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Moriah Recap

Jack steps out of the smoke, his eye glowing, as the alarms in the bunker go off. He tells Castiel and the Winchesters that they lied to him and blasts them back, and then teleports away.

The trio examine the Ma'lak box and the brothers figure that Jack "leveled up". Dean admits that he wanted Jack dead, not imprisoned, and figures that they'll find a way to kill Jack because he's just another monster. Castiel says that he doesn't mean it, and Dean glares at him. The angel storms out and Sam wonders what they do against Jack. Dean suggests that they use one of the soil bombs with Rowena's help, and tells Sam that he knows how much Jack meant to him. However, he points out that Jack is killing people and they have to do the ugly thing.

Jack goes to the city and listens to all of the people talking. He tells everyone to stop lying and they freeze for a moment and then stop talking.

Sam and Dean drive to the Mirror Universe computer company and Sam calls Rowena, asking her to build a soul bomb. Once she hangs up, Sam tells Dean that she's in even though she thinks that it's insane and dangerous. They go into the company and Sam reminds Dean that Mirror Universe writes facial-recognition software and they need them to find Jack wherever he is on the planet. They talk to the receptionist and Dean discovers that he can't lie. Sam hears employees telling the truth to each other, and Dean goes back and confirms that Sam can't lie.

An employee comes out and demands to know who ate his yogurt, and attacks the man who admits it. The employees all start telling the truth and fighting, and Sam and Dean slip into a room. On the news, a newscaster is saying that the President told the truth and her co-anchor says that he loves her. Dean turns off the TV and Sam figures that the "truth spell" is happening everywhere. They figure Jack is responsible and Sam accesses the computers to find Jack.

Castiel goes to a safe house and tells a demon woman that he needs to go to Hell to see the cage and study it. The demon tells him to go to Hell and closes the door. God appears and tells Castiel that they're screwed.

Jack goes to see Helen Kline, who remembers him.

Chuck explains that Castiel called him, and Jack is at large. He tells Castiel that Jack is a problem.

Jack asks Helen if they can just talk again. She refuses, saying that Jack lied to them about how he claimed that he worked with Kelly. Helen and her husband checked and found out that Jack didn't, and knows that Kelly is apparently dead. She asks what Jack did to her daughter, and Jack orders her to stop.

While Sam searches for Jacks' face, Dean checks the Internet. The fighting continues outside, and Chuck and Castiel arrive. Chuck figures that everyone needs to lie because it keeps the peace. Castiel finds the Winchesters and goes into the office with Chuck.

Jack leaves the Kline house.

Dean asks where Chuck has been, and Chuck produces a guitar. After Dean smashes it, Chuck angrily tells him not to demand answers from him. He teleports them to the bunker and Sam asks where he's been. Chuck admits that he's been everywhere and nowhere, reconnecting with Amara. Amara is in Reno and Chuck came because of Jack. He explains that he's typically hands-off, but when things get really bad then he has to step in. He turns on a radio and flips through channels describing the chaos. Chuck snaps his fingers and fixes it, and Dean confirms that they can lie again.

At Mirror Universe, everything goes back to normal and no one remembers what happened throughout the world.

Chuck says that the situation with Jack is God-level bad, and only the Winchesters can stop him. A gun appears on the table and Chuck explains that it will kill anything. He just made it and it hasn't been fired yet. Chuck insists that it will work, and explains that it fires a quantum link between the shooter and shootee. Whatever happens to the person it's aiming at also happens to the person who pulls the trigger. Chuck admits that it's not perfect but he can't die because existence will die if he does. He tells them that he can't fix Jack's soul, and wonders if they want Jack fixed after what he did. Castiel suggests that they bind Jack, but Dean stops him and says that it's the only way. The angel figures that there must be another way, but Dean says that the gun is only thing that can kill Jack and tells Castiel to get onboard or walk away. After a moment, Castiel walks away and Dean picks up the gun.

Jack walks down the street, remembering what Helen told him and what he did to her.

Sam finds Dean drinking in his room and says that they haven't tried to stop God. He points out that Jack burned his soul off to save them, and now Dean wants Sam's permission to kill Jack. Sam refuses to say that he's okay with losing Jack and Dean, having already lost too much, and leaves.

Castiel drives to the cemetery and pounds the hood of his car in frustration. Jack appears and says that he's been looking for Castiel, and Castiel hugs him.

Sam finds Chuck in the main room and asks how many other alternate worlds there are. Chuck says that he lost count and more of them are boring, and Sam notes that Michael said that Chuck created the worlds and then tossed them aside. Chuck says that the Winchesters are his favorites of all the ones in the multiverse.

Jack explains why he made it so people couldn't lie, and doesn't hate himself for killing Kelly when he was born. He tells Castiel that he doesn't feel anything, and how he left Helen without doing anything. Jack says that he ran.

Sam asks Chuck if he's watching them, and Chuck admits that he is. When Sam wonders why he doesn't do something, Chuck says that it's not the way that it works. Sam asks why it always has to be them, and Chuck says that the Winchesters are his guys but they need to focus on Jack. When Sam realizes that Chuck is scared of him, Chuck admits that he is and says that he knows where Jack is. He tells Sam that Dean has already gone.

Jack tells Castiel that Mary was a mistake and since then he's been trying to do the right thing. It never goes right, and all Jack ever wanted is to be good. He tells Castiel that he's empty and he can't love Castiel back even though he knows that Castiel loves him. Castiel says that they need to go somewhere safe so they can fix it. Dean appears with the gun. He tells Castiel to step aside, and Jack tells Castiel that he won't run.

After knocking Castiel unconscious, Dean admits that he' going to kill Jack rather than lock him up. He aims the gun, and Jack kneels. Dean approaches him and aims, as Castiel wakes up.

Sam drives up and runs over, calling Dean's name. Jack tells Dean that he understands and he knows what he's done, as Sam yells at Dean not to shoot. Dean tells Sam to stay back and Chuck appears with Sam. Jack admits that he is the monster, and Sam tells Chuck to do something. Chuck whispers to Sam to be quiet, and Dean cocks the gun. After a moment he lowers it.

Castiel comes over as Dean tosses the gun to the ground. Chuck yells at him to pick it up, saying that it isn't how the story is supposed to end. He explains that the story is epic, and Sam realizes that Chuck has been playing them their entire lives. Chuck says that Sam is stupid and crazy, and Jack is still dangerous. He tells Dean that if he kills Jack then he'll bring Mary back. Dean refuses, saying that he will miss Mary but she wouldn't want it. He figures that Chuck doesn't care, and asks when it ends.

Chuck tells Dean not to do it, and Dean says that it's their story and tells Chuck to go to hell. After a moment, Chuck smiles and tells them to have it their way, then snaps his fingers and Jack writhes in pain. Castiel goes to Jack, and when Dean tells Chuck to stop it, Chuck smashes him away. Sam picks up the gun and shoots Chuck.

The bullet hits Chuck in the shoulder and hits Dean as well. Chuck irritably says the story's over and welcomes them to The End. The sky goes dark and Chuck disappears, and Dean confirms that Sam is okay. Castiel is kneeling by the dead Jack, and Castiel reminds them that Chuck is a writer and writers lie.

Jack wakes up in the Empty, and Lucifer walks up. Billie tells Jack that they should talk.

A hole opens in the graveyard ground and souls fly out. Castiel realizes that they're souls from Hell.

A man is driving down the highway and sees a woman. He stops and asks her if she wants a ride, and she flickers briefly.

A woman is preparing for her son's birthday, and a smiling clown arrives at her door.

Two girls are dressing up in front of a mirror. When they go to the bed, Bloody Mary appears in the mirror.

Undead figures emerge from exploding gravestones and advance on the trio. The trio arm themselves and prepare to fight.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 26, 2019

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