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Lost Canary Recap

A hooded Black Siren enters an office under construction and demands to see Shadow Thief. When one of the men grabs her, Black Siren easily takes them down with her martial arts and sonic cry. One man points her out, and Black Siren kicks him unconscious.

Shadow Thief is sparring with bags when Black Siren comes in and says that the only person she can trust is herself. She points out that Diaz introduced them before he died, and says that she's looking for a partner. She has multiple jobs and needs someone with Shadow Thief's skills. Before she can explain, Black Siren gets a call, ignores it after seeing who the caller is, and asks Shadow Thief if she's still good with locks.

At the loft, Felicity tries to call Laurel again and gets no answer. She leaves a voice mail saying that she's trying to make sure Laurel is okay, and hangs up. Oliver overhears her and says that Laurel doesn't want to talk and Felicity should give her room. Felicity asks if Oliver is okay with learning Emiko is evil, and says that the bullet led her to the buyer. She suggests that Emiko made up the story, but Oliver figures that Emiko was telling the truth and then they can leverage the knowledge against Emiko and the Ninth Circle. He asks Felicity to take it easy, and she says that she's staying in.

The Future

An armored hunter attacks Zoe and Mia, who has chased them to the bunker. Dinah radios them and says that Galaxy One has raided all of their safehouses and the bunker is their only location. Mia insists on taking the hunter out rather than escaping, and throws a piece of debris to the side to distract him. Once he goes after it, Mia grabs a pipe and goes after the man, but Zoe stops her and they escape.


At the station, Dinah watches a newscast about how an arrest warrant has been issued for Laurel's arrest. Felicity comes over and asks if it's harsh, and Dinah says that the evidence is ironclad. She insists that Laurel hasn't changed and she's a ruthless killer. Felicity says that they should be helping her, but Dinah says that they're going to bring her to justice.

That night, Black Siren breaks into the office at a dry-cleaning company and confronts Pinky Santorini. He insists that he hasn't had a problem in 24 years. Shadow Thief comes up behind Pinky, kills him, and finds a hidden compartment with Pinky's money and drugs.

Felicity summons Dinah to the bunker and says that the toxicology report shows that Emiko killed Hernandez using a Ninth Circle poison. Dinah says that it doesn't matter because Laurel has gone back to being Black Siren and robbed Pinky and has a partner. Laurel and Dinah were working on a case, and Felicity determines that Laurel has been accessing her old DA case files. Dinah warns that the damage has already been done and leaves.

Oliver and Spartan enter the apartment of the bullet buyer. They search the place and Spartan finds the rifle in the hidden compartment. Kodiak confronts him, and Oliver arrives and shoots him. The mercenary shrugs off the arrow in his shoulder, but then collapses from the tranquilizer. Spartan and Oliver wonder what Kodiak is doing involved in the murder of Emiko's mother.

Felicity uses the IP trace to call Laurel, asking her not to hang up. She says that she knows Laurel didn't kill Hernandez, and warns that Oliver will eventually capture her. Laurel says that she's sick of being someone she isn't, and Felicity says that she's not Black Siren. She reminds her of Quentin, and Laurel says that Quentin only wanted his daughter back. Felicity doesn't want to let her throw her life away, and Laurel tells her that the friendship was an act and rips out the computer power cable.

The Future

Felicity and Dinah review Galaxy One's operations, and Felicity figures that they're taking out the opposition Many of the Canaries are dead, and Laurel says that it's her responsibility. Mia and Zoe arrive and Mia explains that Zoe stopped her from killing the hunter. Dinah assures her that Zoe made the right call and they need to lay low, and Zoe says that they mourn their dead and figure out a plan that doesn't cost more lived. Felicity agrees but Mia says that they need to fight back or they're all dead.


Black Siren and Shadow Thief take out two security guards and go to a vault. Shadow Thief opens the vault door and finds the diamonds stored within. Black Canary arrives and tells Black Siren not to do it. Black Siren knows that Black Canary doesn't have her cry anymore. White Canary arrives and uses her old modified sonic collar to blast them, and says that she took a break to clean up their mess. She tells Black Siren that she could have been her sister in another life and Quentin believed in her. Black Siren says that he was wrong and throws a knife at White Canary, who deflects it with her batons. The two sides attack each other, and Black Siren finally uses his sonic cry to bring down the light fixture on the two heroines, tells them to stay out of her way, and leaves with her new ally.

Later at the station, Felicity meets Dinah, who reminds her that they're the only vigilantes sanctioned to work in Star City. Dinah says that Laurel decided to become Black Siren because of her own decisions, and tells Felicity to drop the blinders. Felicity gives Dinah a report on Shadow Thief: Aviva Metula, a former Mossad agent turned thief. Dinah figures that they better find them fast.

Laurel tells Aviva that Felicity must have figured out that she was accessing the DA database. Aviva says that she's met some very powerful friends who pay well for her services, and she's now a terrorist for hire. She could use someone like Black Siren, and Black Siren says that she'll kill Black Canary and White Canary if they get in her way.

Oliver and Spartan question Kodiak, who denies knowing who hired him. They never contacted him directly and directed him to a drop-off location. The coin was old and there was a microchip inside with his instructions, and his payment was wired afterward. Oliver figures that it's Dante, and Oliver and Spartan leave.

In the bunker, Sara is exercising when Felicity comes in. They hug and Felicity figures that Laurel will come around once they get her away from Shadow Thief. Sara wonders why Felicity is so interested in helping Laurel, and Felicity says that Laurel got Oliver out of prison and stopped her from killing someone. She admits that she can't force redemption on people, and Dinah texts to say that she got a lead on Shadow Thief's location at a warehouse. Dinah wants Felicity to go with her, and Felicity says that Sara isn't permitted.

Felicity and Black Canary go to the warehouse and Felicity confirms that there are only two other heat signatures in the building behind the door ahead of them. They break into the office and Felicity realizes that they used fake heat signature. A bomb activates and the two women take cover as it explodes. Felicity realizes that Laurel tried to kill them.

Back at the bunker, Felicity and Dinah tell Sara what happened and ask for her backup. Felicity analyzes the tech that Shadow Thief left behind, and apologizes to Dinah. Sara suggests that Black Siren deliberately failed and says that she's going to get some air. Once she leaves, Dinah tells Felicity to stop blaming herself and says that Laurel didn't change. Felicity admits that Laurel killing Vinnie is unforgiveable, and points out that they gave Dinah a second chance and stopped her from killing Laurel. She suggests that Laurel wanted the support but didn't realize it until it was gone.

The Future

Dinah tells Mia that if she goes out on her own then she won't come back alive. Mia refuses to wait until Galaxy One finds them, and Dinah says that neither one of them can do it alone. When Mia asks her to come with her and make Galaxy One pay for blood with blood, and Dinah says that she started the Canaries because it's a support system for women to know they have each other's backs. She admits that she failed to do it for a friend once, and after that she promised to never make that mistake again. Dinah says that the surviving Canaries will fight back when the time is right, and tosses a Canary pin to Mia. Mia says that she's not a Canary and leaves.


Oliver figures that Dante orchestrated the murder of Emiko's mother to bring her to his side. He figures that when Emiko knows the truth, it will drive a wedge between her and the Ninth Circle.

Laurel goes to Quentin's grave, and Sara finds her there. Sara points out that if Laurel wanted to give Dinah and Felicity then she wouldn't have given them time to take cover. She says that she had an affair with her sister's boyfriend, let her family think she was trained, and became a League assassin. Despite that, she changed her life around. Laurel says that they turned on her despite the good she did, and Sara says that redemption is a journey, not a destination. She eventually realized that she redeemed herself by admitting what she had done even though it was painful. Laurel tells her that it's too late because Black Siren is who she is, and walks away.

Black Siren finds Shadow Thief, who says that she doesn't care what weapon they're stealing as long as they get paid. They go into the building and split up to search the place, and Black Siren find Black Canary and White Canary waiting for them. Black Canary tells Black Siren that it's not too late, and she throws a vial of chemicals at them. It explodes and Laurel walks away, finding the weapon. Felicity steps out and says that the device is going to be used to kill people

Felicity refuses to go and says that she sees someone that she cares about. She asks Black Siren what she wants, and tells Felicity to start by killing her. Black Canary and White Canary arrive and stand with Felicity. Shadow Thief arrives and Black Siren blasts her. She tells her former ally that the deal is off, and Shadow Thief's men open fire on them. The heroes take cover, and Felicity says that she needs 90 seconds to arm the device before they get out of the building.

While Felicity arms the device, the other women attack the men to buy her time. They then go back for Felicity, and White Canary uses her sonic collar to clear a path. They get out as the device goes off behind them, destroying the building and everyone inside. Laurel is surprised that they came back for them, and Black Canary says that she learned that they're stronger together than apart.

Back at the bunker, Felicity, Dinah, and Laurel celebrate with champagne after Sara leaves. They thank Laurel for her help, and Dinah apologizes for doubting her. She assures Laurel that they'll get Shadow Thief next time, and says that the official story is that Laurel went undercover to capture Shadow Thief. Laurel says that she's going back to Earth-2 to right her wrongs and the only way to do that is to go back to where it started. The SCPD calls Dinah and Felicity gives her a communicator bracelet. Once Dinah leaves, Felicity gives Laurel the Earth-1 Black Canary's costume. They hug and Laurel hopes that one day she's actually worthy of the costume.

Felicity returns home and finds Oliver there. She says that she said goodbye to Laurel after they stopped her, and Sara was there, and she didn't take it easy. Oliver promises that he'll take care of her and Felicity suggests that he start with a foot rub.

Laurel finds Sara at Quentin's grave and says that he saw the good in her when no one else did. Sara assures her that he knew what it meant to her, and says that Laurel isn't alone.

The Future

Mia goes after the hunter in an alleyway and he knocks an explosive device out of her hands when she tries to sneak up on him. They fight and he knocks her down, and Black Siren drops down wearing the Black Canary costume. Two of the other Canaries arrive, and Laurel tells Mia to give Felicity the hunter's helmet and advises her not to screw up being a hero before leaving.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 16, 2019

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