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Murdoc + Helman + Hit Recap

At a bar, Nicholas Helman takes the karaoke stage. The audience joins in with his singing, and Nicholas offers the mike to a man in the audience and secretly jabs him with a syringe. The man dies, and Nicholas sings with a woman and they kiss. Once he's done, Nicholas leaves the bar.

Later at the hospital, Mac discusses cancer treatments with James and plays chess. James says that being with Mac is all of the treatment that he needs. Matty calls Mac to the war room and James insists on going. Mac says that he should stay, and tells him not to be so obvious about letting him win next time.

Matty shows the team video of the karaoke bar and Nicholas singing. They explain to desire that they've confirmed that Nicholas' coffin is empty. The victim was an FBI interrogator focusing on organized crime. It's on Phoenix to get Nicholas, and Riley goes to check the Dark Web while the others tag along with James to speak to the one person who knows Nicholas better than anyone else: Murdoc.

The group drive to a Phoenix black site and go through facial recognition at the gate. Once inside, they enter a house after undergoing more security identification. A guard takes them to the cell where Murdoc's son is being held. Murdoc greets them and realizes that James is there. Mac tells him that Nicholas is alive, and James says that they're there to get Murdoc's help finding him.

Murdoc checks the footage of the FBI man's murder and talks to James about his abandoning Mac. Desi and Wilt watch and Desi comments on the toll that James' cancer is taking on Mac. Meanwhile, James tells Murdoc that if he doesn't help then they'll cut off his visits to Cassian. Mac figures that Murdoc can get into Nicholas' head, and Murdoc agrees. He points out that Nicholas letting himself be captured on camera was a calculated risk.

A federal prosecutor goes to his car in a parking garage, and Nicholas kills him.

Murdoc says that Nicholas is risking everything to finish what he started.

Matty calls from Phoenix to tell the team that Nicholas killed the prosecutor. Alex Yee was a lieutenant in a San Francisco gang, and he's scheduled to testify against his former employees. Nicholas has been hired to kill everyone involved in the prosecution, and the FBI have him at a safehouse before they take him to the trial. Murdoc calls James and Mac in, and Murdoc notices that James is ill. James admits that he has cancer with a fifty-fifty chance of living, and demands more information on Nicholas. Murdoc confirms that the killings took place in San Francisco and how Nicholas killed his victims. Each one matches an alias that Nicholas uses, and Murdoc advises them to have Riley run down the IDs.

Soon Riley finds an apartment leased to one of Nicholas' aliases. The team goes in with a Phoenix tac team, and as they go in James hesitates. Mac tells him that he doesn't have to go upstairs, but James insists. Tran tells Mac that it shouldn't be an emotional decision and advises him not to get distracted.

The team go up the stairs to the apartment and use a device to confirm that Nicholas is inside talking. Wilt and Murdoc are watching, and Murdoc suggests that the door is booby-trapped. There's only one entrance in, and Mac rigs a battering ram to a skateboard and launches it at the door. A bomb goes off, and once the smoke clears the team goes in. Nicholas' voice is a recording on a loop, and they realize that Nicholas isn't there.

At a coffee shop, Nicholas lets a woman, Jenna, bump into him. He flirts with her and she says that she's married, and Nicholas shows her a phone with live video and tells her to continue acting normal.

Mac connects Riley to Nicholas' laptop and she soon hacks it. There are files on the two most recent victims, and a bank transfer of $10 million from Yee's gang. There's also a transport route for the FBI convoy moving Yee, and the team realizes that his killing the two men spooked the FBI to move the witness so he could get at him.

The team head to the convoy, and Matty says that they've warned the FBI but they're still taking the most direct route.

Wilt questions Murdoc, who says that he can't predict Nicholas' pattern. He asks how Will is doing with Leanna, and then says that he's ready to dazzle Mac and James. Wilt puts him through to the father and son, and Murdoc says that there's an open stretch of highway and he figures Nicholas would strike there. James and Desi figure Nicholas is too smart for that, and Mac points out that Murdoc has been right so far. James agrees with him and they head for the highway marker.

The team arrives and waits for the FBI transport. Riley spots a vehicle coming from the opposite direction and they figure that it's Nicholas. It's a delivery van and Desi can't determine if Nicholas is driving. James draws a bead on the van and hesitates briefly, and then shoots out the tires. The tac team gets the driver out, and he says that he was paid to make a delivery and didn't load the van. The team opens the van, revealing dozens of balloons inside.

Jenna takes a hooded man to the compound. The guard asks what's going on, and she says that she's transferring a prisoner. Nicholas whips off the hood and shoots the guards, and Jenna reminds him that he said that he'd let her husband go if she got him in. Nicholas admits that he lied, shoots her, and shuts down the monitors. He then calls Murdoc on the loudspeaker and says that he's going to kill the man who killed his wife. Wilt calls Mac and tells Mac what's going on, and then Nicholas locks down the system and Riley as well. The team realizes that Murdoc has been Nicholas' target and the whole thing was his plan to move them out of position.

Mac, James, and Desi take a helicopter to the black site. Mac can't get through and Riley can't reach Wilt. Riley figures that someone who knew they had Murdoc at the black site hired Nicholas, and it's a short list.

Wilt peers out of the cell and a passing guard tells him to stay put. Murdoc tells Wilt that saying put is a bad idea, and Wilt reluctantly frees Murdoc from the table he's chained to,. They make their way down the hall and find the dead guard, and Wilt says that they'll go through a door. A guard comes by and says that he'll get them out, but then Nicholas guns him down and rounds the corner. Murdoc and Wilt run into a locker room and Murdoc says that Wilt will have to release him from his manacles unless he wants to die. Wilt reluctantly frees him.

Wilt comes in and shoots Wilt in the shoulder. Murdoc gets close enough to grab him and the two men fight. Nicholas gets the upper hand and knocks Murdoc down, and says that he's been willing himself to live long enough to kill Murdoc. Murdoc figures that Nicholas was surprised to receive the email from Murdoc hiring him to kill him. Nicholas doesn't care and renews his attack, and Murdoc takes him down.

Riley confirms that someone at the black site sent the $10 million payment a month ago. Cassian was at the black site a month ago, and Mac figures that Murdoc hired Nicholas.

Murdoc chokes Nicholas and says that he brought him there so he could kill him and unlock the doors. Nicholas hits him and then garrotes him with a belt. Wilt knocks out Nicholas from behind and trains Nicholas' shotgun on Murdoc, who points out that Nicholas shot Wilt in the shoulder. As Wilt ties up Nicholas, Murdoc grabs the shotgun and trains it on Wilt. He says that he's not going to kill Wilt. Murdoc admits that Wilt is the only reason that he's alive so he's going to let Wilt live. He figures that it's better to let Nicholas stay at the black site and then knocks Wilt out.

Mac and the others arrive at the black site and see Murdoc driving away, and realize that the entire thing was a jailbreak. He drives down the highway and the team pursue him in the helicopter. Desi is in the helicopter, and Mac and James are in ground pursuit in a hummer. Wilt is receiving treatment and Nicholas is in custody. Murdoc fires at the MacGyvers and James fires back. They both run out of bullets, and James tells Mac to hit Murdoc. Mac can't run him off the road, and James suggests that they use the vehicles wench to hook Murdoc's car and use their heavier vehicle's weight to stop the other car. James prepares to go out, but Mac says that he's not up to it and James agrees.

Mac climbs out on the hood, grabs the winch, and jumps onto Murdoc's truck. Murdoc swings at him while driving, and Mac avoids the blow and hooks the truck. James brakes, dragging James' car to a halt. Mac jumps Murdoc as he gets out and restrains him. Murdoc asks him not to take him back to the black site, and James leads Murdoc away. When he comes back, Mac hugs James and James thanks him for being his son.

A week later at Phoenix, Wilt returns and everyone applauds. Matty says that Yee deliver his testimony, and Desi has suggested security upgrades to the black site. Murdoc hasn't said how he knew Nicholas was alive. Matty assures them that Murdoc will be punished.

James and Mac take Murdoc to his cell Mac says that they won't be back anytime soon and neither will Cassian. Murdoc figures that they'll come to him when the next psycho shows up. Mac tells him that his expertise isn't unique anymore, and Murdoc discovers that Nicholas is in the cell across from him. The MacGyvers leave the two men as Nicholas stars singing and Murdoc screams in rage.

Mac and James walk outside to where Desi is waiting. She asks Mac if he's okay, and he says that he is all things considered. As Desi goes, Mac tells her that Jack was the best agent he ever worked with. He says that she's doing a good job and they go their separate ways. James tells Mac that Matty cleared their schedule for the rest of the day and suggests that they spend the afternoon together. He proposes that they go fishing and Mac agrees.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 6, 2019

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