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Snow Pack Recap

In the pipeline, Iris confronts Barry and points out that he took Nora back to the future. He says that he can't trust her and didn't think that he had to ask Iris, and she says that he is still making decisions based on his emotions. Barry insists that he's right, and iris reminds him of Flashpoint and entering the Speed Force without consulting her. He says that it wasn't easy doing it, and Iris angrily says that she didn't get to say goodbye. Barry points out that Nora lied to them for months, and realizes that their daughter working with Eobard doesn't bother her. Iris admits that it doesn't, and Barry says that if Eobard had killed her mother than maybe Iris would understand. Barry insists that Eobard is manipulating Nora, and figures that Iris is deciding her decision based on how it involves Nora rather than anyone else. He tells her to consider whether she's making decisions based on emotion, and Iris storms off.


Nora tells Eobard that he gave her a second chance to be with Barry but she lost him again. She blames herself for what happened, saying that she shouldn't have lied to them. Eobard agrees that Barry will sense if Nora travels back through time, and she asks Eobard how speedsters never sensed him. He says that it's not for her, but Nora insists that she has to see Barry and go back in time undetected. After a moment, Eobard says that he used to idolize Barry but his fate was to be the reverse. Instead of tapping into the Speed Force to access his powers, Eobard created his own Speed Force. He confirms that Nora can access it to go back in time and more, and warns that it's negative.

Barry goes back to the Cortex and they tell him where Cisco and Cecile are. He explains that he took Nora home for gone and Sherloque agrees with his decision. Ralph says that they're a family and Sherloque didn't include any of them in the decision, and they tell Sherloque that he's done enough. He leaves and Joe goes to take a call from the CCPD. Ralph says that he'll round up the files on Cicada II, Caitlin asks Barry if he'll be okay and he admits that he doesn't know. Joe tells them that they have a big problem

Joe and Barry go to Grace's hospital room and confirms that someone broke in and took her. Barry concludes that Cicada II took her past self. Caitlin tells them that present Grace is stable as long as future Grace doesn't interfere with her.

Carla is working in her lab, and Thomas kills a security guard and comes in. He discovers that she's hidden and breaks into a cryogenic chamber, and takes a device. Once he leaves, Carla emerges from hiding and realizes who the thief is.

The next day, Barry and Joe check out the crime scene and confirm that the probe was designed to explore the coldest reaches of space. Barry admits that he doesn't know much and tells Joe that he's giving her space. As he advises him not to give her too much space, Caitlin and Carla come in and argue about Carla didn't tell Caitlin that Thomas was alive. Once she walks away. Caitlin explains that Icicle stole a Cyro-Atomizer.

At the West house, Cecile tells Ralph that her contacts can't spare the manpower to find Cicada II. Iris is busy writing and Ralph goes over and finds her writing a note. Iris shuts her laptop and tells him to stay out of it, but Ralph tells her that their love is eternal. Iris wonders how they solve their argument about Nora, and Caitlin says that they have to solve their problems together. Iris gets an idea and walks off, and Cecile tells Ralph to go after her because Iris is determined to do something.

At STAR Labs, Iris uses Gideon in the Time Vault to lock the Time Sphere onto Iris. The AI says that Iris will have to activate the Time Sphere off-line to avoid setting off the alarms. Ralph comes in and says that he'll help her.


XS tells Eobard that she's in position. He tells her to run and she streaks through the city. Eobard advises her to focus on the pain and use it to access his negative Speed Force. CS approaches a breach but it disappears, and she asks Eobard why it didn't work.

In a field, Ralph opens a time breach and then stretches into the Time Sphere where Iris is waiting. They fly into the breach.

Caitlin tells the others that the Cyro-Atomizer slows down particles, creating absolute zero. If Icicle combines it with his own abilities, he can freeze the entire city. Caitlin has Barry get an oscillating inversion scanner to track the nanites in the atomizer. Carla disagrees and argues with Caitlin about which device they should use. Barry gets both and says that he'll take his time, and leaves Joe there with the two women.

Icicle enters the chamber and blasts Caitlin and Carla unconscious, and then prepares to blast Joe. Flash runs in and gets Joe out of the way with superspeed, but is knocked out by the cold blast along with Joe.

At STAR Labs, Sherloque prepares to leave when the alarm goes off in Flash's suit. He breaches to Carla's lab and finds Joe trying to revive Flash. Sherloque rigs a nearby power source to heat up Flash's suit. Flash revives and Sherloque tells him that they'll bring him home together.

Caitlin wakes up in a vault in the Badlands at another Tannhauser site with her mother, anti-meta handcuffs on her wrists. They argue about how to get out, and Caitlin wonders why Carla has always been cold and distant to her. Carla says that Caitlin left first and married a man she never met. Icicle comes in and takes a blood sample from Caitlin, calls them "Snow Pack", and leaves. Once they're alone, Carla says that "Snow Pack" was Thomas' nickname for their family, and they realize that Thomas wants to give them ice powers and erase their normal personas.


Iris and Ralph break into Iron Heights and Ralph approaches Shinick who is on guard. When Shinick refuses to let him in, Ralph takes on his form and knocks him out. Iris goes in and finds Eobard telling Nora that she can't channel enough negative emotions. She tells Nora to step away from Eobard, and Eobard tells Nora to do so. Iris says that she's there alone and the last thing Barry needs is to see Nora with Eobard. Eobard agrees, but Nora doesn't and wonders how Barry could stop loving her. The negative Speed Force builds up in her body and she streaks away, runs down the street, and travels back through time while reliving everything negative that has happened to her.

Eobard tells Iris that Nora wen to 2019. He says that he made a mistake and tells Iris that she has to find Nora because she needs Iris and Barry together. Eobard says that they have to help Nora as a family or Iris is leaving Barry just like she left Nora. Ralph runs in and says that they have to go, and after a moment Iris walks out and Ralph follows her.

Carla asks Caitlin what it's like having another person in her head. Caitlin talks about how she wanted to get rid of Killer Frost until she disappeared, and family brought her back because Frost protect them. She then congratulates Caitlin on figuring out plan, and says that it's amazing what they can do when they work together. Icicle comes in and drags Carla out, and freezes Caitlin's hands while she tries to intervene.

At STAR Labs, Barry, Joe, and Sherloque try to track Icicle's cyro-signature but get nothing. Barry admits that he doesn't know how to fix things, and Sherloque suggests that they check out the cold spots in the city to cover his cyro-signature. Barry starts retaking the satellites, and Joe thanks Sherloque for his help. They get dozens of cold spikes in the area.

Icicle looks Carla up in a cyro-chamber and activates the mechanism. Frost comes in and blasts, and she explains that Icicle froze her cuffs earlier. Icicle sets the analyzer to overload, tells Frost that she has to save Caitlin or free him, and flies off. Flash runs in and Frost tells him to save Carla. She goes after Icicle while Flash discovers that he's unable to touch the freezing chamber.

Sherloque has Joe join him at the console, and Iris and Ralph arrive. Sherloque explains what happened, and Flash calls in and says that he has to phase Carla out of the cyro-chamber but it's too cold. Ralph suggests that he go out of phase and generate electricity to create the heat to let him enter the chamber and get Carla out. Flash concentrates and then gets Carla out and warms her up.

Icicle and Frost spar over the Badlands and Frost finally destroys Icicle's ice slide. He leaps at her, driving an icicle into her chest, and then prepares to stab her. However, he stops and his hand freezes. Icicle reverts back to Thomas, who asks Caitlin if she's okay and assures her that it's really him. They return to the black site and Carla goes to her family. Caitlin tells her mother that she'll be okay thanks to Thomas, and Thomas explains that when he saw Icicle killing Caitlin he found the strength to break through.

Cicada II arrives and catches Flash in an energy blast. He tells the Frosts to run, and Cicada II smashes her into the wall. Caitlin tells her parents to leave, reverts to Frost, and advances on Cicada II. The two of them fight and Cicada II manages to cut Frost and then beat her down. When Cicada II throws her knife at Frost, Thomas jumps in the way. Cicada II grabs the Analyzer and flies off, and Carla comes back in and goes to her husband. Dying, Thomas says that he left both of them before and it was the worst mistake he ever made, and wasn't going to make it again. He tells them that family shouldn't leave family and that he'll always love them, and dies.

Later at STAR Labs, Barry tells the others that Caitlin is making sure that Carla is okay. They wonder why Cicada II wanted the Analyzer, and Iris tells Barry that they should talk.

Caitlin tells Carla that she confirmed there is no meta DNA in her body. Carla looks at the clues that Caitlin used to find Thomas, including some that she stole from Carla's files. As she goes, Caitlin suggests that they go for a drink and tell her about her childhood, and Carla agrees. As they leave, the test that Caitlin used to determine if Carla had meta DNA turns positive.

Ralph finds Sherloque packing and Sherloque says that he's done enough. When Ralph points out that Sherloque helped them, Sherloque asks if he should have done it and Ralph suggests that he might have more to do for his family.

At the loft, Iris and Barry talk. Iris says that she wanted her family back even if she traveled through time. She admits that Barry was right about Eobard manipulating Nora, and figures that Nora is in 2019. Barry says that he was wrong for making the decision without Nora, and they should have figured out what to do forever. He echoes Thomas' words that family doesn't leave family, and Iris says that she shouldn't have gone to future without him. They kiss and Barry says that they should bring Nora home, and Iris tells him that Eobard acts like a father. She suggests that Eobard cares about Nora.

Nora arrives on an empty street in 2019, her eyes glowing red.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 24, 2019

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