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Magic is Real Recap

At AEGIS, Arthur reads a newspaper article about how Joan of Arc is cleaning up the city while Tick and Arthur are gone. He notes that they've been in the sewers looking for Lobstercules, and figures from Dangerboat's map that there are two locations where Lobstercules could be. Sage appears and explains that he's trying out for a Flag Five slot, and teleports a croissant to his hand using magic. Bronze Star comes in and Sage greets him. The two heroes hug, and Hobbes brings in Lint-as-Joan and shows her around. Arthur stares at her in shock and Lint greets them.

As Hobbes explains the testing problem, Arthur sulks and complains to Tick. When Hobbes shows her the croissants, Arthur objects and starts to reveal Lint's true identity. Hobbes points out that it's against AEGIS policy to reveal superhero IDs, and Tick tells Arthur to focus. Arthur reluctantly agrees and storms off, taking the croissants with him.

In Dangerboat, Dangerboat scans the human furniture. Overkill tells Dot that she's a natural and they should talk about her superpower. She admits that she was able to dodge the bullet, and explains how she saw a few seconds into the future. Dangerboat tells them that it has detected a neural implant, telling the human to act like a floor lamp. It has to remove it from the subject's brain to analyze it. Dot wakes the man up and he says that his name is Ted.

Arthur and Tick search the sewers and Arthur worries that he'll be outmatched by all the superheroes arriving in the city. Tick assures him that they're a team and teamwork is important, and suggests that Arthur's invulnerability might be his greatest strength. In the shadows, Lobstercules watches them.

Ted describes his experience as a lamp since he was abducted from a European youth hostel. Dot asks him to help them find the Duke, and he assures them that he will. Dangerboat tells Dot and Overkill that they'll need a tech expert, Black Market Bob, to remove the implant. Overkill needs to get Bob on his own because Bob is paranoid, and Dangerboat calls Bob. Dot discovers that her mother has called, and Overkill says that he'll be back in 27 hours.

Graham Dyckman interviews Superian, who describes how he cleared a storm of meteors from Chile. He says that he did what he did to show humanity about how he feels about them. Superian explains that a certain government doesn't want him to finish sculpting Devil's Tower and insults Gordon. Gordon says that Superian owes them an explanation, and Superian says that it was his grand gesture to apologize for thinking Terror was alive.

In the motel room, Lint and Edgelord watch the interview on TV. Frank comes in and Edgelord says that he recorded Lint's attack for social media. Lint explains that she's crafting an image and had to attack her former gang, but says that she let them get away. She shows Frank her AEGIS membership card, and Frank reminds her that her plan was to take down the gangs so she could control crime. When Edgelord says that she'll be on the Flag Five, Edgelord tells Lint that she'll have to go after a supervillain. Lint remembers Lobstercules and plays back the recording on her helmet from the AEGIS lounge.

Arthur and Tick move to the cistern on Dangerboat's map. Sage and Bronze Star arrive, figuring that Arthur and Tick could need a hand. Tick is thrilled to have a team-up, and Sage says that he can't teleport to somewhere he hasn't been. Tick goes off with Sage and Bronze Star, forgetting about Arthur as something grabs him.

Overkill takes Ted to Bob and provides a retinal scan to confirm his identity. Bob finally lets them in.

Arthur wakes up to find Lobstercules looming over him. It pins Arthur in place as he tries to run. It hears Frank and his men outside and tells Arthur in a woman's voice to hide. Frank busts in and tells Lobstercules that she should cooperate if she wants to see her children. They dump an icebox full of lobsters on a table and Lobstercules embraces them. They then dump out some starfish and Lobstercules chews them up and regurgitates the food to her children. Arthur watches from hiding, surprised.

Bob tells Ted that it won't hurt but warns that it might cause some brain damage. She extends a probe into Ted's head and removes the implant. Bob confirms that the Duke made it and realizes that it's transmitting. Overkill tells her to trace it, insisting that he needs to find the Duke. Bob doesn't want to send Overkill into a trap but he insists and she locates the source of the transmission.

Tick, Sage, and Bronze Star continue exploring the sewers and finally realize that Arthur is gone. Bronze Star suggests that Lobstercules will keep Arthur alive to lay eggs in him, and Sage tries to home in on Arthur's mystical aura. His third eye/nipple shoots a beam of light at the nearby wall, and Tick charges through it and the walls beyond.

Lobstercules sings with her children, and the gang load the lobsters into a box and say that they have another job for Lobstercules. Once they leave, Arthur comes out and Lobstercules asks him to help her. He swears that he will, just as Tick charges in and tackles Lobstercules. She fights back, hitting a steam pipe. The steam knocks Tick down and Lobstercules escapes, and Tick goes after her.

Lobstercules runs out onto the street and the people pass. Arthur stops Tick and explains that Lobstercules isn't a villain and needs their help. As Lobstercules starts to calm down, Lint arrives as Joan and knocks Lobstercules out, and everyone cheers.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 13, 2019

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