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Manhattan Night Club Recap

Jenna is lying in bed when her roommate Shanice comes in with medicine for her condition. She finally notices that Jenna is dead and calls 911. The paramedics take Jenna to the ambulance and Jenna comes to life. She apologizes as storm clouds gather overhead, insisting that she's fine even though the EMTs couldn't find a pulse.

Guillermo admits that he was heartbroken that he wasn't turned into a vampire. He says that Nandor has been good to him.

Nandor holds Guillermo up so it looks in the mirror like he's flying by himself, but says that he's not a vampire.

Nandor, Laszlo, and Nadja confirm that they only "rule" over five horses, and figure that they need to gain a vampire ally.

Nadja says that they came over with Simon the Devious, and he took over Manhattan while they moved to Staten Island. Laszlo explains that Simon controls the Sassy Cat Club and everyone has to wear a cape.

The vampires dress for their excursion to Manhattan, and Laszlo tells him he has to wear a cape.

Nandor says that they're going to meet with Simon and form an alliance so that they can crush the humans.

Laszlo puts on a witch-skin hat that Simon was always jealous of. Nadja tells him to wear it because it's stupid and it has a curse on it. Their new familiar Justin comes in, and a bookshelf falls on him. Despite that, Laszlo insists that the hat is not cursed... and falls through the floor. Colin joins him and says that he heard they were going to Manhattan, and would like to come along.

Nandor and Guillermo take a rowboat to Manhat6tan, while Laszlo and Nadja take a taxi and she points out all of the things that the curse is causing. They get to the club and go in with Colin, and Nandor notices that they're the only ones wearing capes. Nandor says that they should mingle, and Guillermo goes to find the bathroom. Colin says that he has gas and will stick with Nandor.

Laszlo and Nadja try to get another taxi, and Laszlo gets his cape caught in the door. It drives off, dragging him with it.

Guillermo finds the familiar break room, and Colby introduces the others.

Nandor chats with a woman who asks if he's aligned with any other vampires. Colin discovers that the building used to be owned by a farrier. Nandor complains and when Nandor says that he's talking to a woman, Colin doesn't know what he's talking about. The woman disappears and then Colin does as well. Laszlo and Nadja arrive and wonder why no one is wearing capes.

Guillermo says that he's there for the bathroom, and Colby asks if he's read the familiar newsletter. Two child vampires arrive and Colby explains that he has to play their parents.

Simon is firing lit arrows into the crowd when Nadja finds him and comes over. He says that she looks wonderful, and she explains that she's living on Staten Island and things are going well. Simon says that he worries about her because he's heard stories of vampires getting stuck in complacency and fading away. She confirms that she's there with Nandor and Laszlo, and Simon suggests that they all have a drink and catch up.

A vampire offers to kill Guillermo when Nandor shows up and explains that Guillermo is his familiar and he doesn't want him dead. The vampire apologies and leaves, and Guillermo runs off in disgust. The bouncer takes Nandor and Laszlo to Simon. He figures that they were the jokes to be ironic, and is surprised that Laszlo and Nadja are married given how she was behaving with him.

Guillermo walks down the street, saying that he's had enough.

Simon introduces his vampire group. There's a lot of them, including Rapula, who started rapping in 1991. As Nandor introduces his "crew", Colin comes up and says that he's with Nandor. Nandor explains that the Baron came to visit them and Nadja suggests that they could join forces and take over New York City. Simon is less than impressed that they would bring two streets into the alliance. He orders Laszlo to give him the hat, and Laszlo refuses. Nadja tells Simon that it's a bad hat, and Nandor tells Laszlo to give Simon the hat. Simon points out that they're outnumbered and Laszlo gives up the hat. He then orders the vampires out of his club now that he has the hat.

Humiliated, the four vampires leave as Simon says that they're failures as vampires. He fires a flaming arrow and blows up his hat, and the three European vampires turn into bats and fly off as Colin runs.

Nandor finds Guillermo and apologizes for treating him. He says that he's going to make it up to Guillermo tonight and offers his hand. Nandor then takes Guillermo flying and accidentally drops him.

Later, the vampires visit Guillermo at the hospital, and Nandor tells Guillermo that he's his friend. It doesn't feel right, and Nandor makes him forget it. Laszlo sees his hat next to a bandaged patient and takes it back, and the patient flatlines with Laszlo takes it off.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 18, 2019

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