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Joan! Recap

At AEGIS, Arthur works on the paperwork for the arrest report on the Donnellys. Tick whispers to him not to say anything about the babies, and Arthur assures him that they're not lying: just omitting details. Flexon comes in and congratulates them, and says that he signed onto Lobstercules' case as her lawyer and filed an appeal to have it dropped because she was coerced. The appeal was rejected and she has nothing on what was used to coercer Lobstercules. Veranda comes in and Flexon says that he'll come by later to talk about it. Arthur gives her the paperwork and she figures that it's perfect because Arthur filled it out. She says that Rathbone is close to choosing the Flag Five.

A diver emerges onto the beach near the unconscious Dot. She wakes up and sees him as he removes his mask, and realizes that it's Walter.

At Arthur's apartment, Tick, Arthur, and Kevin take care of the babies. Tick suggests that Destiny is telling them to be parents, but Arthur points out that it's just babysitting. There's a knock at the door, and Arthur confirms that it's Joan. She says that she needs to talk about Walter and comes in after Kevin and Tick have hid the babies in the bathtub. Joan shows Arthur a note from Walter saying that he's gone and will be back soon, and notes that it's under ten words. She says that Dot hasn't returned her calls and quit work.

A lobster crawls out behind Joan and he finally shows her the babies. The trio explain about Lobstercules and her baby, and the five babies say "Joan" as their first word. She complains that Arthur doesn't share things with her, and Arthur notes that things have become complicated. Joan figures that the babies are hungry and they need to find starfish to feed them.

Dot and Walter go to Dangerboat, and it confirms that Overkill was taken away from the base but it lost the signal. Walter figures that he's being taken to the Duke, and explains that his real name is John Wu.

Flexon in his identity as Pat Murphy arrives at Arthur's apartment and is immediately smitten with Joan. When Arthur accidentally introduces him as Flexon, Joan realizes who Flexon is. Tick comes in playing with the babies and Arthur tells Flexon the situation. Flexon figures that they have case, and Tick asks Joan to take the babies in the other room. He then tells Flexon that they took a hero's oath to keep the babies secret. Arthur suggests that letting AEGIS know about the babies is the only way to get Lobstercules out of prison, but Tick is insulted. Flexon assures him that he won't give away the secret, hero's honor, and Tick allows it.

Once Flexon leaves, Arthur tries to find a starfish store. Kevin locates one but it's pretty far away. Tick suggests that Kevin use Joan's car, and Joan looks nervous.

Walter tells Dot that the day her father died, Terror took special notice of Arthur. AEGIS felt he needed protection so AEGIS assigned Walter to watch them. He fell in love with Joan and wanted her to know the real him, so after he retired from active duty he joined her church group and their relationship grew. Walter could never find the right time to tell them, and insists that he was honest about how he felt. Rathbone called him because he thought the family was still in danger, and gave Walter the same intel he gave Overkill, leading Walter to the island. Dot says that she doesn't need Walter to help him, and Walter says that she's still going to keep trying.

Arthur is getting a blender to make starfish puree when Superian comes in. He knows about the babies and needs more of Arthur's "talk therapy". Arthur warns that he's not a professional, but Superian says that he might have messed up and goes to the bedroom so that he can lie down when Arthur agrees.

In the bathroom, Tick and Joan tend to the babies and Tick worries that they're not all right. Tick worries what happens if he messes up as a parent, and Joan tells him that it's hard work and no one will do it perfectly. Joan says that when her husband was killed, she struggled and wasn't there for her children. Tick assures her that Dot and Arthur are fantastic, but Joan isn't convinced.

Superian tells Arthur that he needs a big win to get people cheering again. Arthur suggests that he let humanity take care of it on their own, and that Superian should respect the people and their national monuments. Superian notes that people hate him worse than ever after Devil's Tower, and admits that humanity will hate him even more when they find out about Pearl. Arthur asks for details, and Superian admits that he left him on the pyramid in Guatemala. He suggests that he freeze Pearl and put him Antarctica for a decade, but Arthur says that people will notice and suggests that Superian bring Pearl back. Tick says that there's someone knocking at the door.

Arthur answers the door and Miranda calls through it. Tick refuses to let AEGIS take her babies, and Arthur finally lets her in. He closes the bedroom door so Miranda doesn't see Superian, and Miranda explains that AEGIS runs an evaluation for Flag Five finalists. As she sets up, Tick whispers to Arthur that having AEGIS there puts the babies at risk. Arthur points out that they can help the babies more as Flag Five members, and Tick agrees.

Miranda has Arthur and Tick sit down and asks Tick if he's remembered anything about his past. She notes that heroes become unstable under stress. The babies start singing and Arthur claims that it's his neighbor's band. Joan comes in, sees Miranda, closes the door, and introduces herself to the agent. Arthur explains why Miranda is there, and Joan is impressed that Arthur is a Flag Five finalist.

When Miranda notes that Arthur was diagnosed with mental problems, Joan explains that they thought Arthur was obsessed with Terror. However, Arthur was right and she was wrong, and apologizes to Arthur. Arthur assures her that it made her the person he is. Miranda finishes taking notes and thanks them for their honesty. Kevin comes in with the starfish and Tick takes him to the bathroom. Arthur claims that Kevin is their plumber, and asks Miranda how they did. She says that they're still in the running and leaves.

Superian comes in with a disheveled Pearl and tells Arthur that he is trying to begin the process of inner healing. Pearl nervously says that he was wrong to be short with Superian, and will never tell anyone where he's been. Arthur wonders if Superian threatened Pearl, and Superian denies it. When he offers to take Pearl home, Arthur says that he'll do it while Superian takes a long walk on the ground. Once Superian leaves, Pearl curls up in a fetal position on the couch.

Later, the lobsters refuse to eat the starfish mush. As Arthur purees the starfish mush, he thanks Joan for what he said. She says that she wants him to be who he wants to be, and Arthur says that he wants to be a member of the Flag Five. Tick says that they're trying to be good guys, and chews up a starfish, and then feeds it to the babies. They eat it and Tick continues.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 14, 2019

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