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Rabbit Hold Recap

Back at the church, Tyrone admits that he doesn't know what he did to Mayhem. He explains that it didn't feel like Mayhem went into him, but that she was sucked through him to somewhere else. Tyrone says that it happened once before with Connors.

Brigid takes the captured women to the Bywater Way station house.

Tandy wonders why Tyrone didn't tell her what happened to Tyrone. Tyrone insists that he doesn't know how to bring Connors or Mayhem back, and he can't step into himself. Tandy suggests that she could do it.

A female detective questions one of the gangers who held the women, and one ganger asks for his phone call. She reluctantly gives him money to make the call. As he goes to the phone, he sees a wanted poster of Tyrone on the wall and recognizes him from the earlier raid.

Tyrone says that with Connors it felt like the darkness was protecting him. Tandy says that she needs to go in and find Mayhem because she knows where to find the remaining women. She figures that Tyrone needs to be afraid for his life to trigger the darkness, and he tells Tandy to make him afraid.

The ganger makes his call and says that he's got Tyrone' name, and passes it along.

Brigid sees a detective booking one of the women. When she confronts him, the detective tells her that if the women flips on the gangers then they'll drop the charge of prostitution against her. Brigid points out that the gangers will kill the woman, and the detective tells her that it's not her case. Once he leaves, Brigid calls Tyrone.

Tyrone doesn't hear the call, and Tandy summons a light dagger and throws it at him. He says that he's not afraid of her, and she says that she's seen his darkness. Tandy demands to know why he didn't tell her about Connors, and says that she would bring Connors back and kill him on the spot. Tyrone wonders what happens if he can't protect his family like he failed to protect Billy, and smoke starts coming off of him. They both realize that the thought terrifies him, and Tyrone says they'll talk about it when Tandy gets back. Tandy enters the darkness coming off of Tyrone, holding her light dagger before her.

Tandy walks through the darkness and calls to Tyrone, but gets no answer. She finds a pile of leaves on the ground and sees a gas station in the distance, and walks toward it.

Tyrone realizes that his cellphone is ringing and takes Brigid's call. She points out that Tyrone's address is on file.

At home, Adina looks at clippings of Billy's death and goes through the files. She hears someone walking through the house and grabs a gun from a drawer, and Tyrone steps out. Adina puts the gun away and hugs her son..

Tandy approaches the gas station, and a neon Roxxon sign lights up above it. A young Tyrone is lying in front of the station, and sits up and asks Tandy why she's there. The boy says that where he's supposed to be and knows that Tandy and Tyrone are the Divine Pairing. He informs Tandy that he's the One Who Stands at the Crossroads, and is known by Papa Legba among other names. Legba says that he saw Mayhem but she's only half a woman, and Tandy explains that she needs to pull Mayhem out to help some women. The boy says that Tandy will have to take Mayhem through to take her out, through the gauntlet of transactions.

Adina wonders why Tyrone is there, and he says that he messed with some gangers that might be heading there because they have his name.

Legba directs Tandy to a pay pair of binoculars, and says that she has to pay to play. Tandy looks at her light dagger and figures that she has to give up her powers.

Adina collects her files and says that she has to take it with her. Tyrone sees a man approaching the house, and Adina hides the files and leaves.

Tandy puts her dagger into the binoculars and a token drops down. Tyrone says that it's a receipt, and there's a symbol one side.

Tyrone warns Adina that what he's going to do next seems strange and takes her hands.

Tandy looks around and discovers that Tyrone is gone.

Tyrone is unable to teleport, and he and Adina flee out the back door. Two men break in the front, and Adina triggers the home security alarm before running out with Tyrone.

Tandy sees herself in the binoculars, going into a mall.

Adina and Tyrone find an unlocked car, get in, and Adina manages to hot wire it. They drive off before the gangers can capture them.

Tandy goes into the mall and finds drops of blood. Mayhem grabs her and demands to know what she's doing there. Tandy says that her light daggers only appear when she's afraid and she's not afraid. Mayhem tells her to leave, and Tandy explains that she saw something wearing Tyrone's form and it said that Mayhem was half a woman. When she says that they need to work together to escape the darkness, Mayhem tells her that she's already checked the place and there's no way out.

Brigid goes to the Johnson house after hearing the alarm, and finds Adina's files but no sign of Adina or Tyrone. An officer comes in, in response to the alarm, and Brigid tells him to call in that Tyrone was there. He leaves and Brigid takes the files.

Adina wonders why Tyrone stayed there, and he says that it's home. They come to a police blockade and Adina tells Tyrone to go.

Mayhem shows Tandy a map of the mall and explains that there's nothing past the mirrors. There are no reflections in the mirrors, but when Tandy steps up reflections of various versions of her appear. Mayhem wonders which version of Tandy can go through, and Tandy holds her hand up. There's a flash of light and mall music plays. The two women take the escalator down and Tandy says that Mayhem looks exactly like Brigid, and Mayhem is the anger, pain, and mayhem. Mayhem says that sometimes mayhem is necessary and they continue on.

Adina and Tyrone get out of the vehicle and Adina leads Tyrone away. A policeman sees them and comes after them, and Tyrone and Adina get into a bus while Solomon sees them and makes a call. The policeman moves on and Tyrone asks what the files were. Adina claims that they were nothing but Tyrone doesn't believe it. She says that she's been trying to do what she can and clear Tyrone's name and he says that it's impossible without Connors. He wonders what she's been trying, and Adina dodges the question. Tyrone spots Solomon watching them and quickly gets off the bus with Adina as the teenager watches.

Mayhem stops suddenly and says that it's different. She goes into a nearby store and realizes that something has been living there for months. There are black ponchos strung up like cloaks, and they figure that whoever did it was scared of Tyrone. Tandy secretly picks up a police badge from a counter, and Mayhem figures that it's Connors. When Tandy feigns ignorance, Mayhem calls her on it and they leave.

Tyrone takes Adina to the Clemence Catholic convent and assures her that they'll be safe there since it's closed.

Tandy says that Tyrone needs Connors back to clear his name. Mayhem tells her that men don't need Tandy to prop up the male power structure. Tandy sees a record store and realizes that it's also different, and they go inside. The pictures on the records and the names on the dividers are of the missing women. There's one of Mikayla, and Tandy realizes that they're the missing girls.

Tyrone and Adina break into the convent and Tyrone explains that it's allegedly haunted by vampire nuns.

Mayhem explains that lots of migrants are taken advantage of for the sex traffic in New Orleans, but more than usual have been missing. They were taken because they wouldn't be missed.

Tyrone explains that women were brought over from France to New Orleans, but their appearance was so unsightly from the harsh weather that they were secretly smuggled into New Orleans and hid in the convent.

Mayhem figures that the monster taking the women has set up camp in the store. They both wonder what kind of monster would keep a catalog of its abductions. Tandy sees a record with her name.

Adina asks Tyrone where he learned the story, and he says that Evita told him. She says that her ID badge went missing after Tandy visited them, and figures that there's something wrong with the girl. Tyrone tells his mother that Tandy is just complicated.

There is a whole rack of Tandy records, showing the crappy moments of her life when hope was wanting. Some of them are still shrink-wrapped, and Mayhem opens one of them.

Tyrone explains that Evita's family owns a Voodoo shop, and Adina asks how much he's been with Evita. Her son puts her off, and Solomon comes in and trains a gun on them.

Mayhem plays the record on a turntable, Tandy's bedroom appears and Tandy's parents come in with a baby Tandy. They put her in her crib, and Nathan says that has work to do. Melissa says that she has sleep to catch up on, and Nathan warns that he has deadlines with Roxxon. Tandy listens to her parents argue, and Mayhem stops the record and the vision ends. Crying, Tandy opens another record and prepares to put it on the turntable.

Solomon says that they come from upstairs and it makes a difference. Tyrone reminds him that he saved his life, and Adina asks him what his mother's name is. She asks if she's be proud of what he's doing, and says that Tyrone deserves to live because he hasn't had a chance at a full life yet. When Solomon hesitates, Adina yanks the gun out of his hands. Tyrone tells Solomon that he can trust him, and gangers pull up and start breaking in.

Tandy plays the second record and finds herself in a vision of herself as a young girl. The young Tandy hears her parents arguing in the next room but ignores them. Tandy yanks the record off of the turntable and reaches for another record, but Mayhem stops her and says that she doesn't need to listen.

Adina tells Tyrone that she'll distract them while he escapes. Tyrone says that there's another way out and goes over to Solomon. Solomon hands him his phone, and Tyrone looks at Adina.

Tandy insists on playing one more record.

Tyrone calls the gangers and says that the police are coming. They leave, and he calls Brigid and says that he needs her help. At the station, Brigid turns on a bullhorn to get everyone's attention.

Tandy plays the record and sees her younger self leaving the house with Melissa. Melissa goes to get her car keys.

Tyrone tells Adina that he's going to turn himself in. Brigid comes in and Tyrone tells her to say that he took Adina hostage and she didn't help him, and that he's surrendering. Adina goes with Brigid as the police pull up outside. Tyrone pulls up his hoodie, concentrates, but is unable to teleport. Sighing, he goes outside to surrender to the police.

The young Tandy hears her parents arguing and goes out the door alone as Tandy watches. She breaks the record on the floor, ending the vision, and discovers that Mayhem is gone.

Brigid leads Adina outside the front, and discovers that the police are armed. Adina yells a warning to Tyrone.

In the store, Connors puts up another poncho like a cape.

The police enter the convent, ready to shoot.

Mayhem confronts Connors and knocks him down.

Tyrone watches as the police enter the convent.

Mayhem strings Connors up. She finally lowers him when he mutters that he's sorry. Mayhem tells him that she doesn't care and yanks him up.

Tyrone realizes that he can't escape and surrenders.

Tandy runs into the store and attacks Mayhem. She summons her light dagger, cutting Connors down, and puts the knife to Mayhem's throat.

The police capture Tyrone.

Wind rushes into the store and Tandy tells Mayhem that she broke the rules.

Tyrone teleports to the church, and finds Tandy and Connors there. Tandy goes to Tyrone while Connors escapes out of a window. She shows Tyrone the police badge and he wonders what happened.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 19, 2019

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