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Lesson One: Think Quick! Recap

Arthur sleeps and dreams of his childhood when he saw his father killed. His nightmare continues as he flies over the city, remembering his battle against VLM and Terror. Arthur's alarm clock goes off, waking him up, and goes out into the kitchen and tells Tick that he had a flying dream. He figures that it means something, Tick tells him that he's ready to follow the hero's way. Arthur agrees and Tick says that he will be Arthur's teacher. There's a piece of blue exoskeleton on the floor, and Arthur realizes that Tick's suit has changed and become smoother. After Tick flushes the armored piece down the toilet, he tells Arthur to think quick and knocks him down to perfect his danger reflex.

Outside a private property, a guard wakes up when a futuristic vehicle crashes down nearby. Ms. Lint arrives and the guard shoots her with his taser. It has no effect, and Lint electrically stunts him and drives off in his go cart.

Dot is getting ready to go to work and listen to a radio broadcast about Terror's trial.

Tinfoil Kevin is on the street and picks up a transmission as he sees a surveillance drone overhead. It homes in on him as he studies it, and then flies off.

Tick has no idea why he's molting, but figures that it's a superhero thing. Arthur prepares to go to work now that his accounting firm is reopening, and explains that he doesn't have savings. Tick doesn't get it and Arthur explains that if he doesn't make money then they won't have coffee. The blue hero tests Arthur's reflexes again and it still doesn't go well. Overkill sneaks into the apartment and reveals himself, and he asks Tick to let him kill people. He complains that Tick has taken killing away from him. Dangerboat calls Arthur and asks if Overkill is there, and invites Arthur to watch The Princess Bride with it. Overkill insists that he needs lethal capacity, and Arthur tells everyone that he has to get to work and says that he'll get back to Dangerboat.

Arthur's mother Joan calls and Arthur tells her that he's running late for work. Tick is busying trying to hug Overkill and they have a hugfight, and Joan invites Arthur and Tick to dinner that night. Arthur insists that he's okay, and Joan insists that she doesn't want secrets in the family. Walter is working on a birdhouse and looks guilty, and Arthur says that they'll be there after evening patrol. Once Arthur hangs up, Tick says that they're a team and he'll go with Arthur to work. Arthur tells him to stay there and goes out. Kevin is watching the sky through binoculars and says that they're being watched. Arthur dismisses Kevin's concerns and runs off.

Dot stops at a diner and Joan calls her. A man trips and spills his hot coffee on a little girl and a doll, and Doll realizes that she's seeing a few seconds into the future. She knocks the coffee out of the man's hands and he's less than thrilled.

Arthur sits down at his desk, and his supervisor comes over and nervously sits down and asks Arthur if he's had any violent public encounters recently. He wonders if Arthur has his "bunny outfit" in his briefcase, and Arthur says that it's moth-inspired. The supervisor suggests that Arthur choose a superhero name other than his own name, and explains that they're not insured for Arthur's kind of life. Arthur has to choose to either be part of the company team or a superhero, but can't be both. Soon, Arthur is leaving with his things, then puts his box in the garbage, goes to the roof, puts on his costume, and flies away.

Dot arrives at Arthur's apartment and Tick wonders why she's not out in her "Dotmobile". She explains that she called in a sick day and came to talk to Arthur. Tick offers her more coffee and drinks his from the pot, and explains that Arthur will be back at 6. Arthur slams into the window and climbs in, and explains that he quit his job. Dot is surprisingly okay with the news, and Arthur says that he needs to hydrate before they go on patrol. Once Tick leaves, Arthur explains that Tick is hitting him to refine his danger reflexes. Dot tells him that he's right and he's supposed to do something important. Before Dot can explain what happened to her, Tick calls Arthur out.

When she gets home with Beer, Dot opens one and finds Overkill clinging to her ceiling. He falls down on the floor and admits that he's been drinking

After their patrol, Arthur and Tick go to a bank before it closes. Tick feels "unwrinkly" because Arthur lost his job because of him, and Arthur assures him that it was inevitable.

Bank robbers pull up outside.

Tick and Arthur get to the teller's window.

The robbers meet with one of their super-strong members, a humanoid lobster, who emerges from the sewer in the woman's room. As the teller flirts with Arthur, the robbers break in. Tick disarms one of them and another one drops a smoke grenade. The lobster-armed villain throws the vault door across the room and walks through the smoke to grab Tick. He slams Tick into a wall, and Tick fights back. Arthur confronts one of the fleeing robbers, and the other one punches him. Tick manages to yank the poncho off of the villain, who reveals himself in all of his lobster-y glory. They fight and Tick knocks the lobster villain across the room. The lobster-handed villain runs to the woman's room and disappears down the sewers. Tick goes after him, and Tick hesitantly goes after him.

Dot and Overkill drink and Dot explains what happened to her. Overkill says that she's just processing but she says that it's more than that. She woke up wanting to go fighting someone, and wants to be someone who can do something about the way the world is. Overkill understands, explaining that his effectiveness has been hamstrung because of the warrior's code. Dot says that he can tell her about it, but Overkill insists that he's been trained to mentally lock his problems away.

After running through five miles of sewer, Tick and Arthur lose the robbers. Arthur is exhausted and realizes that he missed his dinner with Joan and Walter.

Walter pours Joan wine and says that they can see where it's going.

Tick and Arthur enter the opponent and find Tyrannosaurus "Ty" Rathbone waiting for them. He explains that he's a commander with AEGIS and wanted to see if they were up to their reputation after fighting Terror. Arthur tells Tick that Ty is the most decorated officer in AEGIS history. Ty says that with Terror captured, the city is wide open to criminals so AEGIS is reopening their local branch in the city and they're reinstating the Flag Five. He tells Tick and Arthur to come by the office if they want a shot and gives them his card, and Arthur says that they'll be there. Ty leaves and Arthur figures that they've made it.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 6, 2019

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