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Animal Control Recap

Nadja and Laszlo go to the park and feed, and when they return Laszlo sees their neighbor Phil in his room upstairs. As they argue about killing them, Nandor and Guillermo play chess and watch them argue. Laszlo turns into a bat and flies up to Phil's window, slips inside, and commands Phil to submit to his dark power. Nadjs is bored and leaves, while Phil's girlfriend comes home. Laszlo turns into a bat and tries to fly away, and she knocks him over the head, knocking Laszlo unconscious.

When Phil arrives at the home, Nandor tells him what happened and says that they need to rescue Laszlo.

Nadja complains existing for centuries is boring, and now goes to see her lover Gregor, resurrected as parking garage security guard Jeff Suckler.

Nandor says that one of them has to be invited in to rescue Laszlo. Before they can go in, an animal control van takes Laszlo away.

Nadja insists on just watching Jeff, and can't go into the parking garage. She calls to "Gregor", and Jeff finally comes over. She asks him to invite her in, and he gladly does so. Jeff shows her around the parking garage and Nadja figures that he's protecting a vast empire. Nadja hypnotizes him into not seeing the cameras.

The attendant, Karen, drives the van and Nandor and Guillermo fly along behind.

Jeff explains that they don't keep horses there.

Nadja talks about all of the lives that Jeff has seen her in.

Nadja tells Jeff that she has crossed oceans of time to be with him, and he agrees to see her in fifteen minutes after three skateboarders ignore him to enter the parking garage.

Nandor, Phil, and Guillermo arrive at Animal Control and Nandor figures that they have to get Laszlo out before daybreak. Phil is thrilled to point out the flaws in the nightwalker vampire life.

Nadja and Jeff talk about what he's going to do on Staten Island, and he suggests that they go to a carnival.

Nandor stands outside the shelter and asks the front desk clerk Bobby if they can come in. Once he agrees to let them in, he directs them to the bathroom. Karen comes out and shows Bobby of a bat. Nandor tries to hypnotize them to bring them Laszlo, but it doesn't work on someone who doesn't want to do what they can do. Phil says that they're looking for a lost pet, and corrects Nandor when he says "bat" because bats are illegal;

Nadja is unable to eat the popcorn that Jeff buys here because she's a vampire. He wants her to take a piece, and when she finally does she secretly projectile vomits. Nadja refuses to eat anymore.

Phil works on the paperwork and bores Bobby. Meanwhile, Nandor goes outside, finds an open window, and flies in as a bat. he locates Laszlo in a case but can't take him out the window so goes into the building.

Nadja spots an archery booth and insists that "Gregor" is a great archer. He isn't and she tells him to imagine that he's shooting at a horde of Turkish soldiers. It doesn't help, and Nadja wonders what happened to Gregor.

Guillermo catches up to Nandor and Phil as they leave the shelter, and Nandor releases the bat. It flies off and Guillermo wonders if it was Laszlo.

Laszlo turns back into human form in a cage at the animal shelter.

Phil tells the camera that Nandor released a sick bat into the wild.

Jeff talks about the situation with his roommate, and three men insult Nadja as they walk past. Nadja tells Jeff not to kill them, and he says that he wasn't planning to. She throws one of the men into a game booth.

Nadja complains about how boring Jeff has become.

Nadja finally complains about how boring Jeff has become because he's named "Jeff". Jeff complains that she's been rude to him, and she hypnotizes him to remember who he was. Jeff remembers that he has won a battle and survives to see Nadja. he says that love wil get him throiugh, but then relives his decapitation. Nadja moves him to his next life, who fears being caught with Nadja until he's decapitated. He then relives his life as a horse and gallops off.

Laszlo tells the animals that it is time to free thesemvesl since they have been falsely imprisoned. Once they agree, Laszlo hypnotizes a cat to open the cage and free it. Karen comes in, forcing Laszlo to revert to his bat form. She puts a dog in a cage and leaves, and Laszlo reverts back. Nandor is in dog form, and explains that he changed to rescue Laszlo. Laszlo points out that now Nandor is locked up, and Laszlo wonders where Nadja is.

Nadja and Jeff write down the street on a stolen police horse. They come to the parking garage and Jeff shoots down the skaters who came in. They're rubber arrows so it doesn't hurt much, and Nadja and Jeff dance. Jeff says that they have been drawn together and wants to make love right there, and Nadja agrees. Guillermo calls Nadja and tells her what happened, and Nadja excuses herself with Jeff. Jeff points out that he's died for her and she says that now she's married, and Nadja turns into a horde of rats and leaves.

Phil is boring Bobby, and Nadja arrives. Guillermo invites her in and Bobby gives her the code so she can get into the room and release Nandor and Laszlo. Laszlo insists that he was moments away from escaping and wants to free his former inmates.

Police officers arrest Jeff when he goes on a rampage, saying that he's the victor of many battles.

Laszlo release the animals and then chases them out. Nandor complains that he didn't get a thank-you.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 25, 2019

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