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White Lines Recap

Before dying, one of the gang members lays out a pattern in drug dust on the floor.

A minute later, Tandy and Tyrone arrive and see the corpses. They call Brigid and wonder who would do it and how. Tyrone recovers the recorder, and they listen to the audio. They hear someone unknown enter the room and kill the drug lords. Tandy tells Tyrone that they have to leave, and he recognizes the symbol as Voudon. Brigid comes in and complains that Tyrone interfered again despite her warning. They confirm that they haven't touched anything, and Brigid takes the recorder, opens the back door, and tells them to leave or she'll arrest them herself. The two teenagers leave and Tyrone blames himself for what happened. Tandy says that the people in the club buy from the gangs and will continue doing so even with the drug lords;' death. Tyrone says that people don't choose to hurt and doing nothing is not a solution.

Auntie Chantelle is cooking in her store kitchen. Tyrone arrives and says that he wants to see Chantelle. He shows her a drawing of the symbol and Chantelle says that it's a transactional prayer used to summon a Loa so that the summoner can make a request. The symbol--a veve--belongs to Maman Brigitte, one of the Death Loa. The man who drew it either wanted to be guided to the next life or justice. Chantelle asks what is going on with Tyrone, and he says that he's trying to fix things but he only makes it worse. She tells him to pray on it, and Tyrone admits that he doesn't know what he's praying to. Chantelle him not to let the scars overwhelm, and Tyrone says that he can't talk to his parents and his friends think he's toxic. She tells him that all of the power in the universe is in him, and pray is quieting the mind so he can hear his soul.

Chantelle makes a veve in the flour, and says that she's asking Papa Legba to protect Tyrone. Evita comes in and sees Tyrone, and she quickly walks out onto the street. When he goes after her, she says that he's avoided her for eight months. Evita had to convince herself that he didn't care about her because it was better than thinking that he was dead. Tyrone says that he came to see Chantelle, explaining that people got hurt, and insists that the police can't catch her. He says that there are things he can do, but she doesn't understand.

Tyrone leads Evita into an alley and asks if she's ready. He then teleports behind her and admits that he developed his powers about eight years ago. Evita punches him in the chest and complains that he never came to tell her he was safe, and walks away.

Back at the church, Tyrone lays out the veve on the floor in dust and prays. He says that he wants justice and to help, and teleports into the back of an ambulance. A girl is strapped to a gurney, and says that they drugged her and abducted her. Tyrone tries to free her and the driver sees him and opens fire, and Tyrone teleports back to the church.


The two teenagers leave and Tyrone blames himself for what happened. Tandy says that the people in the club buy from the gangs and will continue doing so even with the drug lords;' death. Tyrone says that people don't choose to hurt and doing nothing is not a solution.

Mikayla tells the support group that Jeremy told her that he was wrong and aid that he supports her. Lia tells him that she should think about staying at her friend's longer, but Jeremy wants her back at home. Tandy objects, telling Mikayla that it's her choice whether to stay with a man who hits her. Mikayla walks out, angry.

That night, Tandy practices by herself at the dance studio. She remembers talking to Melissa about how Tandy isolated Mikayla Tandy goes to see Jeremy, who says that Mikayla left with his Red Cam and he wants it back. She tells him that she was there and knows his claim about three guys tearing up his place is a lie. Tandy pirouettes and the lights flicker, and she finally collapses in exhaustion and looks at herself in a mirror.

The next day, Tandy goes to the support group and asks if Mikayla is there. Lia says that she wouldn't tell Tandy if he was. Andre Deschaine, who runs the outreach programs, comes in and asks if he can help. Lia leaves and Tandy says that she already talked to Mikayla's friend Grace. He gives her the address of a safe house where Mikyala could have gone.

As they go to the address, the people greet Andre and he explains to Tandy that he spends a lot of time there because people need help. He explains that he was a jazz musician and was going to become famous, but he had migraines and had to quit. Andre took his anger out on the world, until he met a young woman who needed his help. He reached out and it made a difference, and his misery gave him an appreciation for other people's suffering. Andre asks Tandy why she's looking for Mikayla. Tandy imagines seeing her father Nathan coming over, and the lights flicker and the nearby lights flicker and burn out. Andre asks what happened, and Tandy runs off.

B rigid goes to a bar and drinks, avoiding her watch commander's calls.


Brigid tells Tyrone and Tandy to leave, and then calls the hotline anonymously and reports the deaths. She then leaves and goes to the bar, drinking as her hands shake. She leaves and throws up, then staggers down the street. As she collapses to her knees, vomiting again, an image of herself appears in a puddle and tells Brigid that she always knew she was a scared girl, and now it's her turn.

Brigid goes back to the club and the detectives in charge figure that someone snuck in a gun. She suggests that someone came in early and pulled a surprise attack, and realizes that there was a man in a sweater that they couldn't identify. The detective doesn't believe it, and a CSI tech confirms that the mystery man was Brent Latour and he owns a liquor store.

When Brigid goes to Latour's house, the wife Stephanie says that she isn't interested in talking to the police again. Brigid barges in and asks why Brent was at the meeting, and Stephanie claims that she doesn't know. The detective rips up an expensive painting and tells Stephanie that she knows dirty money paid for the place. She threatens to bring the police in if Stephanie doesn't cooperate, and Stephanie tells Brigid that someone was paying Brent to keep private ambulances at one of his salvage yards.

Brigid drives to the salvage yard and hears someone moving inside. She draws her gun and goes to the gate, and finds Tandy there. Brigid shoots the lock out and goes in.



Chantelle goes to a street shrine for missing girls and sings as others mourn. Tandy arrives and Andre comes over and joins Tandy. He says that he wanted to see if she was all right, and Tandy wonders why the cops and reporters aren't checking out the disappearances. Andre explains that the girls weren't important enough. Lia calls and tells Andre that Mikayla was found suffering from an overdose, and he tells Tandy.

Tandy goes to the hospital and finds Lia, who says that Mikayla is unconscious and irritably tells Tandy not to yell at her. She then apologizes, and Tandy tells Lia that she wanted Mikayla to do something to help herself and messed it up. Lia tells her that she's still a work in progress like the rest of them, and Tandy says that she'll see her in group.‌

Once Lia leaves, Tandy closes the curtain surrounding Mikayla and enters her mind. She sees a window showing the view from an ambulance, and then a man injecting her with heroin. She talks to an intern, who says that the person who brought her didn't sign the paperwork. He mentions that it was a private ambulance and leaves.

That night, Tandy tracks down a liquor store that she saw in the mindscape. She spots an ambulance at a nearby salvage yard and peers in through the gate. Brigid arrives, shoots the lock on the gate open, and goes in with Tandy. The two women spot the man who kidnapped Mikayla, and he runs with Brigid tells him to freeze.

Tandy and Brenda split up to go after him, and the lights explode around Tandy as she runs after the man. He gets into an ambulance and drives away, but Brigid cuts off his escape in her car. He drives back at Tandy, who summons a glowing ball of light and throws it in the cab. The light ball explodes and the ambulance crashes. Brigid grabs the man, who says that he doesn't know where the other girls are. He tells them that they're moving more girls the next day, and Brigid tells Tandy to keep a lookout. Once Tandy goes, Brigid says that she believes the man has told her everything he knows and rips out his throat.


At the church, Tyrone draws the veve on the floor in chalk. As he fails, Evita comes in and tells him it takes month of practice to get it right. She apologizes for yelling at Tyrone when he was opening up to him, and he explains how he ended up in the back of an ambulance and couldn't take the girl with him. Evita tells him the trick to drawing the veve is in breathing and offers to help, but says that he has to do it for his answers. As Tyrone draws, Evita takes his hand. Tyrone teleports and takes Evita with him. They're at the hospital and see the girl. When the police come by, Evita kisses Tyrone to keep them from seeing his face.

Once the police pass, Tyrone and Evita kiss for real and then she tells him to get out of the hospital because it's not a safe place for her. She says that she'll stay and see if she can learn anything. Tyrone kisses her and teleports away.

Tyrone goes to Brigid's apartment and he hears yelling and crashing noises inside. He breaks in and find Brigid tied up on the floor. Tyrone unties her and Brigid says that "she" is coming back. When Tyrone wonders who she's talking about, Brigid says that it's her other self. Tyrone teleports them to Tandy, and they find Brigid there. They confront the other Brigid, "Mayhem", who says that the cat is out of the bag.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 5, 2019

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