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Shadow Selves Recap

Mina checks a white rat in her lab and makes a verbal log about feeding the rat some of the Roxxon chemical agent that humans were exposed to. She puts it into a maze to test its frustration levels, and the lights short out. The power comes back on and Mina discovers that there are now two rats in the maze. One of them attacks the other and rips it apart.

242 Days Ago

The exposed Brigid climbs out of the harbor and goes home. She gets water from the sink but, frustrated, throws the glass across the room and drinks from the faucet. The woman then pounds the refrigerator, throws it out into the hallway in frustration, and then stares at herself in a mirror. The TV is on and the news is reporting that Brigid is in critical condition at the hospital.

240 Days Ago

The doppelganger stares at the comatose Brigid, and then prepares to smother her. Two officers come in to check the room, figuring that Connors might come back. The doppelganger has hidden in an AC vent, and puts the pillow back. She assures the unconscious Brigid that they'll catch Connors first.


Mayhem says that she'll find the missing girls, and admits that she killed the gangers at the club. She ask Tandy if she's going to help, and when Tandy refuses she draws her gun and tells them to stay out of her way. Mayhem fires, and Tyrone teleports himself, Tandy, and Brigid to the church. While he recovers from the effort, Tandy asks Brigid what's going on. Brigid insists that Mayhem isn't hers, and Tyrone tells Tandy to give Brigid a minute to take it in. He figures that Brigid doesn't know what happened, and Tandy wonder who did.

Tyrone and Tandy take Brigid to Mina, who explains what happened to the white rat. Brigid and Mayhem have the same memories up to the moment that they split, and the doppelganger only has anger in the rage centers of their mind. Mina has been able to replicate the duplication several times, but in every instance the counterpart has killed its docile counterpart.

236 Days Ago

Mayhem rents a room at a SRO and the front desk clerk, Dale, hits on her. She advises him not to and then goes into her room.


Brigid figures that Mayhem really wants to kill her, and Tandy says that if anyone knows where Mayhem is going then it's Brigid. She asks where Brigid would go if she were Mayhem, and Brigid takes them to the SRO. They talk to Dale, who assumes that Brigid is Mayhem and hastily assures Brigid that no one went into her room. Brigid plays along and demands a door key, and they go inside. There are newspaper clipping, files, and a map taped to the wall.

200 Days Ago

Father Delgado packs up his things and leaves his office. Mayhem approaches him and asks if he knows where Tyrone is. Delgado says that he's already given a statement, and Mayhem explains that Tyrone might be able to help her find Connors and Tyrone used to be her friend. She claims that she's not with the police anymore, and Delgado says that he should have been fired so he's walking away. Delgado continues on and Mayhem says that Tyrone didn't kill the cop. The priest wonders if it matters and leaves.


The trio search the room and find credit cards with Tyrone's name on it. There are also flyers about the missing girls, and Brigid figures that Mayhem is tracking the girls and figuring out how they were being moved. Tandy remembers that the driver said there would be another job, and Brigid doesn't know where Mayhem would go. When Tandy pushes her, Brigid snaps at her and Tyrone says that they'll wait in the hall. Once they're alone, he wonders if Tandy thinks Mayhem is like her. Tandy assures him that he isn't and says that Tyrone is a protector while Mayhem is a force for destruction. She figures that Brigid can handle it.

Brigid looks around the room and finds a stack of playing cards. She looks through them and then calls Tandy and Tyrone in, and explains that she learned how to keep notes on playing cards. Brigid lays out the cards like her father taught her and realizes that the notes lead them to Bourbon Street and the New Orleans sex trade.

Delgado is on the street drinking and talking about how they ignore sickness and pretend everything is fine. He insists that the momentary relief of sin will not deliver them and they all give in to sin. Delgado passes out and Mayhem puts the bottle back in his hand, wakes him up, and says that she's about to sin.

122 Days Ago

Mayhem lays out her notes, trying to find Connors and discover who his partner was. She goes to the station, gets into a patrol car, and takes photos of the information from the police database. When the officer, Wyatt, arrives, Mayhem intimidates him into forgetting she's using his car. Mayhem then approaches the chief, who says they haven't found Connors and warns that eventually someone might wonder if she made him disappear.


Brigid, Tandy, and Tyrone go to the strip club and Brigid waits outside at the back while Tandy goes in and Tyrone covers the front. They hear a commotion and find Mayhem holding up a customer, Carl, by his tie. Tandy objects and Mayhem says that hurting people works. She says that the girls they're looking for are at a truck stop, and asks if Tandy is there with her or not. Tyrone comes in and tells Mayhem not to do it, and she throws Carl at him. Tandy throws a light dagger at Mayhem, who casually catches it. Mayhem throws her away and goes out the back. Brigid aims her gun at her and Mayhem tells her to shoot if she's going to shoot. After a moment Brigid lowers her gun and Mayhem walks off.

113 Days Ago

Mayhem gets the name of Connors' partner, Bradford, and goes to a council meeting that he's attending. The council unanimously vote to investigate a charge of violence against a woman... except for Adina, who votes nay. As the attendees protest, Bradford leaves and gets into his car. It won't start and he checks the trunk. Mayhem comes up and asks what the meeting was about, and Bradford says that he used to be a police officer but is PBA now. He admits that he used to know Connors, and Mayhem says that she sabotaged Bradford's car. She slams Bradford into the engine and he says that he covered for Connors shooting Tyrone's brother. When Bradford was kicked off the force on a drug charge, he tried to find Connors but Connors has disappeared. Mayhem believes him and snaps his throat, and walks away.

102 Days Ago

Delgado stands across the street from a liquor store, staring. Mayhem approaches him and says that she killed people, and explains about how Bradford was a dead-end and she killed him because she felt he deserved it. Delgado asks if she's worried about God's reckoning, and Mayhem says that she doesn't feel any guilt. Delgado doesn't care and tells her to look beyond her own bullshit. Mayhem wonders if she just wants to hurt people, and he tells her to start with the ones who deserve it before walking off. She tosses him a bottle of alcohol and walks off. As she goes, she steps on a flyer for one of the missing girls and notices a board with other flyers posted on it. Mayhem pockets them and leaves.


Tyrone, Tandy, and Brigid go to the truck stop and discover that Mayhem has already been there and turned over a truck. They find the missing girls, who confirm that they saw Mayhem and she saved them. Brigid confirms that the truck driver is still alive and calls it in, and takes the girls to somewhere safe. Tandy shares at them in shock and then tells Tyrone that Mayhem was the one who saved the girls. Tyrone points out that their scared stiff and Mayhem didn't call the police, but Tandy wonders if Mayhem is right in what she's doing.

48 Hours Ago

Mayhem goes to the club and kills the gang members.


Brigid takes the girls to the station but they're too shaken to say anything. Tandy takes one girl's hand and sees her sitting in darkness. She tells Tyrone that there's nothing and the girl has no hope, and asks him to try. Tyrone takes her hand and sees her strapped to a gurney in an ambulance. The gurney rolls out the back, and when the ambulance Tyrone gets out and sees the building that it's parked next to. He comes out of the vision and tells Tandy and Brigid that he knows where they were going.

Delgado stands on the street corner saying that there's no playbook. He tosses the bottle of alcohol on the ground, breaking it, and saying that all that matters is what they do because God doesn't listen.

Tandy and Tyrone approach the building.

36 Hours Ago

Mayhem watches as Brigid comes out of the bar and wretches. She approaches her and talks to her, saying that she's a scared girl and always has been, and now it's her turn.


Tyrone teleports in, scouts out the place, and returns to Tandy and says that there are two men at the back entrance. He figures that he has to go in and Tandy tells him to be careful. Tyrone teleports inside and then hides as a guard goes past, and then teleports out and says that he spotted cells. He's exhausted from his efforts, and Tandy suggests that they wait and let Mayhem handle it. Tyrone refuses, saying that's how his brother got killed, and Tandy agrees. She figures that they need a distraction and tells Tyrone to stand back. She then summons a ball of light and throws it into the building. It explodes, blinding the gang members, and Tyrone teleports in and frees the girls as the gang members come charging out. He teleports two of them out and goes back for more.

Tandy watches as the gang members search the area. One of them discovers that the imprisoned girls are gone. Another ganger finds Tandy and captures her at gunpoint.

One teenager, Solomon, sees Tyrone as he teleports out and wonders how he did it.

Mayhem drives a semi over the man holding Tandy at gunpoint. Tandy tells her that they got the girls out, and Mayhem says that makes her job easier. She grabs a discarded gun, goes inside, and guns down the gangers. Tyrone uses the darkness within his cape to shield Solomon, and then sucks Mayhem into his cape.

Mayhem walks through the void and comes to a gas station. She goes inside and finds the refrigerator that she destroyed earlier, Fuchs' body inside. He smiles, looks up at her, and asks who's ready for reunion pancakes.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 12, 2019

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