlier. Tyrone thanks her for saving him at the drug house, and then asks for her help.

Back at the church, Tyrone and Tandy fold up Tyrone's laundry. He checks the recorder, and Tandy says that she was lonely in there and used drugs to numb the pain. Tyrone asks about Mikayla, and Tandy admits that she might want to hurt someone and since Nathan isn't around, she looks for other people to hurt. When Tyrone says that he's angry at the world and goes after the gangs, Tandy says that she understands. He says that he creeped on Evita, and saw him rebuffing the guy that asked her for a date. Tyrone figures that it's his fault that she seems sad. Tandy tells him to take off his shirt and when he does, she tosses him a black t-shirt. She rips off the sleeves and asks why he's so intent on doing it. Tyrone admits that he screwed up with Brigid, and says that he's glad Tandy is going with him. She tells him that she likes the two of them going out and doing good the best they can, and then asks how he holds hands with Evita.

Tandy and Tyrone go to a club where the gang sit-down is and she skips the line. Tyrone figures that he just needs to get the recorder in so he can get their confessions. He teleports into the kitchen where the gangs are meeting and plants the recorder under a table. Tyrone teleports back to Tandy and says that they're good, and figures that they hang out until it's over and then he gets the recorder. Tandy is amused at the idea of Tyrone "hanging out" and gets drinks. He slowly loosens up while Tandy drinks and dances.

The gang members come in and are searched for weapons. Tyrone notices, and tells Tandy that it's finally going down. She tells him that he might have made the world a better place. They see someone get shot through the window and run in, and find all of the gang members dead.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 5, 2019

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