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The Getaway Recap

In Orlando 1973 at the Contemporary Hotel, Richard Nixon gives a press conference saying that he's a crook and only an adequate lover. The Legends watch a video of the broadcast, and Gideon informs them that Nixon was unable to tell a lie causing global chaos. Charlie is figured that magic is involved, and Ray and Charlie tell Sara that it might be a good time to take a break. Sara figures that they're talking about how she and Ava broke up, but they clarify that they're talking about the Legends' break-up with the Time Bureau and Mona. They head for 1973.

Nate and an undercover Zari visit Hank, who tells them that he's the acting Director of the Bureau while Ava takes some time off to deal with personal issues. He informs them their first job is to capture the Legends because they've thumbed their noses at his authority. They assure him that they have his back and he tells them to board Waverider. Once he leaves, Nate tells Zari that they have to expose what Hank is up to. Zari is surprised that he's pretending that they're engaged, and Nate figures that there's one person at the Bureau they can trust.

Zari approaches Gary, who is surprised to see her working at the Bureau. She asks for his help and points out that Hank is causing chaos there, Zari and Nate want Gary to go through Hank's phone while they keep him busy, and Gary is glad to help unravel a conspiracy.

On Waverider in the bathroom, Mona checks her injury and remembers turning into a Kaupe. She goes out and Mick is waiting for her. Sara joins them and Mona tells her that Koname killed the agent rather than her. The leader tells Mick and Constantine to stay on Waverider while the rest of them deal with Nixon.

24 Hours Earlier

At the Walter Reed medical center, Sara and Ray pose as doctors. They sedate Nixon once they're alone with him, and Charlie uses her shapeshifting powers to take Nixon's place. Zari and Nate join Mick, Constantine, and Mona, and warn them that the Bureau agents have commandeered the ship. They leave rather than fight them, joining Sara and Ray. The Bureau agents close on them, and Constantine uses a spell to seal an intervening door so they can escape. On Waverider, Zari sabotages the ship so that Hank can't use it to pursue the Legends.

Outside the medical center, the team steal an RV and drive off in it with Nixon. The agents report the Legends' escape to Hank, who sets up a dragnet along the highway and figures that the Legends will slip up eventually.

On the RV, Mona tells Sara that she doesn't do well in tight spaces. Sara tells her that she's part of the team and she needs to help, not create more problems. Ray turns on the radio, and Mona tries to make small talk and checks out a camera. Sara says that they're going to get Nixon to his press conference in Florida while Constantine figures out what's wrong with Nixon, and they realize that they forgot Charlie.

Charlie complains that the Legends have abandoned her. She quickly assumes his form when a Secret Service agent checks in on them.

Once the Legends change into period clothing Mona has found for them, Sara navigates for Ray. Nixon wakes up and says that he'll do anything. Constantine casts a spell and Nixon chokes up a bug, and Constantine explains that it's an agent of Ma'At, the Egyptian Goddess of truth. It feeds on lie, leaving only the truth behind. Sara drugs Nixon unconscious and has Constantine put him in the closet, and Mona tries to talk to Sara again. Figuring that Mona is the best creature to watch the bug, she gives the jarred creature to her.

Gary lays out all of the clues on a board and realizes that he's way out of his league. He visits the imprisoned Nora and explains that he needs her help uncovering a conspiracy. Gary tells her that Hank is taking prisoners out of their cells so she should help him to protect herself.

Mona tries to punch a hole in the jar to give the bug air, and drops it. It lands beneath the brakes, preventing Ray from slowing down. Sara manages to pull the jar out, but a police car pulls up to them. Ray has no choice but to pull over and talks to the policeman. The officer assumes that Ray is using alcohol or drugs, and Ray claims that he has steering wheel problems and the team is heading to North Carolina. The bug escapes and flies into Ray's mouth. Ray tells the truth and the officer assumes that he's high and calls it in. Constantine removes the bug and they put it back in the jar, and Sara realizes that Mona made one big hole in the top.

Hank hears the officer close in the RV, and Zari gives Nate a scrambled RV and says that she knows an old-school way to contact the team.

Sara and Mick tell Ray to gun it, and he speeds off. Hank and Nate courier in and the officer says that the team escaped. Hank takes the officer's hat and car and says that he's in charge now.


Ray continues driving, and Hank and Nate pursue them. Hank is enjoying the high-powered car, and Constantine tells Ray to get them off the car so he can deal with the situation. He creates an illusion of the RV driving off in a different direction, and the illusion soon fades away.

Ray parks the RV, and Tari hijacks a radio station and announces that the Legends should keep a low profile. Sara agrees and says that the best way to keep the bug contained is to be completely honest. Nixon wakes up and they quickly dart him unconscious.

Nora hacks into Hank's email as Gary looks on, and realizes that they need a password. They need personal info about Hank and contact Zari, who contacts Nate and asks for the name of Hank's childhood pet. Nate and Hank have stopped at a gas station to get Coke, and Nate talks to Hank about his childhood while secretly leaving the radio on so Zari can hear. Nate asks about Hank's dog and they bond over old episodes of The Lone Ranger and Cokes. Hank talks about how he was raised by his mother after his father died, and he did what he could with Nate. Nate suggests that they forget the Legends and get some ice cream, and Hank agrees.

Zari passes the answer onto Gary, who discovers that Hank is using time travel for personal gain. Neron comes in, and Nora and Gary hide before he can see them. Once he leaves, Nora tells Gary to take what they've learned to Zari and then stop digging, and says that he has to be careful.

After they stop for ice cream, Neron calls Hank privately and tells him that someone is accessing his personal information. Hank figures that Nate is involved and promises Neron that it won't happen again.

Ray tells the others that the road trip has been a great bonding experience. The bug breaks free and flies into Constantine's mouth. He says that he doesn't trust the team, and the bug flies into Ray's mouth and he talks about thinking he's the night. Sara goes up front while the bug flies from Legend to Legend, making each one tell the truth. Mona joins Sara and says that everything should be okay. Sara says that they're fine and the bug flies into her mouth, and Sara talks about how they're not fine and Ava was her one chance at something real and now everything is going wrong because of Mona. Angry, Mona walks off, takes a bike off of the back of the RV, and rides off.

Constantine removes the bug from Sara, and she tells them to get Nixon to Florida while she recovers Mona. Constantine goes after her.

As Hank drives, he tells Nate that his men are setting up a blockade to capture the Legends. Nate feigns illness and asks him to pull over, and once Hank does so Nate goes into the men's restroom and tells Zari to find another route for the Legends so they can avoid the blockade.

Mona stops at a diner and orders a hamburger. Two Bureau agents come in and Mona covers her head with her hoodie.

Sara tells Constantine to say "I told you". He asks how she's been holding up, and Sara says that she's freaking out because of everything that's happening. Constantine asks what happens, and Sara says that things between her and Ava are bad. He notes that she'd be giving him some speech about friends helping carry the burden, and tells her that it's the truth even if it's rubbish.

Once Hank takes off again in the car, he turns on the radio and hears Zari warning the Legends. Hank drives off on the same route, radioing all agents to converge on the location. When one of the agents in the diner calls Koname a "wolf bastard", Mona confronts them. They recognize her and she turns into her Kaupe form.

Sara and Constantine follow Mona's bike tracks to the diner and notice that there's no one in the parking lot. The people run out as the Kaupe throws an agent out the window. The other agent is threatening to shoot her, and Sara and Constantine run in and realize that Mona is the Kaupe. They tell her to put the agent down as she grabs him, and she does so and roars at them.

The RV comes to the blockade, and Nate and Hank pull up behind the RV. They arrest Ray and Mick, and Nate plays along and handcuffs them. Mick headbutts an agent and Hank arrests both of them on charges of treason and conspiracy. Nixon comes out and complains that the Legends captured him. The bug flies out and flies into Nixon's mouth, and he starts telling the truth about how he's a bastard.

Constantine magically bonds the Kaupe, which rips free and knocks him out. The creature attacks Sara, who tries to get through to Mona. The Kaupe says that she looked up to Sara but it was all lies, grabs her by the throat, and throws her across the room.

Ray tells Hank that Nixon swallowed the truth bug. When Hank continues his charade, the bug flies into his mouth and he says that he's been keeping secrets from Hank. He talks about how he knows about the conspiracy but it's also about how he wants to tell Hank that he loves him but it's hard, and it's even harder now that he knows Hank is pretending that they're on the same side. Nate asks why Hank is pretending, and Hank says that he can't but he's doing it for him and wants to make it right. His son tells him to either let the Legends walk or arrest him as well, and Hank lets the Legends go. He tells Nate that they'll work together from now on with no more lies.

Sara and Constantine arrive, and Sara tells Mona that she should never have blamed her for everything. She assures Mona that none of it is her fault, and she was wrong to tell Mona to ignore her feelings. Sara tells Mon that she can let her feelings out, and Mona reverts to her human form. She stares at Sara, who says that if Mona needs a shoulder to lean on then she'll be there. Mona breaks into tears and Sara hugs her.

Sara, Constantine, and Mona drive to the blockade and Nate--still under the influence of the bug--tells his teammates that he loves them. Hank says that he trusts the Legends if Nate does. Waverider arrives, and the truth-telling Nate says that he's open to being Zari's girlfriend. The Legends load Nixon into the RV, and he says that he can be a better man if he tells the truth. Mick figures that history needs him to be crooked, and Ray zaps him with the memory flasher. Sara figures that family are the people they don't mind being annoyed by, and assures Mona that she can stay with them. Ray and Sara then realize that they forgot Charlie.

As Waverider heads back to get Charlie, Zari tells Nate that Hank has a black site facility in Baltimore to test the magical creatures, and ARGUS was doing something similar to turn metas into supersoldiers. Nate tells Zari that he wants nothing to do with it or Hank, holds Zari's hand briefly, and then couriers back to the Bureau HQ.

Hank goes to his office and meets with Neron. Neron realizes that he's having second thoughts.

Nora has visions of Neron in his real form.

Hank tells Neron that he's not going to let anything come between him and Nate. Neron says that he doesn't need him and drains the energy from him.

Nora yells that they need to release her.

Nate collapses to the ground as the demonic Neron stands over him.

The force field around Nora's cell drops. She runs to Hank's office and finds him dead. Nate comes in and assumes that she killed him, and more agents arrive and recapture Nora. She says that she's sorry, blasts them back with a magical spell, and escapes.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 9, 2019

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