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Friends + Enemies + Border Recap

In Bosnia, Mac and Desi are driving down a highway. The engine sputters and Mac figures that after he used moonshine to fuel the car, it should get them. As Desi smiles at their captive gangsters in the rear seat, a woman runs out on the highway and Mac quickly brakes. The woman says that there's been a crash and people are bleeding. Desi wonders if it's a trap and says that she needs to know what they're walking into, and Mac says that he's going with or without her.

Desi draws her gun and goes after Mac and the woman. The woman, Emina, says that she and her husband Bilal are farmers and they found the crash victims when they were checking their irritation lines. The vehicle and the passengers are down a sinkhole. There's a Frontex border guard in the sinkhole with the passengers, and Mac figures that the passengers are migrants heading for the EU.

One of the passengers, Nazir, yells for help, saying the guard has been shot. Another migrant tries to climb out, and Mac stops him, saying that the sinkhole is unstable and could come down on them. Desi wonders how they're going to get them out with no comms or equipment, and Mac admits that he doesn't have an idea but they need to come up with something before the sinkhole collapses.

At Phoenix, Riley shows Wilt a collection of towers and says that the person who doxxed them is still out there. She explains that she needs to go through the tower and try to trace the owner. Wilt passes, saying that he's going to pick up James for chemo. He insists that his car is presentable, but James is letting Wilt drive his car to pick him up.

Wilt goes to James' car and gets in. When he starts up the engine, an electronic voice on the GPS says hello and goodbye to James. The car door locks and Wilt confirms that there's a bomb beneath the dashboard.

Desi tells the migrants that they're working on it, and Mac tells her that they're going to build a crane. With the help of Desi, Bilal, and Www, mac rigs a crane from the supports on their truck. He then has Desi lower him into the sinkhole and the woman, Sana, says that the guard's name is Felix. Felix has a gunshot wound and Nazir says that he's stitched wounds before and could do the same with the proper equipment. Mac realizes that Felix's gun is gone, and the migrant who tried to crawl out, Adnan, hands the gun over and says that he wanted to keep it safe. Mac takes a bullet out of it, removes the gunpowder, and uses it to cauterize the wound. The bleeding stops and Mac says that they need to get out of the sinkhole.

Riley works on the tower computers, and Wilt calls her and tells her about the bomb. She tells Riley, who tells Matty and the Phoenix team secure the area. Leanna went to move James, and Wilt calls Riley and asks where Mac is. Matty says that she's been unable to reach them, and Riley passes that on to Wilt.

As Desi lifts the migrants out one at a time, Www says that the man who promised to get them out of Syria, Harun, shot Felix. Harun took their money, put them in the van, and promised them a safe journey. Felix confronted them and Harun shot them and then abandoned the migrants. They tried to take Felix to a hospital but got lost in the dark and the sinkhole. Desi gets the girl, Yasmin, out, and the one woman Sana, introduces everyone.

The Phoenix team checks James' SUV and then the head man, Oscar, tells Matty that the bomb is wired into the SUV's electrical systems. He turned on a signal blocker to make sure the bomb can't be triggered by remote. Riley has been unable to match the bomb to anything in the databases, and Oscar admits that he doesn't have a plan.

The group lifts Felix out and Sara tells Desi that the hospital is an hour away. There's a clinic closer but it's in a small village. Emina is glad to volunteer their truck. They drive to the clinic and take Felix inside. Desi finds Dr. Arza Tezric and she examines Felix. She warns them that Felix needs an ER with full trauma capabilities and she's just a pediatrician. Mac tells her that she's the only doctor that they have, and offers to make what she needs. Arza has no choice but to agree and shows Mac drawings of the equipment that she needs. She needs a clamp to hold the aorta, and warns that Felix has a low chance of survival even if Mac can make the clamp.

Riley puts on a protective suit and goes over to Wilt, and tells him that they're working on a plan to defuse the bomb. She assures Wilt that she's there for him and Wilt apologizes for snapping at her. Riley says that Wilt can't move because he will set off the bomb, and Wilt asks her where Mac is. She admits that they don't know, and Wilt realizes that he doesn't get to say goodbye to anyone close to him. Riley reminds him of other situations that he's survived and assures him that he'll survive the bomb. Wilt wonders what his life would be like if he wasn't a spy. Oscar says that he needs to get under the vehicle and do some cutting, and Riley passes the information on to Wilt and says that he needs to refocus his mind. She has him talk about what movie he'd be working on if he was still making movies, and Wilt describes Light-Speed Assassin while Oscar goes to work.

Mac has the migrants gather cleaning chemicals to build a forge to heat a pair of forceps to make a vascular clamp. Arza operates on Felix and Mac gives her the improvised clamp.

Oscar cuts open a panel beneath the SUV and goes to work. Wilt continues describing his movie to Riley, and the bomb beeps. Oscar quickly slides out from beneath the van and goes over to Matty, and Riley goes over to find out what's going on. Oscar says that there was a redundancy that kicked in, and there's no way to disarm the bomb: it's going to go off.

Mac tells Desi that they'll contact Matty when they're ready for exfil. Desi thanks Mac for stopping to save Felix's life. She talks to Sana, realizing that she's pregnant. Sana says that she's three months along and everything hurts, but she needs to be strong for her child. Desi tells Sana that she's a boss and leads her off.

Mac goes to the waiting room and asks Adnan what he'll do next. Adnan worries that the authorities will send them back to the migrant camps, and they're not sure that they'll be welcomed to the north. He explains that after Yasmin's mother was killed, he knew the violence would eventually return and if he died, no one would look after Yasmin. Adnan refused to leave Felix behind, insisting that it isn't who they are. Arza and Bilal come in and report that the surgery was successful. Harun comes in, holds them at gunpoint, and demands to see Felix. Desi knocks him out and Mac turns off the lights. There are more men outside, and Mac has everyone get down. The leader, Daris, calls for Harun, and Mac yells back that Harun isn't coming out. Daris tells them to send out Harun and the border guard or they're coming in and will kill everyone.

Mac and the others barricade the doors, and he tells Desi that he still would have done what he did. He tells the others that they'll need to work together to keep the gangsters out.

Riley goes over to tell Wilt the truth. She explains that there's no way to disarm the bomb but says that they're not giving up so Wilt can't either. Wilt warns that his leg on the brake is going numb, and Riley asks him to hold on. He says that when they first met he wanted to date her but she wouldn't give him her number. Wilt realizes that she was letting him down earlier, and says that he's glad it didn't work out because she's like a sister to him. Riley realizes that he's saying goodbye, and Wilt tells her to walk away. She insists that they're not doing it, removes her protective gear, and says that they're in it together and he's not going to take his foot off of the brake because it will kill her and she knows he wouldn't do that to his sister.

They put their hands together on opposite sides of the window glass and Wilt agrees, and Riley wonders what Mac would do. They don't know about cars, and Wilt says that in high school the teacher had him duplicate the work that Mac had done as Wilt's partner. Riley gets an idea and goes to talk to Matty.

Yasmin gathers stuffed animals from around the clinic, and Mac cuts them open and fills them with cleaning products poured into inflatable gloves. The result are stun grenades, and Desi says that they have five minutes. She checks on Sana, who worries that her unborn child is in danger. Desi tells her that her parents fled Vietnam and went to Hong Kong where they ended up in a camp. Her mother was pregnant with Desi at the time, and it was the U.S. that opened up its borders to them and gave them a home. Desi figures that if her mom was there, she'd tell Sana that it's worth it and she shouldn't lose hope.

Daris' backup arrives and they drive a SUV in through the front doors as Mac and the others run. They take refuge in the operating room , and Mac and Desi tell the migrants to get Felix out the door while they distract the gangsters. The gangsters come in and Mac and Desi through the stuffed animals and stun the gangsters while keeping ahead of them. They run out of hallway to retreat down, and Mac grabs a fire extinguisher. They hear grunts and look over the cover, and see that the migrants have knocked out the remaining gangsters.

The Phoenix bomb squad drive in a SUV and hook it up to the SUV Wilt is in. Riley then tells Wilt that they plan to fool the bomb in the rigged SUV that it's in the other SUV. Oscar puts his foot on the brake and Riley syncs the SUVs. Wilt braces himself, removes his foot from the brake, opens the door, and the bomb doesn't go off. He gets out and crawls away, and Riley helps get him to safety. Wilt admits that he couldn't have held on if Riley hadn't stayed with him, and she says that she would never have abandoned him. Oscar and his team contain James' SUV and Oscar lets it blow up safely

Later at Mac's house, Wilt looks out on the city. Mac joins him and Wilt says that he won't take life for granted anymore. His friend apologizes for not being there, and Wilt assures him that he owes him a thanks because he realized that even though their job is sometimes terrifying, it's important and he always feels proud. Wilt says that he's never been happier because he's where he belongs because of Mac. They hug, and Riley comes in with Desi. Desi says that Wilt survived thanks to Riley, and Riley jokingly calls Wilt her "little bro".

As they sit down to drink, Desi tells Mac that Harun is pulling through and Phoenix put the migrants on the fast track to asylum in Austria. Frontex took down Daris' trafficking ring, and Mac suggests that they make donations to the farmers and the clinic. Matty comes in and looks at them briefly before walking off, and Mac goes after her. She gives Mac the bomb fuse from the SUV bomb and they realize whoever built it is better than the Ghost. James didn't recognize it, but they figure someone wants to kill James and it's personal.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 13, 2019

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