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The Eggplant, the Witch & the Wardrobe Recap

Sara knocks at Ava's door but gets no answer. She calls through the door, saying that she misses her. When she gets no answer, Sara goes in and finds the place torn up.

On Waverider, Constantine finds Nora with Ray. She says that a demon killed Hank, and Constantine says that he knows that Hank was killed by Neron. Sara and Zari come in and Sara explains that Ava is missing. Constantine figures that it was Neron that Ava is next after Hank. Nora explains that she and Neron shared a connection and suggests that Sara take her to Ava's apartment. When Constantine says that she's a risk, Ray objects saying that Nora has overcome her magical power. Sara agrees with Ray and they head to the apartment.

When they arrive, Sara finds a letter from two weeks ago. Nora gets a vision of Ava smashing into a river and says that Neron had her. She assures Sara that it doesn't mean that Ava is dead, and gets a vision of a woman in a motel room. Nora tells Sara and Constantine that she knows where they are.

Nick and Gary go through Hank's files, destroying everything on Heyworld, and Ray comes in and says that Ava is missing. Gary runs off to find her, and Ray tells Bate that Nora didn't kill Hank. He explains about how Hank made a deal with Neron who later killed him. Bate wonders how much more of it he can take. A phone rings in one of the file boxes, and Hank finds the phone. It's Mikey T, who says that he has a question about the Dragon Lair and asks him to come to Buckwood Downs, getting the name from a file. Nate pretends to be Hank and figures that the guys working with Hank know about Neron. The two of them head to Buckwood Downs.

Sara, Nora, and Constantine go to the room that Nora saw, and find Ava crouched in the middle of the room. They take her to Waverider and Constantine says that Neron is preparing her to take her body as his new host. Neron sent Ava's soul to purgatory to prepare her, and Constantine warns Sara that Ava isn't going back. Sara tells him to send her to purgatorty despite his warning that he can't protect her. He has Sara make herself comfortable on a couch and says that purgatory is designed to drive the captive soul insane. Sara is sure that she can handle it, and Cosntantine casts his spell.

When she appears in a department store, Sara grabs an attendant when he offers her a bag. Sara realizes that she's in a "megastore" in purgatory.

Ava looks around and figures that she has to escape, and Sara sees her and comes over to embrace her. Sara explains what happened and says that if Ava checks out she dies so she's taking her home.

On Waverider, Mona finds Zari and comes up with a shipping name for them. Charlie and Mick come in and comment on Zari's supposed relationship with Hank. Gideon announces that Sara has called a team meeting, and when everyone but Mick go to the medba. Nora tells them what happened as Gary arrives. Constantine warns that all they can do is wait, and Gary enters the protective circle to tend to Ava. Meanwhile, Constantine takes Charlie with him to find out what Neron wants.

Nate and Ray arrive at the construction site and Mikey recognizes Nate from Hank's descriptions. He's shocked to hear that Hank is dead, and tells Nate that it's all his now. Mikey hasn't heard of Neron and admits that all Hank gave him were plans. They're working on a unicorn jousting ring, and shows them the plans for the Dragon Lair, Nate realizes that the rides are based on what he drew as a child. Ray tells Nate that Hank never stopped trying to connect, and he knew that Nate loved him. Nate tells Mikey to tear down the entire park.

In the mess room, Zari texts Nate and Mona asks her what she's typing. Mick is there and moans, and says that love is love.

Gary tends to Ava.

"Gary" appears in purgatory and tells Ava that he's there for her. Ava admits that she has some Gary issues, and a voice says over the intercom that the store is closing in one hor. Sara realizes that they're running off of time and takes Ava away, only to find themselves back where they started. They ask Gary where the entrance is, and he whispers that the Ergrik Wardrobe is what they're looking for. They go to the wardrobe section and find the pieces of the wardrobe, and go to work assembling it.

Neron arrives at the motel and fights break out around him. he goes into the motel room and finds Ava crouched in the middle of the room. She punches him and changes back to Charlie, and Nora comes in. She and Neron exchange magical blasts, and Constantine uses an amulet to choke Nero and then blast him.

Neron wakes up on Waverider within a containment circle. Constantine tells him that there's nowhere for him to run, and Neron says that Constantine is the one who ran. Nora is watching and figures that Neron is breeding horror and fear. Neron says that it's good to meet Nora and tells her that he's in her mind. Constantine says that he'll handle Neron, but Nora tells him to go out with her. In the hallway, Constantine says that she's seen Nora addicted to the power and warns that it isn't easy. She figures that Neron is getting to Constantine, and they realize that Neron is influencing them. Nora says that between the two of them they can figure something ouit.

Sara assembles the wardrobe but it falls apart, and Ava says that she didn't follow the directions. They argue about their argument, and Ava says that she was defending herself rather than the magical creatures. She says that she needs to know Sara is on her team, and Sara assures her that she always is. They reassemble the wardrobe and this time it stays together. Ava realizes that they didn't put the latch on, and Sara asks if she can live with it. Ava smiles and says that she can live with it, and the door opens on her own.

The two women arrive in the mattress showroom, and Gary says that they have to choose their mattress because it's the most important decision of their life,. The other assistant arrives and says that everyone has to get out before Tabitha arrives. Gary quickly leaves with him and Ava figures that it's a puzzle. They check out mattresses and argue about their relationship. Sara picks out another mattress with a 15-year warranty and they notice that they're getting older. Ava says that she's worried about getting old with Sara, and another mattress with a 50-year warranty moves up. Sara figures that they're talking about marriage, and they become even older. Ava says that she knows being with one person is 50 years, and they revert to their normal selves. Sara says that with her past, planning anything for the future feels like tempting fate. She convinced herself that she liked it until she met Ava. Ava tells her that Sara is allowed to want things sometimes, and assures her that she's what she wants. They fall on the mattress and kick.

Nate and Ray go to Ava's office and Nate thanks Ray for sticking around. They see Neron on the monitor and Nate goes to the brig. Nora and Constantine tell him not to go in, but he does so anyway, locks the door, and confronts Neron. Neron says that Nate could never connect with his father when Hank was alive, and says that Hank was a snag in his plans.

Ray tries to bypass the lock, and Cosntantine says that Nate will be okay as long as he doiesn't cross the circle.

Neron says that Hank betrayed him because of Nate, and if Nate had stayed out of their way then Hank would be alive. Ray gets the door open and stops Nate from crossing the circle, and Nate punches him. he then apologizes and they go out.

Sara and Ava find themselves in Ava's apartment with the door locked. Ava has Sara do the dishes, and a garbage can falls over. The apartment breaks down around them.

Charlie and Mona watch Zari text Hank. Mick types up some erotic words for her to send to Nate.

In the study, Nora says that demons are vulnerable on Earth. Constantine figures that if they separate Neron from his host then he'll "suffocate". Neron mentally provokes Nora, saying that Constantine will never appreciate her, and she tells him and Ray that she's all right and goes to get coffee.

Sara and Ava sort through Ava's mail, and Sara tells her to deal with it. They argue about Sara moving in with Ava, and Ava points out that they're living separate lives. Ava tells Sara that they have to make their own timing, and insists that she wants a life with Sara. Sara says for Ava to tell her what to say and they'll leave, and Ava tells her that if she says what Sara should say then it won't mean anything. Ava disappears and the door opens. Sara goes out and finds herself in a warehouse filled with lifesize Ava action figures.

Nora goes to the brig and casts a spell so she doesn't show up on the monitors. Neron says that he admires her power, and asks her if the Legends know what she's capable of. He wonders why she's wasting time with Constantine, and Nora says that Constantine did everything he could to save her when she was a child. However, when he failed he abandoned her to the Order. Neron says that Tabitha will be free soon and when she is, they will put Constantine away for good. Nora realizes that Neron wants to use Ava as a host for Tabitha.

Gary appears and tells Sara that there's a model for everyone. He warns that Tabitha will be there soon. The lights flicker and Gary disappears. The voice announces that the store is closing in five minutes, and Sara runs out ahead of the dimming lights.

Nate and Ray drink, and Ray tells his friend that he saved Hank rather than doomed him. He offers a toast to the man that Nate helped become, and Nate agrees. Nate says that he should be proud and Hank should be remembered as a Legend. He then goes to stop Mikey from tearing down the park.

Neron says that he'll find someone else if Sara stops him from getting Ava, and tells Nora that he can bring back Damien… if she lets him out. Nora says that Constantine will never let him go, and Neron suggests that Ava let him take her body. Constantine comes in and realizes that Nora shut down the monitors, and she magically chokes him and then throws him across the room, knocking him out.

Sara finally stops and demands to know where Ava is. A door lights up with a sign saying "As Is". Sara goes through and finds Ava sitting on the floor, and Ava points out that Sara could have chosen any of the other Avas. Sara says that she doesn't want anyone else and kisses her... and wakes up in the medbay. Ava wakes up after a moment and tells Sara that she did it, and Sara says that they did it. Gary says that they did it.

Nora breaks the containment circle and enters the cell.

Ray hears the containment alarm go off and runs to the brig.

Neron reverts to his demonic form and his essence approaches Nora. Constantine casts a spell, driving it off, and Nora says that she has her own power and adds her magic to Constantine's. Ray comes in, distracting Nora, and Neron tears free and knocks the two men out. The demon advances on Nora, who casts a spell trapping her. The backlash knocks her back.

Constantine wakes up and finds Desmond on the floor, and tells him that he's safe. Ray goes to Nora and discovers that she's unconscious.

Ava and Sara go to the room and the women congratulate them on emerging from purgatoiry. Mona wants to show them emojis, and Ava and Sara quickly leave. Zari says that the text messages they suggested don't sound like her, and Charlie tells her to just say that she likes her. After a moment, Zari texts Nate asking if he wants to go on a desk, and wonders what she's done.

Nate returns to the construction site and calls Mikey. Mikey has his headphones on and is preparing to take a wrecking ball to the main gate. Zari sends Nate the text, and he turns to steel and stops the wrecking ball. Nate tells Mikey that he changed his mind.

Later at the Time Bureau Headquarters, Zari finds Nate and he explains that his phone was destroyed by the wrecking ball. Realizing that he didn't see her text, Zari says that Sara and Ava are okay and quickly leaves.

Desmond tells Constantine that he doesn't want anything from him. He explains that Constantine saved him but it doesn't change anything, and refuses to let Constantine wipe his memory. Desmond tells Constantine that they'll both have to live with Constantine sending him to Hell and leaves.

Constantine goes to the medbay and Ray says that she's stable but comatose. He says that Nora is amazing, and Constantine says that she may have died to destroy Neron. Ray leaves, and Constantine takes Nora's hand and says that he won't abandon her again.

Outside, Ray walks away and a guard dog barks at him. He whistles the same tune that Neron whistles and keeps going.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 23, 2019

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