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Lei-Lo, Ho! Recap

Tick and Arthur return to Arthur's apartment with pizza, and Tick tries to work out Lobsteracules' clue about a house under a volcano. Arthur opens the pizza box, unaware of the picture of a volcano on it. He insists that they'll keep their vow to Lobsteracules and Tick tells Arthur that he will take out the Donnelly. Lint calls Arthur and asks what he told Superian, and explains that he thinks Arthur is his therapist. Arthur says that he told Superian to make a gesture, and Lint tells him that Superian is planning to bow humanity into space. She says that if Superian goes off of the deep end then it ruins her plans. She hears singing and pounds on the wall, figuring that it's the neighbors. Arthur hears them and realizes that it's Lobsteracle's children, and when Lint hangs up Arthur checks the caller ID and realizes that the children are at the Lei-Lo Motel.

Lint continues pounding on the walls, and in the next room Dougie Donnelly feeds the lobster children. They refuse to eat it, and Dougie goes out and tells Donny that the lobsters still aren't eating. Donny figures that they might as well eat them, and Danny starts up the grill.

Dangerboat cruises through the waters, and inside Dot tells Overkill that she should take a look at AEGIS. Overkill figures that Hobbes worked out who Dot really is. Dangerboat reports that Arthur is calling Dot and Overkill has it put it on speaker. Arthur is in a car with Tick and Tinfoil Kevin, and Tick says that they're on a stakeout. Dangerboat helpfully announces that they're going on a stakeout and Tick tells Overkill and Dot to wait for them to wrap up their mission and then they'll help them take care of their mission the right way. Overkill says that it's covert mission and they don't want superhero help, and Overkill tells Arthur that Dot has combat training, before Dot can mention her superpower. He hangs up and Kevin offers takeout snacks.

Dangerboat tells Dot that AEGIS has a file on her, and Overkill agrees with her that it's creepy.

Dougie listens to a radio report about the search for them, and Donny says that when the police loosen the net they'll escape. He assures his brother that he wants to eat the lobsters and if they start a lobster band then it will tip off the police.

Arthur, Tick, and Kevin spot the mock volcano on the Lei-Lo's sign, and Arthur figures that they'll watch and wait. Tick complains that the stakeout is hundrum, and Arthur tells him that they have to stick with the plan and use finesse. Kevin thanks them for bringing him along and they admit that they did it because he has a cooler.

Walter is at a hardware store buying paint for the house. He calls Joan to make sure that she approves of his color choice, and once he hangs up he gets a call. The voice gives a code phrase and Walter responds, destroys his phone, and leaves.

Dangerboat drops anchor near an island and confirms that there is tech capable of planting implants in human furniture. Overkill pours drinks and says that they could be dead, and Dangerboat says that they should do the thing. Dot wonders what "the thing" is, and Dangerboat says that it's a tradition they have before life-changing missions. Overkill doesn't want to do it, but says that they find evil in the dark away from music. On the night before mission they step out of the darkness and celebrate everything that they fight for, including dance. Overkill dances and Dot joins in while Dangerboat spins his camera around.

Danny pulls up to the Lei-Lo in a van and Arthur recognizes him. Kevin deploys, shoving his cooler out and going over to the Lei-Lo. He makes sure that Dougie doesn't see him and notes what room Dougie is going in. Arthur says that it's a go and reminds Tick to keep the babies safe.

Lint is reading an article about Superian when she hears a voice telling her that Superian had her worried. She looks at herself in the mirror, and her reflection tells her that she's becoming one of the good guys.

Once the water heats up, Dougie tells his brother to get the lobsters. Arthur comes in through the window and falls, and the Donnelly goes outside and find their van upturned in the parking lot. Tick steps out and they go for their guns.

Inside, Arthur tries to calm down the babies.

Tick shrugs off the bullets, and Donny realizes that it's a distraction. He comes in as Arthur finishes handing the babies out to Kevin.

Tick throws a Donnelly into Lint's room.

Donny grabs Arthur and throws him into the sink.

Lint comes out and asks why Tick is trashing her headquarters. Tick hears Arthur yelling and goes to help him. Meanwhile, Arthur fights back against Donny but Tick runs in and slams the door into his partner, which knocks him onto Donny, knocking him out. Tick congratulates Arthur on succeeding.

Lint checks the van and sees her reflection laughing at her in a nearby window reflection. Disgusted, she goes back into her room.

Walter drives to his home and goes into the work shed. He closes the drapes and opens a secret locker containing his AEGIS gear. Rathbone calls and greets his "old friend", and says that they both knew what they signed up for. He tells Walter that he has a job for him.

A news reporter interviews Walter, who says that they got a tip out. Kevin tells him that he has to go. That night, Arthur watches the news report on TV. Tick calls him into the bathroom where Kevin is tending to the babies in the bathtub. He's set up a blue night light to make the babies feel at home, and they sing their thanks. Tick tells Arthur that the next part is the hard part: parenting.

Overkill and Dot land on the island and Dangerboat hacks into the base's security. The two vigilantes go inside and find it cleaned out. Overkill warns that the Duke has hacked into his cybernetic equipment and rendered him bind. Dangerboat can't penetrate the firewall, and a glass cylinder forms around Overkill. As Dot tries to pry it open, Dangerboat warns that it's detected the activation of a self-destruct system. Overkill tells Dot to run because the Duke wants him alive. The self-destruct goes off... and Dot's future vision ends. She jumps out the window just in time as the base blows up behind her.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 13, 2019

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